Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Lose Weight?


I’ve been meeting more and more people who have undergone weight loss surgery and there’s something I’ve noticed. When we’re in mixed company and their weight loss comes up, it’s never a simple “I’ve lost ___ pounds”. Instead there is an explanation of the surgery they had, how it differs from other weight loss procedures and how/why they made the decision. I always wondered why they felt the need to go into such detail and now I think I’m starting to understand… they’re trying to fight the stigma attached to weight loss surgery because some people say weight loss surgery is cheating.

Weight loss surgery is a serious decision. I’ve seen people who’ve had surgery, gotten super skinny and then gained their weight right back because they used their new stomach as a crutch and not a tool. This lets us all know that it’s not a magical solution.

While I don’t think surgery is the best path for me I respect the work that is necessary to make weight loss surgery a success… not to mention the financial commitment of the surgery and the often needed body lift and tummy tuck… it’s not a cheap or easy process.

The Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge is based on working out and eating well because those are the basics to slimming down as far as I’m concerned. Some of the #PSPfit girls are doing programs like weight watchers and jenny craig because that’s what works for them. Look up #PSPfit on twitter or Instagram and you will find a supportive group that’s growing every day… I just want to state for the record that weight loss surgery patients are welcomed to join us. We’d be happy to have you!

p.s. My weight stayed the same post thanksgiving, hooray!

  • anaem3

    CeCe first off , i spent thanksgiving break reading your entire blog ! im moving to NYC in 2014 so it was exciting to read your experience . It was really well written . On to the blog , for me , I know eating right and exercising is going to be the best way because it helps you learn the skills to keep it going . I’m a yo-yo weight loser so I’m not saying I’m perfect , but at least I’m trying . Surgery is a big step and those thinking about doing it , really think about it . Those who have done it , I hope you are happy and healthy !

    • CeCe Olisa

      Awww welcome to TBGB so glad you like it :-) Let me know when you get here maybe you can come to a #CurvyConvoNYC event! xoxo

      • anaem3

        for sure !!

  • Sophie

    Hi Cece. I had weight loss surgery about 2 years ago. I went from a size 24 to 14 (Australian sizing) within the first year. Now I’m a size 18, so my weight has gone up a few dress sizes, but it’s stabilized now. I have mixed feelings about it. A negative side effect was that I lost a lot of hair, and it’s taken a year to get my hair back to its original thickness. However, I’d have to say that I’m glad I had the surgery because the reason I had put on weight wasn’t WHAT I ate but HOW MUCH, so it was good for me to have forced portion control (I can now eat what I’d deem a “normal amount”. I can’t overeat anymore because it feels very uncomfortable if I do). It doesn’t solve all the problems (hence why I’ve put weight back on) but it’s good in that it gives you a fantastic “head start”, which was good for me because I’ve been overweight my whole life and couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be thin. I don’t regret the surgery, but it’s only in the past few months that I’ve truly learned what it means to be body confident and accept and love my body, and that’s through reading plus size blogs and writing my own blog to help me process my feelings and thoughts. As a result of that “mind change” I’m more inspired to live a healthy lifestyle now. My goal is health, not a number on a scale. So even though I agree with you in saying it’s not a magical solution, I don’t regret it either. But there’s has to be a shift in your thinking too! Just thought I’d share my journey anyway. Thanks for writing x

    • CeCe Olisa

      Hi Sophie, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts… its awesome to hear from someone who’s actually been through WLS. Congrats on finding a way to control your portions, I struggle with that myself!

    • Janeida Rivera

      Congrats girl! I too am a vsg patient and its totally mental. We have to continue being strong and we’ve got this!

  • Mandi Webster-Martin

    I really appreciate you posting this. I had lap band surgery about 6 years ago. It helped me lose 60 pounds initially, but by no means made me skinny. There was even a time when I gained about 30 of it back because the band broke and I got lazy about my eating habits. These days, my conscious choices to eat right and exercise my butt off are what’s helping the numbers continue to go down on the scale. The lap band is still in place, but I can’t afford to have it tightened right now so it’s only “kinda” working. I think the PSPfit challenge is great and I love seeing all the photos you post of women working hard and being healthy. I am extremely flattered that some of my pics (@awmartin253) have even made it into your posts. Keep up the great work; you are truly an inspiration!

  • Karen Mirabilis

    When I lost a lot of weight I had a bit of a superior attitude because I did it all with diet and exercise instead of surgery. Over time I came to learn that women who did have surgery didn’t take the easy way out at all and struggled with all of the same issues as I did as well as additional medical costs and potential for problems. I theoretically did it the healthy way but then completely lost perspective and starved myself into a collapse and a hospital stay. We can do it wrong no matter what path we choose or we can take care of ourselves and do it right with or without surgery or diet aids.

    • thebiggirlblog

      WOW! I could not have said it better myself…

  • Janeida Rivera

    I am so happy to read this sort of encouraging conversations about plus women’s health. I actually had wls 7 months ago and have lost almost 150 lbs and am living a better quality of life. I blog about my weightloss, but when people ask me in passing I dont feel obligated to share the exact details of whats happening with my body, unless they ask for details. Because I heard criticisms about bariatric patients I decided to write this post on my blog, called for thos who believe that wls is the easy way out. I stand by every word and thank you for your comradre in this journey. You are beautiful and I hope to participate in PSP activities you organize in the future!

  • Mari

    I’m on WW, and it’s really working for me. I’m not losing like crazy, I lost around 30 pounds since August, but it’s going well. I have to exercise more, now that I lost a fair amount I can already see the “flap” damages… Lots of things to tone up now. lol

    Now about the surgeries, I also know a couple of people who had them (the extreme take almost all of the stomach off one)… They were those crazy people who had them like 15 years or so ago, when it was a very new procedure. They lost a lot of weight by then, but now, after all these years, they are back on the heavy side. I know that people have the surgeries for a healthy reason more than beauty one, but I think it doesn’t work if your mind doesn’t change as well (and it’s the same thing with regular diet). I think it’s an extreme measure, I wouldn’t do it, but I think if the person need it, he/she should have some kind of therapy involved also to continue with the work that the doctor did.

    • thebiggirlblog

      Congrats on the 30 pounds!!!

  • theamandaboat

    Both my mom and my good friend had this surgery; They definitely do this! When I ask it is like you said, they just don’t want to be judged for their decision. I am happy to report though, neither of them regret the decision.