#PSPfit Clean & Green Boot Camp (21 Days for $21)


Greetings from California, hope you’re having a fabulous holiday! I’m hibernating with my family but I did want to check in with you girls on #PSPfit stuff.

How has your holiday food/fitness been?

Bad news from my end, I’ve been breaking out, my eczema is acting up and my period started three days later than it should have. A year ago that wouldn’t have meant anything to me, but working with my nutrition coach is allowing me to understand that my body tells me when I need to get my act together, especially when it comes to my eating. While I don’t regret the good times and good meals I’ve had over the holiday season, clean eating is definitely what my body needs, especially as I try to manage my PCOS.

Excema, acne and an out of whack menstrual cycle is my body saying “Excuse me, those holiday indulgences are messing with your #PSPfit groove!” and just in case I didn’t get the message, I jumped on the scale last week and I’d gained five pounds… womp womp!

There’s some good news, which is that Abra (my nutrition coach) is designing a January detox for me and its going to be 21 days of what she calls “clean and green eating”. I’m excited to get back to my morning smoothies and home cooked meals so I can regain clear skin, timely visits from aunt flow and drop this holiday weight.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could use this 21 day session to test some #PSPfit boot camp changes.

I want to see if we can bring the price down even more… the whole point of #PSPfit is to make professional nutrition coaching available/affordable to any girl who wants it, so I’d like to test out doing 21 days with Abra for $21. If enough people sign up and I can still manage to pay Abra for her time with us, we’ll keep the $21 rate for future boot camps too. *fingers crossed* (Click here to spread to word)

Registration for the $21 #PSPfit Clean & Green Boot Camp will begin on January 1st. We run bootcamps via email/private facebook groups so you can join from anywhere! As always, we will open the list via email, so remember to pre-register here. Boot Camp will run for 21 days from January 12th-February 1st.

Are you down for a January detox?

Questions? Leave a comment or email me: fitness@thebiggirlblog.com

  • Robin Michael Rush

    Yes, yes, yes. I have my 7 Day Jump Start Cleanse created for me by my Fitness Coach and my church goes on a 21 day modified fast every January, so I’m ready. I was doing good–started late summer into the fall–then Thanksgiving happened, rolled into Christmas parties, etc., etc., –all leading back to that sluggish bloated feeling once again. I’ll be back into boot camp with my Fitness Coach. Great Success for us all!

    • thebiggirlblog


  • Tina

    makes me wish i lived in NY

    • thebiggirlblog

      You don’t have to live in NYC to join :-)

  • Atthepinkofperfection

    I am so in, I cant wait!

  • Idalia Soto

    So down! I can’t wait… Who would have thought i would miss green smoothies!! Lol

  • Lynnette Bond

    So EXCITED cant wait to start!

  • Brenda Romero

    I am trying to pre-register. Did it go thru?

    • thebiggirlblog

      Hi… Did you get a mailing list confirmation? :-)