“CeCe, I need Plus Size Hygiene Advice…” #CurvyConvo


Hi CeCe,

I need plus size hygiene advice… I’m having trouble staying fresh.


Dear Anonymous,

I love that you brought this up… we’ve discussed boob sweat and chub rub on TBGB  but I never thought to write about overall cleanliness/hygiene for the Plus Size Princess. I’m sure a lot of us are told to sprinkle a little baby powder here and there, but sometimes that’s not enough. A huge part of staying fresh is combating friction. If you have parts of your body that touch/rub together i.e. back fat, cleavage or even your, um… kangaroo pouch/FUPA those can become hot spots that produce a certain Eau de funk. Lucky for us, there are products that make plus size hygiene a breeze.

Before I get into products that help keep a Plus Size Princess smelling like a daisy, here are some things you can do without spending extra money that easily help with hygiene:

Grab Your Razor: Hair holds onto smells. Getting rid of the hair under your arms (or anywhere else ;-)) will definitely help keep mustiness at bay. (Curious about Brazilian’s as a PSP? I talk about that in detail in this post). If you don’t like to shave often, I’ve started using the 5 blade schick razor and I love it.

Cool Showers: I love long hot showers just like anyone else, but heat is a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria produces odors, I do a final always rinse with cool water. This is a good anti-bacterial practice and it closes your pores so they’re not easily clogged which helps keep your skin healthy.

Dry Off: I know you’re thinking “Duh, CeCe… of course I dry off after I shower” but are you 100% dry? are you using a towel that’s 100% dry when you start? If there is any left over moisture from your shower in your nooks and crannies (rolls) you’re already at a disadvantage. I’ve heard that some PSPs even sit spread eagle in front of a fan for a few minutes to make sure there is no moisture after they shower. We’re all built differently, so find what works best for you, just make sure you’re completely dry before you start your full body deodorizing process.

Okay, now for products, I’m going to run through this quickly so if I miss anything feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll clarify…

I keep two types of body wash in my shower. One is antibacterial, I use this for my evening/post-workout showers. The other is an exfoliating body wash that I use in the morning to scrub dead skin away (exfoliating also helps to prevent ingrown hairs).

This Dial  body wash smells amazing!

This Nivea body wash is new, but it makes my skin feel super soft

You can also use a feminine wash after you exfoliate, yes exfoliate everywhere.

After you’ve lathered up, exfoliated, rinsed with cool water and dried off completely you can start to deodorize your body wherever you think you need extra help. 

I am a huge fan of TendSkin to prevent ingrown hairs. I found out it also has anti-perspirant abilities. You can roll some on before you apply your favorite deodorant:

Deodorizing your hot spots is the final thing I’d suggest. I used to swipe deodorant in between my breasts but a few of you said that was a cancer risk so I’ve decided that Natural deodorants are the way to go:

Toms Natural Deodorant

There’s also a really yummy smelling breast deodorant made from organic ingredients on etsy called . This stuff is amazing and you can use it in any place that you want to stay fresh. She’s a new business, making products by hand so be sure to support her… My favorite scene is “Lickable Lemons”.

Those are all of my suggestions… Did I miss anything? What products do you lovelies like to use?




  • vanessa jackson

    Great question and great post. I would say “shower”/”bath” regularly all the smell good products won’t help if we’re not washing off the dirt (just saying :)). I like Vagisil cleansing wash; effoliating gloves or clothes that helps scrub away a lot of grime especially in the fold-away areas. Sometimes I get itchy under my breast or kangaroo pouch and I use dandruff shampoo like head n shoulders to wash that area. A doctor once told me it helps kill fungus/bacteria and the itch goes away and I get a good wash also. I use it 1-2 times a week if I’ve been working out a lot. It’s also important that we get out of our bras and underroos after working out or sweating and put on dry ones. As sweat n heat produces bacteria and infections.

    • CeCe Olisa

      I’m a huge sea sponge/loofah fan too… just have to remember to replace them often… thanks! xoxo

    • Michelle

      I too love vagisil odor block control body wash helps a lot but love the other posts and appreciate the advice!


