I’m Sorry!


If someone offends me, I write about it here… and if I offend someone I think I should write about it here too.

I’m not afraid to talk about race, which is why there’s a “size & race” category on this blog, but last week I made a comment in the comments section of a post that came off way wrong. I’m not sure how many of you saw the comment, but I want to make sure all of you see my apology for it.

When I respond to your comments, I may not write long responses to you because for me our exchanges feel like I’m chatting with friends. I’m also realizing that maybe I don’t explain things that need explanation and that’s what happened last week during this interaction:
Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 6.23.58 PM

I was responding to everyone’s comments on the post. When I got to that comment and wrote “all of your assumptions are correct” I meant that the lady was Asian (which she was) and that she isn’t very PC (which she isn’t. She’s constantly saying awkward things to customers… the “you’re too big to fit in the bathroom” incident was just my turn). Unfortunately, I didn’t elaborate on my thoughts which made me come off like a jerk. I was typing quickly and didn’t think that confirming “all” of the assumptions in the comment would confirm multiple things that were offensive.

I reread the blog post and oddly enough I didn’t mention the nail lady’s race at all, probably because to me it isn’t relevant. I hate that my response to that comment shifted the focus from my weight to her race because that was not my intention at all.

I’m a woman, I’m black and I’m fat so I definitely know how frustrating it is to be stereotyped. Thanks to @PurpleOrchid and @Marchesa, the two commenters who called me out on my response. I would have had no idea that my comment was coming off racist/prejudice if you ladies hadn’t said something.

I want to say loud and clear that my I’m sorry.




  • D. Bell

    I don’t think you owed anyone an apology. Someone asked a question and you confirmed. You didn’t elaborate. The woman was rude, not you. #MYTWOCENTS

    • thebiggirlblog

      Thanks, but it was nagging at me so I figured I’d say something. *sigh*

      • ….

        exactly at d bell. you didnt have to explain a damn thing about the rude ass cow b/c i would have said way worse things about her and not been sorry remorseful etc. and definitely not made a second post about it.

  • CrazieMela

    What bothered me most in the comment that you responded to, was the assumption that the lady didn’t have a 4-yr degree. As a 28 yr old plus size Latina, I have encountered many narrow/small minded people and trust me a lot of those people had a 4 year degree or more. #imjustsaying

    • CeCe Olisa


  • http://fashionfragile.blogspot.com/ Sonya Mann

    I have no opinion on whether this warranted an apology from you, which is being discussed by other commenters, but I do want to say that I really respect that you wanted to clear things up and take public responsibility for any offense that was caused. That’s really cool of you.

    • CeCe Olisa