Happy Valentines Day! #PSPstyle


I hope you guys are having a fabulous Valentines Day!

Mine is off to a great start, flowers from my Dad arrived yesterday (he’s my #1 Valentine) and Robert is doing a good job coming in second ;-)

I’m always a fan of a day devoted to love. I always take this day to remind myself that my relationship status has no bearing on my value as a person. I wrote a post called “I Haven’t Changed” a few Vdays ago where I reminded myself that having a boy in my life doesn’t change/validate me and it still rings true. I will continue to work on loving myself and keep my fingers that the people around me will do the same.

Now for today’s fashion! Don’t forget that I’m giving away FIVE prizes for the Plus Size Princess Style challenge (#PSPstyle). For details on how to enter/win click here!

Here’s my #PSPstyle outfit from last night and todays Valentines day festivities (you can’t tell but I’m wearing fishnets with a seam and cute little bows up the back… and an awesome bra/panty set from Lane Bryant):


Paisley Pink Dress by Igigi, everything else is available below!


  • http://twitter.com/deatoya de+andrea

    Are those brown boots in the first picture from Target (Katina or something….)

  • Dana

    Just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely stunning in these photos. That navy and pink looks so beautiful on you!! Keep up the great work :)

  • Kris

    I just found your blog… I love all of these outfits! Especially the navy and pink. You look gorgeous!