Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones | Thank You


Can we talk a little bit about comfort zones today?

On the way home last night, I began thinking about what it takes to get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve seen me push myself out of my comfort zone a few times.

1.) Starting this blog and putting all of my insecurities on the table. Being plus size in NYC can be frustrating and painful. But this site gave me a safe space to talk about plus size night clubs, my thighs rubbing together and online dating horror stories with people who “get it”.

2.) When I finally took the plunge and asked Robert if he liked me. I know some of you were like “FINALLY!” when that happened *blush*

3.) When I stopped being anonymous and started sharing my plus size fashion photos/videos on the blog. I know that seems like an easy task, but being anonymous was a very safe space for me and I had to learn how to continue to be vulnerable with you guys once my photo was attached.

4.) When I lost 55 pounds and started our #PSPfit virtual clean eating/fitness boot camps

None of the moments were easy for me, in fact I spent lots of time with that anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, I swear I’ve never regretted pushing past my comfort zone. Even if things didn’t go my way, pushing past my comfort zone gives me clarity and/or closure on things in my life so that I can keep holding on or let them go as needed.

As I grow up, I can look back and see that many of the things I hold dear today are because somewhere along the line I took a chance. Even in something as simple as yesterdays post, many of the comments were about the “side plank” photo I used at the end– if I had stayed comfortably anonymous, that part of the post would have never happened.

I know for a fact that life and growth sits just beyond my comfort zone and doing the things that scare me are what propels me forward. The tricky part is getting over the discomfort and taking those leaps. I know its a little late for new years resolutions, but I wonder if I need to put “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” at the top of my to-do list. I’m sure there are many moments big and small that I let pass me by because I’m uncomfortable… thoughts?

Have you had a chance to push past your comfort zone? or are you considering pushing past it?

P.S. I am so grateful to everyone who tweeted and shared my plus size yoga story… because of you the post was picked up by the Huffington Post, BlogHer and Refinery29… THANK YOU!! xoxo


  • Shercole

    Thanks! This is something I try to work hard on everyday. Just pushing further out my comfort zone.

    My next big one is Im taking another solo vacation and this time to New York! Im nervous but I’m ready !

    • thebiggirlblog

      NYC is one of the best places to be alone, in my opinion… there’s so much stimulation in the city you don’t need anyone else… enjoy and let me know if you need any tips/pointers! -CeCe

      • Shercole

        Thanks so much!!! Will do!

    • Lona nods

      i want to take a solo vacation too. i just always talk myself out it. i need to go ahead and do it instead of thinking i need someone with me.

      • Shercole

        I use to talk myself out of it too. The key is to set a date and put it in your calendar to continually look at and have something to look forward to even if you don’t book anything yet. Then tell people you are doing it, do some research, then buy something for the trip such as a restaurant coupon from like to keep you motivated and then book, at least thats how I do it.

  • Lona nods

    this weekend (saturday) will be a moment that i will be pushing past my comfort zone. without going in to details, i am nervous about it but excited at the same time.
    also friday i will push past another of my comfort zone by going to a social event instead of always opting to stay in the house. it was more safe and comfortable to stay in but this time i decided to just push pass my comfort level and go to this event.

    • thebiggirlblog

      Two big moments in one weekend? Get it!! (and good luck)

  • Jen Southworth

    Quick question…where do you shop for your workout clothes (especially the sequin ones!)? :)

  • disqus_HKqLdjX8Fc

    I greatly appreciate that you chose to come out of your comfort zone every step of the way, especially when you started adding pics/videos of yourself. It was great for me to see someone that looks like me facing similar issues but finding ways to overcome those issues and/or allowing others to learn from your mistakes. I can’t thank you enough! @getting2yes

    • thebiggirlblog

      Thanks for saying that, so sweet! xoxo

  • Krystal

    Love this. I told you already I’ll tell you again. You’re such an inspiration