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Big Girls & Short Hair: My SisterLocks Install at Sabine’s Hallway (Natural Hair Salon NYC)


Is there a myth somewhere that big girls shouldn’t have short hair?

I’ve been thinking about getting SisterLocks for a long time and last week, I finally took the plunge and began my journey. While, I’m super happy with how they turned out, I was surprised that having “short hair” made me feel more vulnerable about my weight. In the past I’ve always added the hair I wanted for my ideal length with braids, weaves, etc. but I never thought about hair as part of my body image until I started rocking my natural hair at its current length.

Long Weave to Short SisterLocks

I know I prefer long hair in general, but I’m wondering if any of that has to do with body image. Like the longer hair is easier to hide behind or something? I dunno…

Anyway, committing to love my hair at the length it is now while I wait for it to grow longer feels very similar to committing to love my body as it is now, while I work to become my healthiest self.

(Watch me go from Kinky to pressed to SisterLocks in the video below)

Going 100% natural feels right for where I am in my fitness and self love journey.

Oddly enough, I’m not supposed to put any product on my hair. This means that in order to keep my 4C hair hydrated, I have to make sure I’m drinking enough water. Taking care of my hair from the inside out is right in line with my plus size fitness goals, so here is yet another reason for me to eat supportive foods and take care of myself.

My install was done at Sabines Hallway in Brooklyn (www.sabineshallway.com). It took 3 days to finish my hair, so having a nice ambience made the experience comfortable. We had NetFlix, Wifi and good company. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

I’ll have more details on my hair soon, but if you have specific questions leave them in the comments and I can answer them for ya!

I can definitely say this is another piece added to the puzzle of loving myself as I am now, and I’m all for it!

sisterlockson 4c hair 2


How I Treat My Acne, Oily Skin & Skin Discoloration


“Is this like a Noxema Commercial, or WHAT?!” (please tell me you got that reference lol)

Anyway, I went to the dermatologist last week for a consultation on laser hair removal (more on that later!) and she complimented me on having acne free skin… this is the first time I’ve had that happen, like ever.

One of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is that my hair is getting longer, my scalp eczema is pretty much non existent, my skin is clear and my nails are growing strong. You know how we say that beauty comes from within? Well, that’s 100% true. When I’m putting good/clean/healthy foods inside my body, it shows on the outside. Pairing healthy living with products that balance Acne, Oily Skin and Skin Discoloration is creating a perfect remedy for the things that have bothered me since my teenage years.

Patricia hit me up asking about my skin care routine which was flattering to me because I’ve always thought of my skin as a work in progress, but over the past few months I feel like I’ve found my skin care groove. (I’ve only had one break out and it happened after I skipped the gym and ate outside my #PSPfit zone for a week.)

So below is a list of what I’ve been using and how I’ve been using it:

1.) Exfoliating Wipes: I use these to take off makeup and dead yucky skin at the same time. It works wonders and is super durable.

2.) Specific Beauty Daily Gentle Cleaner: This cleanser feels like a lotion, which is great if you don’t want your skin dried out. I have oily skin but this cleanser keeps me balanced (and its only $13!!!)

3.) Skin Brightening Serum: I have dark circles on my cheeks and dark lines on my nose, this has been evening those areas out so I don’t feel such a stark contrast with the rest of my face.

4.) Hydrating MoisturizerI love putting this on before bed, my skin feels soft and hydrated. By the time I wake up, my face has had a break and I’m ready to put on makeup and start again!

acne oily skin discolotation.jpg


CeCe Olisa on The Wendy Williams Show! #MyHealthy


I never thought my shift from “getting skinny” to “getting healthy” would land me on the Wendy Williams Show, but that’s exactly what happened when I teamed up with Eisai on the My Healthy™ movement!

In case you missed it, here is the segment:

I worked with Julie Morgenstern, a professional organizer, to “liberate my closet” of clothes that no longer fit (too big/too small), or don’t make me feel awesome. A few of my friends and coworkers watched the segment and they’ve all texted me with piles of clothes from their liberated closets too! Interested in joining the fun? Make the My Healthy™ Promise at myhealthy.com.

The next #PSPfit bootcamp is in the fall and making the promise might be a fun way to start your journey until then.

Working on My Healthy™ has been cool because it’s right in line with #PSPfit when it comes to talking to your doctor, exercising and eating well.

The “liberate your closet” piece of the movement speaks to the fashionista in me. I love clothes and always want to look and feel my best in whatever I’m wearing.  The cool part is helping to motivate others by uploading pictures of yourself liberating your closet at myhealthy.com.

Let me know if you do it, so I can see your photos too :-).


My Favorite Places to Swim Laps in New York City + Plus Size Bathing Suits | Fitness


Hi CeCe,

I noticed that you’ve done a few posts here and pics on instagram with you swimming. Would you be interested in writing about pools in NYC?


Hey Brandi,

Sure! I love swimming and I highly recommend it as a form of exercise for Plus Size Princesses because its an intense workout that is low impact. Meaning, you’ll burn a lot of calories without pounding your knees and other joints.

Here are my favorite places to swim laps in NYC, there’s something for every budget, from Free to Fancy! (Prices are based on what I paid, call for current rates).

Swimming Plus Size Fitness PlusSizePrincess.com


I get my Plus Size Swimsuits for Workouts Here


The NYC pools have designated lap swims in the summer at their pools. There are NYC public pools in every neighborhood, so you don’t have to travel far. The lap swim program begins July 7 – August 29, Monday through Friday

Early Bird – 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. (July and August)
Night Owl – 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (July) and 8:15 p.m. (August)

Things I love: When I lived in Harlem, my favorite pool was in Marcus Garvey park. It was nice to swim outdoors and in a long pool so I could work on my endurance.

Things I hate: The public pools are open during the day to (mostly) kids who are out of school and trying to cool off. So, jumping into a pool that’s been full of kids all day wasn’t my favorite. There were lost braids in the pool, candy wrappers and the water wasn’t as clear as I’d prefer– but its free, so… *shrugs*



Bally Sports Club

Not to be confused with Bally Total Fitness, in NYC on 32nd and 50th street, there are upgraded Bally’s. These locations have pools. If you join a Bally Sports club you can go to a total fitness, but it doesn’t work the other way around, so be mindful of where you join.

The pools aren’t lap pools by any means, but they get the job done and there’s a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room (all co-ed).

Things I love: The location was easy for me when I worked in midtown and the water was clearer than the free pools

Things I hate: The pool is next to a big window where people can watch from the gym floor. I don’t like people seeing me half naked when they’re fully clothed on a treadmill, that’s just not fair… *shrugs*


New York Sports Club

The NYSC on 91/3rd and 49/Broadway both have pools. The pools are on the short side, but they’re clean, well managed and there isn’t too much of a wait. The 49th and Bway location has a skylight which gives an outdoor feel and they take reservations.

Things I love: The steam room is located in the locker room, so its women only.

Things I hate: The pool on 49th is shared with a hotel, so sometimes tourists will watch you swim laps… awk.



Let me start by saying the YMCA’s in NYC are more fancy than what I remember from my California childhood. These gyms are NICE! They have indoor lap pools, steam rooms, sauna’s as well as other gym classes. During the summer you can get a full summer membership to any YMCA for $200 flat and its a great way to try out if you like the facilities or not.

Things I love: They have a “calm waters” schedule that tells you when the most lanes will be open.

Things I hate: The shower heads are really harsh– it’s the one thing that does remind me of my childhood YMCA camp summers. Also, I saw a woman with her shower curtain open, shaving her bikini area while holding a conversation with another woman across the locker room, I thought that was kinda much, but… *shrugs*



Healthy Comfort Food? | Plus Size Fitness | Weight Loss


As an emotional eater, sometimes I can fool myself into thinking that the best thing to do after a hard day is indulge in my favorite foods. For me, the most awesome comfort foods in the world are:

Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a cold glass of almond milk)

Mac and Cheese (Truffle Mac and Cheese is a new favorite)

Quesadillas (melted cheese inside of a tortilla, extra points if there’s guacamole involved)

Homemade Chocolate Cake (you know when you place a scoop of ice cream on top and it starts to melt right in… *deep sigh*)

Some of my comfort foods are sweet, some are savory but the one thing they have in common?

