Giveaway Time: HTC One X+ Phone #TroopOneX


I’ve been working with the HTC for the past few weeks, testing out their latest phone, the HTC One X+ and I’m having lots of fun with it. I’ve been an iPhone girl for a long time, but I must say there are some pretty cool features on this device. My personal favorite is the 8MP camera with built in filters and a self timer also, the Beats Audio has been cool to listen to Pandora with while I’ve been doing the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge.

With the HTC One X+, you’ll have access to all the great apps you love including Instagram. There are a lot of rumors about having to pay for apps, but I got all the stuff I love from my iphone on this HTC phone for free.

Now for the good stuff… I’m giving a phone away to one lucky TBGB reader! There are five fun ways to enter, details below:


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

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  • Rust

    I dropped it and shattered the screen.

  • Supergirlnancy

    I once jumped in the pool with my phone so horrible!

  • The Belated Bloomer

    Is this limited to US residents again? :( Cause I have a US address that I stay in when I visit! :D

  • Andrew Rusch

    Had my phone thrown into a partially frozen lake by an upset gal pal…

  • SSD2010

    I was in Goa and my phone accidentally fell from my hand on the beach and into the water…never recovered…lost all the pictures too! *sob**

    San xx

  • Amanda B.

    It seems I am an expert in dropping my phones in Just yesterday I dropped it for the second time and now I can’t do anything with it because the touch screen doesn’t want to do anything.

  • rust

    Dropped it on the side of the road when i made a pit stop

  • Brenda Burgess

    It dropped on the cement and the screen cracked.

  • Kelynnma

    I was in the Virgin Islands and had on a bikini and boardshorts and went running straight into the ocean, and realized about 10 minutes later I drowned my brand new phone!

  • SRC

    Well…unfortunately it got crushed in a car accident..but so did my hand so I didn’t mind the phone so much.

  • volcombrandon

    i lost it while i was at the beach once its probably under the deep blue sea!

  • li

    got into an argument and threw it against the wall

  • sammy gumer

    the worst way i have destroyed a cell phone is have it smashed by the elliptical machine at the gym while i was working out and it fell off the stand. it was totally destroyed.

  • MJ Moore

    I let my toddler play with my earlier phone….

  • Bert

    I let my baby boy played with it, not my brightest idea :/

  • rust

    spilled coffee on it

  • beatricebang

    Dropped off the balcony smh r.i.p phone

  • tweetyscute

    I dropped mine in the toilet after using the restroom

  • sammy gumer

    the worst way i destroyed my cell phone is by having it crushed by an elliptical machine at the gym.

  • Fidza Hamdan

    The worst way I lost my phone was accidentally leaving it at a public toilet ;(

  • Chris T.

    The worst way i broke my phone was dropping it from the kitchen table and breaking the screen so it couldn’t be used!

  • Bert

    my little guy thought my phone needed a wash, found it in the sink all soaked – my phone, not my little guy- :)

  • Rust

    washing machine …..

  • MJ Moore

    My husband has ruined several phones by dropping them in his tea :)

  • Kelynnma

    I’ve also knocked my phone into the sink multiple times.. horrible!

  • Rocky

    I have flushed my phone down the toilet before lol

  • Fidza Hamdan

    I know a friend of mine who lost her phone in front of her eyes. She was talking while walking, and got snatched by a motorcyclist.

  • Chris T.

    Left it somewhere and forgot :(

  • Chris T.

    Oh yea, talking on the phone when walking from a grocery store heading to your car, then while loading your groceries, you put the phone on the car’s roof. Nice way to lost your phone LOL

  • Fidza Hamdan

    Went into a stupid fight, and throw the phone :/

  • sammy gumer

    the worst way i have lost a cell phone is have it stolen when i was on vacation. it sucked.

  • lucretia

    I once was in a cab and the driver and i was having a dispute over the fare and i thought i was doing something buy cursing him out so i jumped out of the cab, slammed the door and once he pulled off i noticed that my phone slipped out of my pocket. I was livid and i believe he was too because i know he heard it ring every time i called and was an ass for not giving it back. I lost a lot of pics in that phone.

  • Lindsay Eliza

    fell out of my pocket and into the toilet :(

  • Andrew Hall

    Fortunately, I have never ruined a cell phone.

  • Diva

    My cell was stolen in during a bus ride.

  • sammy gumer

    i dropped my cell phone in the toilet a while back and it sucked.

  • Priyanka

    I had accidently dropped it from my second floor window apartment. Was sitting on the window ledge and talking and it kinda slipped from my hand. :P

  • Andrew Hall

    I have never broken or lost a cell phone

  • melan26

    I’ve fried it without backing it up!

  • Lucero De La Tierra

    One of the worst ways I lost my cell phone was dropping it in a snow bank. I thought it was lost forever, because no matter how I tried I could not find it. Three weeks later after the three feet of snow melted I found my phone and it STILL WORKED.

  • sammy gumer

    i lost my cell phone on a plane and could not call anyone for the whole day.

  • Andrew Hall

    I have been fortunate in not losing or physically harming a cell phone.

  • melan26

    I’ve always been careful with my phone, my friend on the other hand had dropped it in the toilet. You know how you usually stick it in your back pocket and remove it before? Well this time it was forgotten, even though you’re wearing skinny jeans. It’s like it’s become a second skin or something.

  • diva

    lost my phone in a bus

  • cancer free me

    when I had a flip phone I sat on it while it was open and :( :( :( it broke in half, very sad day

  • Hope Varnedoe

    oh girl i flushed a phone down the toilet at a concert :(