Size is Just a Number: Plus Size Shopping & Body Confidence


The list of crazy things I’ve done to avoid people knowing what size I wear is pretty embarrassing (remember my cutting the tags off of my clothes post? *blush*) I’ve always been the “token big girl” amongst my friends, I can remember a skinny friend asking me what it meant when there were “xx” in front of the “L”… like seriously I had to stand in old navy and explain to her that there were sizes past large called xl, xxl, xxxl, etc. Yeah. Yesterday I posted a video of me in the dressing room trying on clothes… it was so liberating to discuss sizes without feeling ashamed.

Being in the dressing room with Amanda from Fashion Love & Martinis was soooo refreshing, it made me realize that shopping is something I do alone mostly because I feel my size makes the experience awkward with some people. I could say to Amanda, “hey can you grab me a 2x?” and not freak out because she knew my size.

So we came home and had a chat about what its like to be a big girl shopping for clothes:

  • Mary

    This was fun! Just wanted to add that “Plus” size shoppers are not the only ones tortured by numbers. My daughter is petite and let us say, top heavy. There is almost nothing except pants that fit her off the rack. Almost everything has to be altered. The size tags really mean almost nothing, if anything they are just a starting point. Her strategy is to shop sales at higher end stores (because they are easier to alter), then go from the cash register straight to a tailor. On the up side, her clothing always looks good, hangs nicely, is comfortable and still fits even if she gains or loses a few. On the down side, she is totally jealous of her friends who can just breeze into Target and pick up a cute outfit in an afternoon.

  • April

    This is so timely! I went into a plus size boutique yesterday after months of checking out their facebook page. I’m so committed to being a “2X” that it always surprises (or disappoints) me when I have to go with a different size. I tried on several items in the boutique, including a jacket in a 3X that fit perfectly, size 2X leggings that fit like a glove, and a size 2X sweater that I couldn’t even get my arm in the sleeve (!). Ultimately, the item that looked the best on me (and that I ended up buying) was a dress in size XL. Go figure!

    • thebiggirlblog

      LOL! That’s kind of amazing… xoxo

  • AstarteOurania

    If you really think about it, all these size numbers are so arbitrary. They don’t really mean anything except to the manufacturer. After all, what does size 0 mean? If you’re a 0 you shouldn’t exist! lol

    • thebiggirlblog

      You just made me laugh out loud… touche!!

  • Morgann Belle

    Yes, it is true, size is just a number (or a letter. or a combination of letters). Actually I was just writing a post revolving around this. In my wardrobe I have anything from size 6 to 12 (UK sizes), from XXS to L. And they all fit me. Yesterday my colleague told me she didn’t buy a dress which was a good bargain, just because it was 2 sizer bigger than her usual size. It fit her. When I asked: “So, what do you care about a number?” she replied “When I am giving my money, I won’t be giving it for something that makes me unhappy”
    Well, my question is: Why does it have to make us unhappy? Why do we care? What matters is what we see on the mirror and whether we like this or not. Not a number on the lable (well, the only one which matters is the price one indicating whether we can afford it or not)
    Love all the numbers, embrace them and be happy! Love yourselves!

    Love, M

  • PinkPanther

    I think the bow in your hair looks adorable :) Really Pretty!