#PSPfit Fitness Videos: What are your “Trouble Spots”?


I thought I’d shake things up a bit and talk to you guys “in person” :-)

The next #PSPfit fitness videos are going to be all about toning and strengthening… let me know what you want to see!

What kind of #PSPfit videos would you like us to make? Are there specific areas you want to tone/strengthen?

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  • Tina Perkins

    Hi CeCe,
    It’s not totally related, but I was wondering if you could recommend a really good sports bra. Right now I wear Old Navy, but they are a hit or miss in terms of size and I found that my chee chees still move more than I’d like during cardio. Thanks bunches xoxo

  • Amanda Sartori

    Hey CeCe! I’d love to see some ab workouts! It’s the hardest area for me to strengthen, learning some effective workouts would be great!

    • CeCe Olisa

      Same here… that’s on the list for sure!!

  • Malia

    Can’t wait for the next #pspfit bootcamp!
    I’d like to work on my batwings! Abs and inner thighs!
    Excited to be a part of round 2!!

  • Brianne

    I would love some pectoral exercises! Gotta love perky tatas!

  • Jennie C

    I would love ab exercises please. My lower back is sore all the time and would benefit from stronger abdominal muscles!

  • Timiza J

    My vote is for Pectoral Exercises as well! Anything to get these tatas lifted up AND REDUCED!! I am having a hard time embracing my 44J’s! I also vote for tummy exercises.

    • CeCe Olisa

      Got it, thanks!

  • Shainna

    mine is getting rid of back fat…ugh that kills me.

    • CeCe Olisa

      DITTO! omg…