The 45 Pound Mark… #PSPfit


Since I began my #PSPfit journey, I’ve hit the following goals:

  • I can do jumping jacks for a full minute without stopping
  • My periods are coming regularly, to the day
  • When my period comes, I don’t have cramps anymore
  • and I’ve lost 45 pounds

Because I have PCOS, weight loss is important for me if I want to keep my periods regular and someday have babies, so 45 pounds down is a move in the right direction. But all day, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t ecstatic about hitting a strong goal.

Finally, it hit me… I’ve done this before. I’ve hit this weight loss milestone before and as good as it feels, its not a guarantee that I wont gain the weight back and have to start all over again… and that’s scary.

In the past when I’ve lost large amounts of weight, its been with extreme diets that were impossible to maintain. Even though I lost weight, I didn’t have the other health changes I’m having now that indicate my body is being renewed from the inside because of the change in my eating.

I know that the #PSPfit way of Clean Eating and Fitness is manageable, its just up to me to keep going with it and make the right decisions for my body.

A huge thank you goes to Abra Pappa, my nutrition coach (who you will be working with during #PSPfit boot camp), she’s opened my eyes to what my body needs to eat and when. She’s got me to try many new things. Her pep-talks have been inspiring and I’m so glad she’s there to hold my hand while head towards my next set of health goals.

As much as I depend on support from Abra, my health is in my hands and to be honest, that’s an intense thought but I’m up to the task. I have to own words like “lifestyle change” and “health at every size” because that’s the kind of thinking that will keep me grounded in what I need to do.

Here’s a before and after shot, if you’re interested… special announcement below

45BeforeAfterTonight, I’m hosting a #PSPfit twitter chat at 8pm EST. We’ll be giving away a #PSPfit Boot Camp membership! Get ready for the chat by signing in and clicking “join” here:


  • Nina H.

    Looking awesome!

    • CeCe Olisa

      Thanks ma’am!

  • ebofierce

    Congrats!!!!! Be Proud!!

  • Callie

    You look gorgeous in both pictures girl. You should be proud of what you have achieved you are inspiring and hard working and that pays off! xxxx

    • thebiggirlblog

      Thank you sooooo much!!!

  • Atmikha

    You DO look good in both pictures! Like, young, strong, full of sparkle and energy. I like your motto of health at any weight, cuz in the long run that’s what it is really all about. Don’t give up! — And don’t stop blogging!

    • thebiggirlblog

      <3 <3 <3

  • AstarteOurania

    Can I give you 2 thumbs up?! That’s what I’d like to be, fit and fabulous at the right size for my body!

  • reader

    Celebrate your life–you deserve it!!

  • An inspired reader

    So inspirational I also have PCOS, and have had regular periods as well, and am trying to lose weight now. You look wonderful, keep up the good work.

  • vanessa jackson

    Great job and congratulations. You’re doing an awesome job, hang in there I know the struggle, about to him my 20# loss

  • MarlenaFromTheNo

    You look FAB!! Keep up the great work:) bootcamp sounds amazing too bad its no where near my budget but maybe someday ill be able to join. . God bless and keep pushing towards your goals!!!