Almond Butter Stuffed Dates | Recipe | #PSPfit


Sooo… I’m a carb addict (anyone else with PCOS have this issue?)

When Abra schooled me that carb addiction is another form of sugar addiction, because bread/carbs turn to sugar once you eat them, I was floored. I had always thought my candy craving friends had a different struggle than I did, but it turns out we’re all in the same boat bread and crackers are the same thing.

One of my YouTube subscribers asked me to share some foods to fight cravings. This recipe is super easy, takes no “cooking” and I’ve been able to keep all the ingredients at home and in my desk drawer for when I need it.

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To make this recipe you’ll need: a knife, dried pitted dates, almond butter and raw Cocoa nibs (I found cocoa nibs under $10 here)


  • Leah Blue

    As an insulin resistant PCOS girl, I sympathize completely!!! It’s psychological torture when there’s a disconnect between your brain and your actual blood sugar levels, so your brain keeps screaming for carbs (which is actually the main food for your brain!). Since I have a little one, I may not always have time to create stuffed items – though those look amazing. I do however, have time to throw a 1/2 cup of peanuts and 2 TBs of raisins into a sandwich baggy. It’s the “low brow” version of that delectable looking recipe!