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Plus Size Fashion: Bridal Shower Dress


Yesterday I drove out to New Jersey for my friend Suzanne’s bridal shower. It felt so good to watch someone I love surrounded by the women who love her.  I was too busy smiling to take many pictures at the shower, but I did take my new Eloquii dress for a spin.

Suzanne's Shower

A few of you have asked me if I’d tried anything from the new line, so I had to rock an impromtu photo shoot for ya while I was running errands after the shower (can you guess where I am?).

CeCe Olisa Eloquii Plus Size Fashion.jpg


Dress: Here | Boots: Old | Tights: Here

CeCe Olisa Eloquii Plus Size Fashion 1.jpgDress: Here | Boots: Old | Tights: Here

Have you girls tried anything from the Eloquii line? What do you think of their relaunch?


My New Obsession: Plus Size Skirts with Pockets


My goal of breaking my cardigan addiction continues this week.

I bought this full skirt and it came just in time for the first day of spring last Thursday. This skirt definitely has a vintage feel to it, so my instinct was to pair it with a pink cardigan (which I’ll still do, at some point) but for my first time wearing it, I decided to create a crop top feel with a cable knit sweater.

I was so happy to be in my colorful spring outfit and then I walked into a fashion show and every single person was wearing head to toe black… awkward!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Skirt Pockets 1.jpg

I’ve been scooping up quite a few skirts like this in different colors and patterns, hopefully I’m not replacing my cardigan addiction with an addiction to plus size skirts with pockets!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Skirt Pockets 3.jpg

Skirt with Pockets: Here | Plus Size Belt: Here | Wide Calf Boots: Old | Wooden Necklace: Similar Here


Plus Size Dresses with Sleeves: Where Are You? | Fashion | OOTD


Has anyone else noticed that 90% of plus size dresses are sleeveless?

I can’t help but wonder if we are always wearing cardigans because no one will put sleeves on our dresses… or if designers know plus size princesses are cardigan obsessed, so they don’t even bother to give us sleeves.

Either way, its annoying… give us sleeves, please!

Anyway, last week we spoke about how cardigans are an easy trap for PSP’s. I’ve been really been trying to avoid wearing cardigans as an outfit staple, which means the hunt for dresses with sleeves has begun.

Plus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Dress with Sleeves 2.jpgPlus Size Fashion CeCe Olisa Blue Red Dress one

I ordered this dress from GwynnieBee (the Netflix of plus size clothing) they’re offering a 30 day free trial here.


Want to Trade Plus Size Clothes with Me? I’m on SwapDom!


Someone on facebook asked me what I’m doing with my clothes as I lose weight. I’m wondering if some of you would be interested in doing a closet swap?

I’ve put three dresses up on Swapdom, so if you’d like to trade/swap clothes with me… lets do it!

Swapdom Collage

I buy dresses because they carry me through different sizes, the three dresses I’ve put up for swapping fit me from a size 18 to a 24. I have a dress from ModCloth, Igigi and SimplyBe up right now. If you all are interested in doing more clothing swaps, I can add more items and we can keep trading, just let me know.

My user name is PlusSizePrincess, obvi!

Here’s how we trade:

infographic how Swapdom works


CeCe Olisa Plus Size Wrap Dress


CeCe Olisa Plus Size Skater Dress


ModCloth 2



My Plus Size Nautical Look Book: One Sweater, Three Ways


Part of growing up for me is making smarter clothing purchases so that my closet and my wallet are happy. When I spotted this sweater, I fell in love instantly because I knew I could pair it with things I already had in my closet to create a variety of looks.

So, here’s my second LookBook… “Plus Size Nautical: One Sweater, Three Ways” (images/links to the pieces are below)

Let me know what you think?

Special thanks to Jack, The Dog for his cameo!

Also, LOL @ that man trying to photo bomb in the video bloopers… I wish you could see his daughters face, she was so confused. I think his dog was confused too!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical One

Sweater: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical Two

Denim Shirt: Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Nautical ThreeSkater Skirt: Similar Here




A Big Girl and Her Cardigans…


A few years ago I was sitting in church, when one of the deacons daughters climbed into the pew in front of me. I love talking to kids, so having a 10 minute conversation with a seven year old isn’t a big deal to me. We began chatting about school, her teacher and her friends; then she looked at me,

“I like your dress,” she said putting her hands underneath her chin.

“Oh, thank you” I smiled.

“You wear THOSE a lot,” she observed pointing at my cardigan sweater.

I paused (man, little people really pay attention to everything!)

“You’re right, I do! I actually have one in every color… kinda crazy, right?” I laughed. She laughed and then we went back to discussing her playground dramas.

I got home and peeked into my closet, there on the hangers was all the proof I needed. Clearly, I had a very intense cardigan sweater addiction passion.

Back when I refused to show my arms, cardigans were the answer to all of my sleeveless/strapless dress problems. I also felt like the draping of my cardigans hid my tummy and love handles well when I was wearing jeans. I found myself making regular shopping trips for $20 cardigans and my collection of colorful cardigans grew and grew overtime. Cardigans became a staple in my wardrobe. Cardigans became a comfort blanket in my closet, a piece of clothing that made me feel like the jiggly parts of my body were hidden.


You can scoop up my polka dot dress here

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I tried to throw a button down cardi over a freakum dress. (Girl, bye!)

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I refused to take my cardi off while waiting for the train in the hot, humid subway station one summer. (*faints*)

I knew I had a cardigan addiction when I brought a cardi to wear over a strapless bridesmaids “in case it got cold” in the middle of July. (Um, no.)

Breaking my cardigan addiction meant I had to address the real reason I was wearing them constantly. I was wearing cardigans to hide my body and it was getting out of hand. Cardigans had gone from making me a little more comfortable, to dictating what I would/wouldn’t wear. They went from give me a confidence boost to holding me back. I had to take control of my own body image. Let’s be honest, all of the cardigans in the world would not change my size or weight. (read more on that in “You Can’t Hide the Fat“)

Slowly overtime I’ve put cardigans in their proper place in my wardrobe. I wear them a lot for work because its cold in my office and it helps me transition some of my more casual dresses into work wear. You’ll notice a lot of cardigans in my twerking Vlog below because I was hanging out in my work clothes, but on weekends and when I’m out at night, I have a “no cardis allowed” rule that keeps me from getting too dependent on my old comfort blanket.

I had to throw cardigans and shrugs out the window along with “black is slimming” and other nonsense that I convinced myself of. Maybe next month, I’ll try to do 30 days with no cardigans at all, just to be sure I’ve really kicked the habit.

Do you wear a lot of cardians or have a different kind of “fashion comfort blanket” that makes you feel like your trouble spots are hidden?

Oh, and check out this weeks PSP in NYC Vlog :-)