    Good post! I’ve struggled with b/o concerns for many years. When I get a good routine, sometimes body changes, life changes call for revamping the routine. Right now, I find baths rather than showers work better. I have a ‘kangaroo’ belly so I wash under my belly, chub folds, and girlie parts with antibacterial body wash BEFORE I get in the tub because it can be hard to clean lower body parts while sitting. If you do shower, use a shower nozzle that has a hose so you can have a ‘bidet’ experience when you shower. It is very important to dry completely. I also use (generic) Gold Bond powder under breasts and belly and other folds. I found a great deodorant spray called Thai (check Amazon) which can be used all over. Use a bath brush to clean and exfoliate hard to reach areas, especially your back. I usually bathe at night and wear loose cotton pjs — (avoid wearing panties to bed if you can) then I shower/bidet in the morning. I realize I may be giving TMI but it is necessary info. Hope this helps!

    • CeCe Olisa

      Not TMI at all, that’s what this post is all about! xoxo

      • Lisa

        I have tried summers eve body wash but I still have a odor sometimes stronger.

  • Rebekah Jo

    Great post, here’s my 2 cents.

    I’ve been cautioned strongly by my doctor NEVER to use antibacterial wash on your lady bits. This throws off the natural Ph balance and can actually cause more problems. The best things for lady bits is just warm water, but if you feel like you need a little extra try Johnson & Johnson BABY wash. It’s gentle and won’t cause further problems like yeast infections…yuck.

    One of the best things I have found for combating boob sweat is good old corn starch. I know it sounds odd, but it is odorless and dusts on just like powder. One of my biggest problem areas was my thigh crease, you know where your leg joins with your lady parts. I was having the hardest time, but I found two things that worked wonders in this area. First I keep it trimmed down or shaved and cotton panties w/ panty liner.

    Ladies, let me tell you. I love my silky drawers, but in the midwest during the summer no one likes to deal with swamp crotch. Cotton panties help wick moisture away and pantyliners (you know the super thin ones) also help wick moisture and stop odor.

    • CeCe Olisa

      “Swamp Crotch”… *falls out of my chair*

  • Chalese

    I started using a new deodorant about 2 months ago it’s natural and I love it. The deodorant is Crystal Body Deodorant Stick http://www.walmart.com/ip/Crystal-Body-Deodorant-Stick-4.25-oz/26960696. I was skeptical before trying it, but it definitely works and it is not scented.

  • http://brooklynshoebabe.tumblr.com/ BrooklynShoeBabe

    I have often read that anti-perspirants don’t work effectively if you put them on too soon after getting out of the shower because you’re skin is still too damp. I am one of those PSP that stands Wonder Woman style in front of a fan to completely dry off. (This also helps prevent yeast infections down below.) I make sure to lift up the boobs and the kangaroo pouch to make sure I get the damp stops. (Sometimes it helps to just bend over and touch toes.)

    I’m not a fan of completely bare because it irritates my skin (hair bumps) and the smooth on smooth contact causes humid traction. (It’s hard to explain, lol.) I use an electric shaver to keep the bikini area and under arm hair down to soft stubble.

    I switch deodorants-antipersiprants depending on the season. I use a stronger one in the summer than I do in the winter and fall. I rub it under my arms, my boobs, the roll of back fat and between my thighs. It might not completely stop the wetness but it does help with any chub rub that may occur. You might also consider washing up or taking a quick shower before bed. And go to sleep naked.(or in a big clean cotton tee shirt if you want modesty but no underwear).

    Also, change your towels and washclothes regularly. (Once or twice a week.) They can get that old damp water smell, and it sticks to the skin. Try cotton underwear during the summer just so all your lady bits can breathe. As sexy as they may be, you might not want to wear the tight pom-pom shorts.

    Finally, I got this idea from here last summer–use panty liners in the cups of your bras to help absorb boob sweat. During the heat wave this summer, that tip really came in handy.

    (Poise has cooling clothes for menopausal women. Put it on your pulse points if you start to get really hot and sweaty during the day. Instant cool off.)

  • HP

    I’m in a new relationship and my man is a fan of girls being au natural, if you catch my drift. I used to keep myself nearly completely shaved, shaving once every few days, so there would be no more than a bit of stubble. I haven’t shaved at all in the last few months and I have not noticed any different smells than usual. I have also read many articles from gynos and other lady doctors that waxing but most especially shaving, is really not the best thing for the lady bits. It causes microscopic nicks and cuts and can cause infections and other issues.

    I am already the type to take two showers a day anyway! I hate going to bed “dirty” from a day of doing whatever and I have never been the type to wake up and start a day without a shower first. So I tend to keep very clean and this is during all seasons.

    I use this yummy smelling, natural bar soap by Yardley with a loofah to help exfoliate. For my lady bits I use a separate washcloth and Dove for unscented for sensitive skin. My previous gyno recommended this for me because I was actually OVER washing myself and had a very minor yeast issue. Any kind of wash with any type of fragrance is not really good, always regular soap and water is best.

