Dressing Room Confidential: Is there more to Lane Bryant than Bras & Plus Size Gym Clothes?


Back in the day when I was a baby Plus Size Princess, Lane Bryant was the only plus size clothing store in my city, so I would buy my clothes knowing that I was shopping at the same store as my mom and *gulp* my teachers.

When I moved to NYC I suddenly had many more plus size shopping options, so I’d just hit up Lane Bryant for my bras a few times a year. Of course, lately I’ve been really impressed with their plus size gym clothes (love!), but I haven’t paid much attention to LB’s fashion in a long time.

So this weekend, I took a minute, grabbed some clothes and made a Dressing Room Confidential video. There were some hits and some misses, but overall shopping here is much easier when you’re over the age of 12.

p.s. SMH @ that awkward moment at 9:23:

LB Active Hoodie: http://bit.ly/1a1sKAI

LB Active Leggings: http://bit.ly/1hfX2zt

Faux Leather Jacket Here: http://bit.ly/1a1rWMg

Nautical Moto http://bit.ly/1dhaphS

Coral Striped Top: http://bit.ly/1a1sSQS

Faux Wrap Dress: http://bit.ly/KTg8Qh

Denim Shirt Dress: http://bit.ly/1dhaPVC


  • A Jones

    I love that you shared your awkward moment at the end! I loved the wrap dress on you. You looked amazing and it seemed like you felt really good in it. I didn’t like the shirt dress as much. I think you could find another one in the same style with a different cut that would work better.

    Thank you for sharing your dressing room experience!

  • Kelly W

    Living in a small town, I find my choices of stores that cater to plus-size clothing limited to Lane Bryant or Dress Barn. (I know, not much to choose from, but it’s better than Shopko or Walmart.) I find that I spend a lot of time browsing and trying on clothes without many purchases because I have the same issues with fit that I’m sure many others have. While it may look great on the mannequin, it might look awful on my body.

  • prettykitty

    You look great in the wrap dress! And it is not “too much” for a night out – its the perfect night out dress! Also, I think a wider belt might look better on the shirt dress.
    Funny moment at the end! :-)

  • Tikeetha Thomas

    I love the wrap dress, coral top and the black and white dress.

  • c2268

    I love the black dress with the flowers. It was lovely and very sexy. I hope you got that one. I’m sure your man will really appreciate it. I also thought the shirt dress was cute. It didn’t look to big and it showed off your gorgeous legs.

  • Amy

    lol at the awkward moment at the end!! I was a manager at Lane Bryant (very recently) for a couple years and they’re actually not supposed to tell you that they are closing. You’re a “guest” not a customer. As long as you are shopping, they are open.

  • Tanja

    Really enjoyed watching this video. First time I came across your blog, I’ll visit more often. I agree with the others, I love the black and white wrap dress on you, super adorable. And girl, what are you talking about “too much for an evening out”? NO way! The shirt dress is not it. Looks a bit cheap and frumpy. Go for a shirt dress, but another one.
    I usually just scan Lane Bryant to see what there is that I like. But I have to say they outdid themselves with the active wear. Love the fit and the design of it and it makes me feel more comfortable going to the gym.
    From browsing fashion and accessories online, I think the spring color of 2014 is mint. Found anything worth trying in that color?

  • Heather

    I’ve gotten some good pieces from LB but I much prefer Torrid. A bit more fashion forward, especially for us 20-30 something gals, and even teens. I just always find LB to be older. I do buy a lot of my jeans and workout pieces from Old Navy though, however my sports bra is from LB and I love it. Though they don’t sell that style anymore unfortunately.

    What do you think of Avenue?

  • Dana

    Get the wrap dress! Looks AMAZING on you!

  • Jessica Washington

    That wrap dress looks amazing on you! Now I going to have to check out LB for more than just my bras and underwear!

  • MaggieSnarkface

    I thought the denim dress looked great on you. And I was thinking, “pair it with that jacket” and then you did!

  • Alice Dennard

    So funny! I was just thinking the same thing the other day. When i was 11-14 all of my clothes were from Lane Bryant. Then I discovered Torrid and then others and I barely go back. I will say however that no other plus size brand with moderate prices makes a pair of black pants like Lane Bryant. Every two years I go and buy a pair of black tapered ankle pants from them and wear them to death.