It’s Too Small for You, Right? …right.


I walked into the nail salon on Saturday and the large bottle of water I drank on the way there caught up with me.

Something you should know about me is that I despise public restrooms, but my bladder is tiny so I’m forced to use them often. This has made me somewhat of a bathroom connoisseur. I’m the girl who asks her friends “how’s the bathroom?” before I go inside. When I’m interviewing for jobs, I judge companies on how their bathrooms are. (I truly believe that you can tell how much a company cares about its employees by the way their bathrooms are maintained) but I digress….

Anyway, having to use the ladies room at my nail salon is something I really try to avoid. I’ve had to use it a few times over the years and the bathroom is the size of a matchbox. Not to mention, it has no ventilation, so as public restrooms go… its my worst nightmare.

As my hands and feet finished drying, my bladder refused to be ignored. I pulled the paper from in between my toes and motioned to the salon owner ”Um, can I use your restroom?”

“Sure, straight back…” she replied.

I made my way to the restroom, opened the door and was almost knocked unconscious by the most foul odor you can imagine. Someone had gone in that small windowless bathroom and done something ungodly in there. I quickly slammed the door, wiped the tears from my eyes and ran out covering my nose.

The owner looked at me, “the bathroom is too small for you, right?” she asked.

*blank stare*

I was 99.9% sure that the bathroom smell was the work of one of the nail technicians. I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, so I said nothing, but her assumption that I couldn’t fit into the bathroom was so annoying!

If you saw a skinny girl run out of the bathroom after two seconds covering her nose, would you assume it was because that bathroom was small? No… you’d probably think she was covering her nose because of, I don’t know… a bad smell, perhaps!

Of course, because I’m a Plus Size Princess, the only issue I’m allowed to have is “not fitting” inside of a bathroom.

Its just a reminder that some people really can’t see past my weight… augh!

  • Fatnlimber

    You should definitely go back and let her have it away from the ears of the technicians. People say things like that because they CAN. Make sure to tell her she will no longer be getting your business because your self-respect is too big for her shop.

    • CeCe Olisa

      I definitely won’t be going back. The thing I hate about those moments is that they happen so fast and I’m usually too stunned to think through an appropriate response.

      but you’re right… my self respect is too big for her shop… xoxo

      • Annamarie

        yeah i hate when all my clever lines ellude me at that crutial moment! *hugs* – from a plus size princess down at the southern tip of Afrika :)

  • vanessa jackson

    Well I’m going to say you handled that just fine. But as for me…I think I would have politely said….no I fit just fine, but if you’re concerned that your patrons are comfortable in your establishment you probably should consider expanding the area so that no one else has to be so rudely approached. Furthermore, while you’re making renovations perhaps some air freshner, a ventilation system would keep your patrons from having to endure that foul smell. And I probably would have worked it so that my nails/feet were free this time or next time. :)
    I can’t stand public facilities either.

  • Marchesa

    Wow… How rude both of you. CeCe get over yourself. And JayFay your assumptions are disgusting.

  • Dee

    I would have had to tell her that the bathroom stank to the high heavens after a remark like that. She also probably would have lost my business.

  • AstarteOurania

    That’s pretty awful. I probably would have snapped back though that it smells like something died in there and would they happen to have some Febreeze? :)

  • purpleorchid

    You both are prejudice. I would assume since you are african american you wouldn’t be so quick to jump on that train. Shame on you. I won’t follow you anymore. And you are entirely too big for your britches.

    • CeCe Olisa

      This comment didn’t come off the way I meant it to and I thought I deleted it. I actually have a post about it coming up tomorrow apologizing for it. Hope you’ll read it but understand if you dont… xoxo

  • Paula

    How in the world is that someone’s initial thoughts? Running from a bathroom with your nose covered, to me is a universal sign of ‘something is foul in there!’ It was probably the technician that funked it up, and they were just trying to divert. You’re a good one – I would’ve walked out of there with free nail services (and display polishes), and probably a destruction of property charge. o_O Geesh.

  • c2268

    I want to be culturally sensitive but I must admit that I’ve been treated very insensitively at nail salons. The most offensive thing I suffered was the technician commenting to a co-worker that my feet looked so bad because I was big. I was floored. I didn’t get up and leave because I was in the middle of the pedicure. But I keep replaying that episode in my head and thinking of all of the things I should have said in response.

  • Jennifer Sawyer

    Oh my that’s crazy first I would of justbeen straightforward with her. Then corrected her. I think at times I get this too and it makes me want to lose 100 lbs and a reduction and move to la then I had to get a grip not everyone including you will accept yourself .how you feel is the problem or solution