#PSPfit Check in… Seven Pounds Down


Okay lovelies, I’m going to make this one quick.

Between the holidays and Miami I somehow managed to gain 10 pounds. (Womp Womp) Remember last week when I said my scale was going up and down? Yeah, well it settled on 10 pounds heavier than my lowest weight on Thursday.

Since seeing that number on the scale I’ve jumped into action, I haven’t had any wine/cocktails, I’ve been cooking relatively clean and I’ve been taking different types of cardio classes like African dance and boxing. I’m on MyFitnessPal now too, add me as a friend! Those things have enabled me to drop seven pounds, thank God!


I swear, this weight loss thing is not easy!

The numbers on the scale are starting to look better and I have three more pounds left till I’m back at my lowest weight. Then I will jump into my next goal of losing 15 pounds. I’m thinking no wine/cocktails until that goal is reached… I love having a yummy glass of wine here and there so abstaining from alcohol will be a good reminder of what I need to accomplish. It will also be a good reward when I can finally have it again.

Maybe I should dangle a bottle of Cabernet above the treadmill?

How are YOU guys doing? Any big losses? Big gains? Plateaus?


  • Vanessa

    Congratulations on getting 7#s off. LOL at dangling the bottle of wine… Unfortunately I’ve been on what i call a plateau for a while. I bounce up/down the same 5#s, I’m thankful for your blog and twitter posts that keep me motivated inspite of….I will be super thrilled when I can say I’m down another 7#s or any pounds…keep at it.

  • Lindsay

    Congrats girl! I thought I might have been reaching a plateau but after bumping up my calories a bit this week (I’ve had wls surgery so my eating is a bit different then most) I saw a 5lb loss. Keep it up!


  • Elle

    Meh. I’ve only lost ounces. I haven’t been working out as much lately though.

  • Jaded

    I said good bye to ~50 pounds last year and re-acquainted myself with 17 of them during the fall/winter months of 2012. So I am aiming to get back on track! I did uncover my trouble area….the fall and winter months. Between holiday parties, work stress, and being busy it is hard to keep on track (in 2011 I gained 20 during that period.) I am going up and down the same 2 over the past two weeks. I need to up my fluid intake, ditch my cold and stay on track!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiaraphilly Tiara Richardson

    Good for you! I’m on MFP too. I just added you. I’ve been exercising and eating better, mostly cooking instead of eating out and I have basically given up red meat and pork. I’ve lost 10 pounds since Christmas. I’m trying to stick with it! It’s hard, but I gotta keep my mind right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachael.bellah Rachael Bellah

    WTG Girl! So proud of you. You look fab as always :)

  • anaem3

    awesome !!! I don’t drink alcohol , but soda is my biggest temptation ! I’ve decided to give up soda for Lent . I think that will help jump start this weight loss .

  • Kasia

    I’m ur big fan here in Poland. 4 months ago I decided to do something with my body so I started to cook healthy meals, attended gym 4th time a week and I lost 30 pounds in 4 moths. I want to continue that. When I see u trying to change something I feel better that I am not alone with that. It’s not easy but it’s deffinately woth it!. ;)

  • anonymous

    So far, I’m down 33 lbs! However, I did have VSG. The weight still isn’t coming off easily despite joining PSPFit and exercising like a mad woman. What are your thoughts on WLS?