I’m Hosting an Aqua Fitness Party with swimsuitsforall.com #PSPfit


I’m a huge fan of water workouts. Aqua Fitness is great for Plus Size Princesses who need to go easy on their joints/backs. I like to swim laps, but for those who aren’t strong swimmers its always fun to take a water aerobics class too!

SwimSuitsForAll’s Aqua Belle line is specifically designed for water workouts. My Aqua Belle suit gives me comfortable coverage, support and it doesn’t fall apart in chlorinated water!

To celebrate the new Aqua Belle line of swimwear, I’m hosting an Aqua Fitness Party with swimsuitsforall on December 3rd… and here’s the fun part: Everyone who attends will get a free swimsuit! (For my girls who don’t live in NYC, I can giveaway a few swimsuits… just tweet the phrase below!)

Space is limited, so if you want to attend, let me know in one of two ways:

1.) Click to Tweet: Aqua Fit Party: Free Class + Free Swimsuit w @CeCeOlisa & @swimsuits4all! Its Better in the water ;-) #PSPfit (Don’t live in NYC? Tweet this and I can still give away a few swimsuits!)

2.) Leave a comment below!

Do both to double your chances to win a free class & free swimsuit!

I know there is an email address on there, but that’s not a valid entry ;-)



  • Klalle00 Personal

    This Aqua Party Seems like an awesome idea. I would be excited to attend.


    I definitely would like to attend.

  • Kelly

    I would love to attend!

  • Arielle Smith

    I don’t live in NYC, but I loved PSPfit and would love a swimsuit!!!!!

  • Tina Perkins

    I would love to attend.

  • jamies fat

    looks interestng have fun ladies


    Jamies FFFATTT


  • MilaXX

    Aqua fit has been a regular part of my fitness routine for some time now. Wish I lived in NYC

  • PussCaboose

    As a CA girl, I’m uber sad I won’t be able to make it to your Fab-u-lous swim time! But have fun missy. <3

  • Katrina

    I would love to attend.

  • Hannah

    I would love to attend!

  • http://whenlifegivesyoucurvesflauntthem.blogspot.co.nz/ Jackie Birch

    GGGRRRRR why advertise that you up to a size 34, and you click on it and all they have is a skirt and no swimwear, if you are a size 28 you get the choice of one, so you really need to be 26 or under. really frustrates me when they show big sizes but have nothing in that size. Just my rant for the day :). And a little to far to come from New Zealand – have an awesome weekend :)

  • meena

    I’d like to attend

  • Above Average

    What a fun way of getting ladies out to exercise. Would love to attend, but live in Canada. Have fun.

  • Amber Harvey

    I hope I can come! I kinda fell off the PSPFit wagon due to some unforeseen circumstances, but I’d love to show up and get back to my fitness journey!