Help Me Pick an Outfit?


It’s that time of year again where you help me choose an outfit for my office holiday party.

Last year, I did the survey on twitter and the dress you suggested I wear was a huge hit, so let’s do it again! This year, I’m building my outfit around a vintage bag and sexy/comfy shoes. I’ve narrowed my choices down to these three dresses and these two coats from (the names and descriptions are below). Other than the faux fur coat, which would be a total splurge, everything I’m looking at is under $100.

So, chime in and tell me…. which pieces would you choose for an office holiday party?

SimplyBe Holida Party!
  • Becca Christensen

    I love the caplet coat. It gets my vote!

    • CeCe Olisa

      I love it too… the cape part comes off, so its definitely versatile!

  • Rachel

    From these pictures alone, I’m going to say the capelet coat and the Galactic print dress. The lace dress looks too casual. The peplum illusion dress would be great for a night party/cocktail dress, but might be a bit much for a daytime office party. If your party is at night and in a fancy atmosphere (hotel ballroom, for example), I’d say the peplum, but if it’s a daytime party at work, then the galactic print. :)

    • thebiggirlblog

      Its and afternoon to evening event, so you might be onto something… good points!

  • Knight

    I like the Peplum but I don’t think it goes with the shoes. The Galactic is hot and so very you.

    • thebiggirlblog

      I’d definitely wear different shoes with the peplum… the galactic has a cutout on the upper back too!

  • Ally Smith

    I vote for the peplum too – you’ll do it a favour!

  • Elle Bee

    The WOW peplum dress def lives up to its name. I’d go with that. But I agree about it not matching the shoes… I’d do the the dress over the shoes though. =)

    • Elle Bee

      And def the fur coat if you can swing it. But I’d check the consignment and thrift stores first. Or H&M. Seems like I’ve seen many comparable looks (even for plus girls like me) for a lot less.

  • BriBlessed79

    Hmmm, that’s tough, I actually would pick the Galactic Print dress!

  • Amy

    Daytime schmaytime. Peplum and faux fur for the win! Definitely different shoes though.

  • xanounymouse

    While the peplum dress is beautiful, I’d worry about stretch metallic emphasizing the tummy area. Any shapewear seams will show also. You can see the model’s belly button .

  • anaem3

    I like the galactic print coutout dress with the capelet trench coat for the holiday party. It will go with the shoes. The peplum dress is pretty nice though.

  • Tiara

    I like the galactic print cutout dress with the trench coat.


    Galactic Print Cutout Dress

  • Sarahfina

    I like the WOW peplum dress with the vintage faux fur coat. Different accessories and shoes….. Super glamorous!

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