Meet Kiya, a #PSPfit girl Who Has Lost 85 Pounds!


I was scrolling through instagram photos tagged with #PSPfit, Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge  and I came across a before/after shot that made my jaw drop. After seeing this photo I had to interview the girl who had clearly put in so much work and embodies what #PSPfit is all about. She tracks, she logs and she’s active on the #PSPfit twitter and instagram timelines. Best of all she inspires me and I hope she will inspire you too, Meet Kiya!

Disclaimer: Before starting any diet or weight loss program, consult a doctor or your personal physician.  I am not an expert, a dietitian, a physical trainer, nor are any of the #PSPfit members featured here. What works for them may not be right for you, so CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE YOU BEGIN A LIFESTYLE CHANGE THAT INCLUDES A CHANGE IN DIET AND/OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. 

How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?
As of that picture, I had lost 75 lbs, and right now, I’m at 85lbs. I started messing around with losing weight in early March 2012, and got really serious with it in late April. I’m 5’4.5 (yes, that half inch matters!) and I started out at 240lbs. I was a 22/24 and now I’m a 10/12 :-)

Wow, that is so impressive… What’s your weight loss process?
In order to determine WHAT my calories are – I follow the Anything Goes Diet (by John Barban) – which basically means, I eat what I want. Anything I want. As long as it fits within my weekly calorie budget – I can have it. There is no such thing as a ‘forbidden’ food – merely high-calorie foods that I have to ‘budget’ for. It removes the pressure of ‘falling off the wagon’.

I’m finding that eating plans that don’t have ‘forbidden foods’ work best for me too… Do you use any apps?
My main support tools are two apps on my iPhone – LoseIt and FatWatch.

Do you have a workout plan?
You notice, I didn’t mention exercise. I didn’t exercise for most of my journey, and when I did, it was solely weightlifting (relatively heavy). I hate cardio with a deep and burning passion, and so I don’t do it. *lol* Besides, it makes more sense to me to NOT eat the additional calories in the first place.

OMG, so those before and after pictures are mostly from changing your eating habits? *faints* that puts things in perspective! Will you ever exercise?
I’ve started exercising now, because part of it was one of my rewards. I do many things including Krav Maga/yoga/weights and glaring at my treadmill once a week. *lol*

LOL @ glaring at your treadmill… So tell me, How have people reacted to your weight loss?

*wrygrin* I’ve either gotten compliments or silence – no real in-between reactions. Folks didn’t start noticing until I hit about the 60lb mark, and when I hit 70lbs the floodgates of comments opened. I’ve gotten a couple ‘don’t get too small’ comments, and my response has been ‘If I DO get too small, it’s REAL easy to get big again!’ which shuts them up nicely. My mama told me I could admit to her if I got gastric bypass done on the low. *lol* One of my good friends said that even though I was SO much smaller, my spirit still filled the room.

Awww that’s sweet! Has #PSPfit been helpful?
I just recently FOUND #PSPFit – and it’s definitely been encouraging! I love having a ‘reason’ to track various elements of my journey – even though now, a lot of them are ‘habits’ rather than ‘challenges’.

How has your weight-loss affected your fashion?
Oh, dear gods. *lol* It’s weird – I’ve radically shifted how I dress, because I can FIT the stuff I’ve always wanted to wear now. I’m really looking forward to reaching goal so that I can start investing in some really nice pieces.

How has weight-loss affected your dating life?
*laugh* It hasn’t – I don’t date. I was married for almost 10 years, got divorced in late 2010, and I’m so happily NOT dealing with the opposite sex (or any sex!) right now – it’s heavenly peaceful and restorative, and provides me with the time that I need to reshape myself – inside and out!

Anything general you want to say/advice you want to give?

Gods, there’s so much! Urm. Don’t worry about breaking your metabolism – it’s virtually unbreakable. Skip listening to what ‘everyone’ knows (but yet works for so few people) and find/read the science behind a lot of the fitness tall tales that WILL keep you fat.

Treat yourself! My goal reward is a GORGEOUS sapphire ring I’ve had my eye on for years – it’s going to be my ‘championship’ ring of Victory.

Accept the fact that not everyone is going to support you. Some of the people who were silent – their reaction kinda hurt, but to be honest, it’s better than the people who started pushing food on me at every turn. *lol* It has nothing to do with YOU really – it’s just that you are changing, and you are being SUCCESSFUL at your change – and that makes them start to wonder if they should change, too. And most folks don’t like change.

And last but not least – You aren’t broken, you aren’t weak, you aren’t a failure – you’re human and part of the essence of humanity is imperfection. Accept that sometimes, we all stumble, but stand back up, and keep walking forward. Be more stubborn than yourself, and you’ll be able to reach the goals you desire.

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Wow, thanks for that Kiya… I’m so glad you’re a part of #PSPfit and I can’t wait to watch you hit more goals, I’m right behind you! lol (p.s. I lost 4 pounds this week :-) )

How is everyone else doing? Also if you want to join the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge, leave your twitter handle in the comments section below and follow me on instagram “PlusSizePrincess”

  • anaem3

    that was encouraging . I started WW in October, but am really getting serious now . sometimes it takes time to realize what you want , and by this entry Kiya wanted to make a great change in her life . Thank you and good luck !

  • Elle

    Down two more lbs. Total 41

    • slavetofashion

      I don’t know you Elle, but you are awesome :)

  • slavetofashion

    She is a badass…… as are all the women participating in PSPFit! My boyfriend and I just started moving towards a Paleo lifestyle, and so far it’s pretty awesome. Keep an eye out, you may see me on PSPFit yet! Thanks for sharing Kiya’s story :)

  • Ness

    Thanks for that blog. Congratulations to Kiya, love her advice. I’m new to twitter but my my handle is Huggienlovee. Look forward to following and joining in

  • Karina

    Inspirational story! Amazing that Kiya lost so much weight so quickly. Shows true dedication for a healthy lifestyle. It has taken me 4 years to lose 90lbs. My Twitter account is SpecialK220

  • JaVonna Thomas

    I am at the beginning of my journey (I started back in September but got serious mid-August) and this was very inspirational. I am excited to do some more research about finding an eating plan that will work well for me.

  • Karen Walcott

    I want to join the challenge. My twitter handle is @fatkatfitkat