Brazilian Waxing as a Plus Size Princess


Plus Size Princesses can get Brazilian Waxes just like anyone else. I got my first one when I went to Miami a few years back. At first I was scared to have someone all in my “nooks and crannies”, but I found aestheticians that I (and my lil’ CeCe) are comfortable with and I’ve been hooked ever since. There is a lot about Brazilian Waxing that people won’t tell you so… I thought I’d share the in depth conversation I had with my twitter PSP’s about “going to Brazil”.

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  • Jasmine

    CeCe!! You are cracking me up right now. It’s funny you posted this today, as I was having a similar conversation with my friend at work regarding waxing the nether region. I guess I could pony up and at least try it, but for the life of me I can’t come to terms with having hair ripped from there!! I’ll try it, though…

  • Jessica Martin

    the pain from the actual waxing is greater than any embarrasment you might feel for being a plus size lady. besides, the individuals performing the waxing get paid to be a professional! just like I get paid to be a professional at my job.

  • FatToFigureGirl

    I recently got a bkini wax, it wasn’t the brazillian where they wax up your ass, but I am completely bare in front. I go to the nail salon to get it done. I hadn’t had one in a couple years because I was too embarassed after gaining even more weight. But I’ve lost a good bit now to where I can actually see my cookah and I don’t like seeing hair there. It was embarassing when I got it done, having to hold up my stomach and put my leg in the number four position while she ripped hair from every nook and cranny was mortifying. But My boyfriend likes it bare too and he was happy with the results so it was worth it.

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  • Mishy

    I live in the New York City area as well! Love the tweets… very helpful. Moved here from California for grad school and I’d love the name of the place and person you go to for your waxes here in New York.

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  • capetownflab

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