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Plus Size Fashion: T-Shirts & Vintage Style Skirts



Last week my relaxed vibe had me in “Plus Size Casual Stripes & Solids“. These week I’m rocking Plus Size Vintage Skirts and T-Shirts.

I love plus size vintage style skirts for a few reasons. They’re usually in a fun/different print that makes them a great statement piece. Also they’re long enough for me to wear a light pair of shape wear with shorts, to avoid a chub rub situation. I got both of these skirts from for under $15 in the clearance section (link below). Tip: they didn’t have my size, but since the skirts were so cheap I ordered a bigger size and tailored them down.

plus size fashion vintage skirts tshirts collage

Plus Size Fashion Vintage Skirts and Tshirts Veggies

 Skirts on clearance here | Boyfriend Cardigan here | Orthodic Sandals here | Belt Old (sorry!)

 When I saw this “Eat Your Veggies” tote, I HAD to have it… its adorable and a great #PSPfit reminder ;-) These orthodic sandals are soooo comfy without looking like granny shoes lol I got them here.

You can check out the vintage style skirts/dresses on clearance here… let me know if you order anything!



Relaxed & Cool | Plus Size Casual Linen Pants


The other day on my YouTube channel, I said that I never wear pants because I carry weight in my tummy. The minute I said those words, I realized that I was limiting myself. Do I prefer dresses? Sure! But not wearing pants because I’ve got a full tummy is the same as not showing my arms because they’re big… its a negative way of thinking and it goes against who I want to be as a Plus Size Princess.

So I went online and ordered three pairs of pants. This linen pair is the best! It feels like I’m in my pajamas, but I still feel put together. Best of all, they’re on clearance for $17! Links below…

Plus Size Linen Pants wide leg

Linen Pants Here | Shirt in Red or Teal Here | Jacket (similar) Here

P.S. If you’re in NYC on 9/6 you can shop the closet of some of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers and me! RSVP here

Shop the look:


Plus Size Shopping Event: #NYCurvyCloset


On September 6th, I’ll be a seller at the #NYCurvyCloset Sale, Sponsored by!

Come and shop the closets of your favorite plus size fashion bloggers size 10-28… Here’s your chance to scoop up an outfit you may have seen us wear on the blog. Everything will be $50 or less.

When: September 6th from 12-5pm

Where: The Bowery Loft 337 Broome Street, NYC

RSVP here: 

Will I see you there?


Plus Size Fashion: Casual Stripes & Solids


I don’t know if its locking my hair or just the easy weather, but I’ve been in a relaxed mood for the past few weeks. If an outfit is too complicated, I don’t want to wear it! I ordered this plus size skirt with the intention of dressing it up, but it felt better to dress it down with a simple pink T shirt and flats. This skirt came with a sash/bow but I swapped it out for a belt to give my relaxed look a more “put together feel”. I felt comfy enough to run errands and cute enough to meet up with Mr. Man and his friends. Plus Size Fashion Striped Skirt Tshirt Plus Size Striped Skirt Rebecca Minkoff   I’m also so excited about these handmade necklaces that I bought from Sudlow on Etsy. I’m a California Girl and I’m also Nigerian. She was able to make an Africa pendant with a heart over Nigeria, where half of my family lives. She also made me a California pendant with a heart over Fresno, where I was born. I adore them! Nigeria Pendant

Skirt (sold out) Similar Here, Here and Here | Belt Here | Shoes Here | Bag Similar Here | Nail Wraps Here

Shop the Look:

Plus Size Casual Stripes & Solids


#CurvyConvo Video + Twitter Chat with @GarnerStyle, @Amanda_Allison, @MarieDenee & @CeCeOlisa



Is there a question you’ve been wanting to ask me, your fellow PSP’s or a plus size blogger? Sunday is your chance….

On August 10th at 6pm EST, I’d like to invite you to my first live #CurvyConvo google hangout/twitter chat (I would never get in the way of your Sunday shows, so we will finish at 7:30).


Here’s Sunday’s #CurvyConvo, Live schedule:

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Twitter chat with @GarnerStyle, @Amanda_Allison, @MarieDenee and me, @CeCeOlisa. Use the #CurvyConvo to tweet with us as we talk about fashion, dating and fitness from a Plus Size Perspective.

7:00-7:30pm: Live Google Hangout with my blogger boo’s as we dig deeper into plus size love and dating with this weeks Curvy Convo question: “Should I lose Weight for my Boyfriend?” We’ll have time for a few more questions/topics so if you have a suggestion for Sunday’s hangout, leave a comment below :-)

See you Sunday!!

***Update Here is the full video of last nights chat***


In the meantime I’ve asked my guest bloggers to give me their favorite piece of dating advice for plus size girls… ahhh Sunday’s gonna be so much fun!!


If he doesn't want you You dont want him #CurvyConvo

Trust your instincts. Your instincts are a blessing and are there for a reason #CurvyConvo jpg

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else #CurvyConvo


My love life improved 100 when I decided not to settle #CurvyConvo


Plus Size Workout Clothes: My Favorite Plus Size Gym Leggings!


There is nothing more annoying that burning a hole through your leggings. In the beginning of my Plus Size Fitness journey, I’d just buy cheap fashion leggings from wherever. I’d workout in them, work a hole right through the inner thighs and then go buy more (augh!). Over time I learned that there are benefits to ordering plus size workout tights/gym leggings. Its taken some time but I’ve finally got a solid collection of plus size workout leggings. Here are my faves:

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Gym Leggings Plus Size Fitness

Gym leggings are usually made of a more slick/slippery material which means they’ll hold up better against inner thigh “chub rub” and last longer. There are also great functional pockets in workout tights that hold things you may need during your workout like keys/phone/lip gloss (maybe that’s just me lol) anyway, if you don’t want to carry a purse, these pockets come in handy. Keeping your fashion leggings and gym workout leggings separate also makes them last longer because you’re not doubling up on usage.

I’m so excited that plus size workout tights are finally starting to come in fun colors/designs. Here’s a quick video lookbook with my five favorite plus size gym tights/leggings.

Let me know which ones you like best?

plus size workout clothes gym leggings p

Blue Legging Here |  Grey Legging Here | Black Legging Similar Here | Galaxy Legging Here | Yoga Capri Here

 Duffle Bag Here | Sneakers Here (I have wide feet but these shoes fit great!)

Also, the #PSPfit Plus Size Fitness Challenge has some exciting things coming this fall, be sure to sign up for the mailing list at

Thanks Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps!