Hey CeCe! Where Can I Find Plus Size Gym Clothes? (feat. @LaneBryant) #PSPfit


So… every time I renew my dedication to fitness, it starts with a shopping trip for new gym clothes. Having a cute outfit is a good excuse to go anywhere, and the gym is no different. #PSPfit Pre-Thanksgiving bootcamp is starting in one week, so I’m pulling my new outfits together as added motivation (register here for virtual boot camp and here for NYC boot camp).

Big Girls DO work out and we don’t need for us to be in sweats and a baggy Tshirt. We should have gear that allows us to bring all of our Plus Size Princess-ness to the gym so that they know we’re not playing any games… is that too much to ask? I don’t think so, but because people assume big girls don’t work out, it can be hard to find.

Thankfully, brands like Lane Bryant Active are changing that and giving me exactly what I need to amp up my gym swag. Do you see this halter top? The back is high enough to hold in my back fat and the front is cut well enough to keep “the twins” in while I’m doing jumping jacks!


I paired the top with plain black Lane Bryant Active leggings, but they actually come with a pant that has a matching waist band (you’ll see those in the next #PSPfit workout videos on our YouTube channel).

I want to give all of you a chance to try on these pieces, so I’m going to be at Lane Bryant on 34th street on October 26th from 11am-1pm. Just come and try the clothes on with me, take photos and see how you look. Anyone who comes to hang with #PSPfit from 11-1pm will get 30% off of Lane Bryant Activewear (they made a coupon just for us!)

(If you’ve already joined #PSPfit Pre-Thanksgiving bootcamp and you’re an NYC, this will be our first meet-and-greet, you can see the other girls who you’ll be training with and finish any registration odds and ends).

Obviously I’m going to have prizes too, so here’s how you can win a gift card:

We’ll be creating a #PSPfit photo booth with instagram and anyone who’s snaps a pic in Lane Bryant activewear with “#PSPfit #LaneBryant” will have a chance to win gift cards!

Don’t live in NYC? You can still join the fun… just stop by your local Lane Bryant and snap a photo of yourself wearing your favorite Lane Bryant gym clothes on instagram with “#PSPfit #LaneBryant”

RSVP here for NYC and Non-NYC attendees so we know to look for you in the “#PSPfit #LaneBryant” photo booth stream… are you coming to the party?

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