I Gave Him My Number (Part One)


The minute I locked eyes with the tall chocolate man behind the register at Urban Outfitters, something inside me awakened. It wasn’t love at first sight, but more like whoa you’re really hot and you keep looking at me maybe you think I’m hot too– whatever feeling that is. He kept glancing over at me from behind the counter and I kept pretending not to notice, while panicking on the inside. I was buying candles and a pair of sunglasses (all that would fit me from that store), and wasn’t sure what I should do if by chance I was called to his register.

This was (before Robert) when I was starting to understand that a Plus Size Princess can never predict who will be attracted to her. I had been going to the BBW parties in NYC and the experience of going to bars/clubs where my size was not an issue was doing amazing things for my confidence.

So there I am, making eyes with the store clerk at Urban Outfitters with butterflies in my stomach. I was next in line and there was a 50/50 chance I would be called to his register… but do to a missing price tag, I wasn’t. Instead I was waited on by a polite hipster girl who wrapped my sunglasses in tissue paper and sent me on my way. As I tucked my credit card into my wallet I snuck one last glance over to my chocolate cashier and to my terror/glee he was staring at me too and he smiled.

When I got home, I was still thinking about him. Without speaking he had stirred something up in me and I couldn’t ignore it. I wanted to know more about him and the way he looked at me was as if he was interested. Before I realized what I was doing, I googled the phone number for Urban Outfitters and dialed it.

“Urban Outfitters, how can I help you?” a cheerful woman answered.

I froze– I hadn’t really thought through what I would say, so I began to wing it.

“Hi… Um… I was just in your store and I think one of my friends was working the register but– the line was so long I couldn’t speak to him… he’s a really tall black guy with a bald head?”

“Oh, yeah– Brian, he’s here but he’s on break.”

“Okay, um… can I maybe leave a message for him?”


“Okay– Can you tell him that CeCe called. Here’s my number…”

I gave her my name and number, hung up the phone and exhaled deeply. It was a random slightly stalkerish thing to do, but somehow it made me feel better. I was becoming more fearless when it came to men, less convinced that everyone was going to reject me. This was good.

Two hours later, my phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize.


“Yeah, this is Brian, someone left a message for me to call this number… CeCe?”

“Yeah, that’s me, um… hi.”


“I was in the store today and you kept looking at me… I just… I just wanted you to have my number and I figured since you were at work you couldn’t ask for it.”

“Oh,” he laughed. “Well, a lot of girls come in the store. What do you look like?”

I couldn’t bring myself to describe myself as big/plus size/fat (I’ve grown more since then, but at that time it wasn’t happening) so I offered to text him a picture.

“Okay cool,” he replied. “send it to me now, I’m about to get on the train though.”

We hung up and I sent my most recent, cutest, full body pic. I figured I was being more forward than I had ever been before, there was no need to hide now. 40 minutes later I had a text back:

You are so beautiful

Ready for Part two? Click here!

  • Emily

    Wow, Cece that’s so brave! I occassionally flirt with a particular store clerk (can’t help but going in the store when I see that he’s there) but I’d never dare to give him my number. He’s cute and it makes me feel good when he looks at me, but I’m just too afraid that he might not like me at all and that I just created our connection in my head. I guess I’m not in the place that you were in. I hope I will be one day!

  • Jeni Starr

    Just found your blog! That was super brave! Can’t wait to see the next installment. :)

  • Mari

    Part 2, please! Lol that was so brave! :)

  • Mzlilshine

    All I can say is make it happen, girl!!! I’ve done something similar in my younger days. I’ve learned that men are just as afraid of rejection as women, so…I eagerly await part II

  • Loree

    That’s pretty fantastic! Yay to you, I’ll definitely keep that in mind for myself what a great idea :)

  • Amy IAMthechange

    This is so inspiring! Looking forward to the continuing saga… :)

  • angela

    I’ve followed your blog for a while but have never commented. :) omg I’m dying to find out part 2!! How very brave of you

  • Lindsay

    Agh! What a cliff hanger! I can’t wait for part 2! Your confidence and bravery is so inspiring!

    Lindsay http://thejourneytohalf.blogspot.com/

  • Elle Bee

    that was so cool. i wish i had the guts you did. go cece!!

  • anaem3

    way to keep us on our toes ! I’m waiting patiently (maybe?!) for part 2 !

  • Dee

    It’s kind of scary talking that first step, but I think it’s worth it no matter what happens. In my case, 10 years later I’m married to the first guy I ever made the first move with. Worth it. Waiting to hear how it turned out for you!


  • Tegan

    Oh my gosh you are so brave! I am currently trying to psych myself up to meet up with a boy who has expressed interest… but I can’t get the courage, I keep freaking and make any excuse to get out of it – this is so inspiring. Can’t wait to hear part 2! You are amazing!

  • aniett

    kudos to you for taking that bold step. i struggled with this when i was
    young and single, and although big girls at times struggle with confidence, you
    would be surprised how many skinny girls struggle with this as well. at some
    point i realized that the problem is not being big, the problem is suffering
    from self confidence and esteem, and anybody can be in that predicament. in
    reality, there is someone for everyone, and lots of guys like big girls. once
    you start to practice a little bit of emotional detachment, and begin to
    rationalize these situations, you can build up more and more courage to seek
    what you want. i mean, what is the worst that can happen?… good luck,

  • Shayna

    I’ve never commented before but this story made my heart pound because it made me so happy. I almost cried because sometimes I feel like no one will ever find me attractive enough to love me, and this story totally spits on that. You are so brave CeCe!

  • http://twitter.com/BelatedBloomer The Belated Bloomer

    Just reading that released a horde of elephants in my stomach. That was SO BRAVE of you, Cece! I think I’d never be able to do that! Awaiting part 2!!!



    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  • russianbooty+sz

    Ahhhhh!!!!!! I’m addicted to ur blog!!!!! Can’t help it lol! Ur amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelina.bienaime Evelina Bien-Aime

    I cannot begin to tell you how happy this post made me. it put a huge smile on my face. it says a lot that you were brave enough to do that. as a 20 year old PSP I notice guys check me out but I assume that for the most part they are not interested.

  • Sophie

    You’re fierce! Love it x

  • ThicknessTees

    Ohhh…what a fun story! Always, always, always have confidence in yourself! I’ve always been a thick girl and I pull more men then my smaller friends! Lol! Can’t wait for Part 2!

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