They’re all WARM!

During #PSPfit Cycle 3, Abra brought up a good point on our weekly call when the girls were talking about comfort foods. She asked us if perhaps we’re finding comfort in the warmth of our food instead of the indulgent dishes we deem comforting.

A light bulb went off in my head. As an unmarried girl who lives alone, how often do I have a hot meal?

So, for the past few weeks I’ve been working hard to incorporate warm dishes into my meals. I add soup to my lunches at work (my office is freezing in the summer, so it feels good).

At home I’ve been making warm salads. Sometimes I sautee the ingredients fresh and create a warm salad and sometimes I make a salad cold and then put it in the oven until its warm. Warm Kale salads with salmon are my favorite!

Warm Salmon Salad PlusSizePrincess.com #PSPfit

As part of my private Nutrition Coachings with Abra, she sent me this quote from Genene Roth who wrote an amazing book called Women, Food and God.

Hot meals are real food. Hot meals nourish you. A Snickers bar tastes good, but after you’ve finished it, you don’t feel as if you’ve eaten. So you scrounge around for more and soon you find yourself standing in your kitchen eating cold pizza from three days ago.

If your life is arranged so that you don’t have time to eat a hot meal everyday–even if it’s soup or scrambled eggs, even if it’s vegetable pot pie heated in the microwave–it’s time to question your priorities.

Eating one hot meal a day is a way of saying that you want the real thing: a life of main courses. It is a way to begin giving yourself the real thing.

My issues with food are never going do go away, but I can begin to own them. Instead of being dragged down by comfort food that doesn’t support my health, I can redefine what is comforting to me so that I get what I need from food emotionally and physically.

The next time you’re craving an unsupportive comfort food, see if you can do a “hot remix” of a healthy option… it might make you feel better from the inside out. Just a thought!

Our next online fitness/nutrition bootcamp will be the 30 days before Thanksgiving. Join us from any city by pre registering at www.PSPfit.com


We Love You Taylor Townsend | Plus Size Fitness


Growing up, dance was my sport. Tap and Jazz were my favorite things in the world!

As a kid, I can remember having one of my first major dance troupe auditions. I was young enough that I hadn’t yet learned what self doubt felt like, so I walked into the room, learned the choreography and nailed it. They gave optional more advanced moves/turns and I did them when other girls played it save with the more beginner moves.

I was devastated when I didn’t get accepted.

A few weeks later, one of the judges from the audition ran into my family at a restaurant. She pulled my Mom to the side with sorrowful eyes and said:

“I just want you to know that there was a huge argument over whether CeCe should be accepted into the dance troupe. She auditioned flawlessly and I wanted her in, but… unfortunately some of the judges felt that she didn’t have the body of a dancer, so her ability didn’t matter. I just don’t want CeCe to think she’s not talented, because she is. I’m sorry.”

Last week I read about Taylor Townsend, the youngest U.S. woman to advance to the third round at the French Open since 2003. You can imagine my delight when I saw that she was a curvy girl! You can also imagine my surprise when I read a HuffPo article saying “just two years ago, the U.S. Tennis Association attempted to keep her out of competition at the U.S. Open. It was suggested they would not restore their support until the teen, then the top-ranked junior player in the world, lost weight.”

Taylor Townsend Plus Size Fitness PlusSizePrincess.com

Patrick McEnroe, general manager of the USTA’s player development program said he was just looking out for her health.

Even though I love dancing, taking fitness classes and playing sports I still struggle to identify as “athletic” because of my size, so thank you Tara, for dominating at any size and inspiring girls of all sizes to be fierce competitors.

Also, kudos to Tara’s mom who payed out of pocket for her to compete when the USTA refused to support her child (They’ve has since reimbursed Townsend’s mother for their travel costs to the 2012 U.S. Open) that was a huge sacrifice, I’m sure.

Kudos to my parents who kept me in dance/music/theater classes and supported my talents even when others couldn’t see past my size.

If you’re plus size or have a plus size kid who excels in something that is supposed to be just for skinny folks… don’t give up, don’t let your kid give up. As we redefine what health looks like I truly hope that diverse body types will be allowed to move and play to the best of their ability without shame.

Did any of you play sports growing up?