    Here’s another (TMI) tip. My boyfriend has an amazing shower head that has an adjustable stream and after I wash I use that to get rid of any left over soap residue that I may have missed and also to really get it good and clean.

    I remember this one comedian I think who mentions in their act that your bits aren’t meant to smell like a rainforest or flowers. It’s supposed to smell how nature intended. It can be a potent smell depending on the time of the month, but there IS a natural odor and it IS attractive to men. Only time you have to really worry is if it smells foul and fishy. Otherwise, that’s just how you smell and if it bothers you, perhaps adjust your diet. Because that plays a huge part in how you smell down there!

    • thebiggirlblog

      Good stuff!!!

  • DovelyDiva

    Shaving down below is a huge help. I use a Wahl trimmer to trim it then a disposable razor with Skintimate shave cream to finish it. Without question, the armpits are shaved regularly. A great product to use to prevent chafing and perspiration in the cracks and crevices is Monistat Soothing Care Gel-to-Powder Anti-Chafing. I use it under the tatas, under my pouch, and down under. It is silky smooth and keeps me dry and fresh. It can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. Deodorant can also be applied behind legs under breast and wherever you sweat; however, the Soothing Care does a great job. I use anti-bac body wash and then another one for skin softness. I stand over my a/c vents to completely dry. every time you use bathroom, have a wipe to freshen up. Also, for vaginal health, use Replens or Rephresh to maintain proper Ph balance in your crown jewels. If necessary, shower twice a day. Have some items in your handbag to maintain freshness all day.

    • HP

      That Monistat Anti-Chafing powder gel is seriously the BEST thing ever invented!

  • Nickie

    Very good topic…I’m happy you posted this one.

  • melissa

    My two cents for deodorant is Primal Pit Paste. http://www.primalpitpaste.com/

    I had to switch to using natural deodorants after developing an allergy to the aluminum compounds…I’ve tried Tom’s and several other brands, and IME they work fine as long as you basically never sweat–which is out of the question on the Gulf Coast. So basically I was reeking by lunchtime (even in my air conditioned office). But Primal Pit Paste! It works all day! Plus, it comes in some really dreamy smells. It’s a paste that melts as you rub in your hands and then you apply wherever you need the deodorizing effect (so good for other spots than just under arms). It comes in stick form too but I actually like the little jars of paste better. I’d even go so far as to say this works better than Secret ever did back in the day. On the 100+ days I do have to reapply in the evenings sometimes, but that was true when I was using “regular” deodorant too.

    Obviously you’re not going to get an antiperspirant effect with a “just deodorant”, but the way I see it:

    1) it doesn’t sound like that stuff is good for you anyway (not that I can even use it any more)

    2) my underarms are definitely not the only place I am sweating down here so it seems kind of pointless

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  • rfenti

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    Great post, thanks for the sound advice!

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  • Smart Alex

    This is something I’ve struggled with a little bit, especially in the summer. My skin would be “muddy”. It was really just the dead skin I wasn’t rinsing off, but any way…the best thing I’ve found that works is Doc Bronners 18 in 1 magic soap. You can get it from Whole foods or the Vitamin Shoppe. This stuff is a big girls best friend. It makes you feel squeaky clean and gets rid of that “mud skin” that can cause odors. My niece used it and begged me to buy her more!

  • Lucy Clothing

    Comment From these photo alone-they look amazing. Definitely adding these to my blogging list. http://www.lucyclothing.com.au/ladies-plus-size-clothing

  • Lisa

    Here’s a thought for under arms! Apply Victoria secret shaving cream leave for a minute or so, shave under arms,wash with soap and the smell of Victoria shaving cream smelling last for hours.

  • Munmun Nishi

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this post !

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  • VikingGirl

    Cece, thanks so much for this list! I’ve bought most everything on the list, and I feel so much fresher and smell wonderful. I was especially intrigued by the Boobaliciouss. I ordered some, and I finally got it yesterday. I can already tell that I’ll be ordering more. I got the Lickable Lemons, and it smells great without overpowering any other fragrance I’m wearing. Plus, I find that it works on other places I need it: a little bit between the toes keeps my feet fresh and a little behind my knees––or any place that gets sweaty. The great thing is that it really does go on clear. There’s no white or flaky residue left behind that looks odd, just sweet smelling skin. Thanks!