Help Me Pick an Outfit?


It’s that time of year again where you help me choose an outfit for my office holiday party.

Last year, I did the survey on twitter and the dress you suggested I wear was a huge hit, so let’s do it again! This year, I’m building my outfit around a vintage bag and sexy/comfy shoes. I’ve narrowed my choices down to these three dresses and these two coats from (the names and descriptions are below). Other than the faux fur coat, which would be a total splurge, everything I’m looking at is under $100.

So, chime in and tell me…. which pieces would you choose for an office holiday party?

SimplyBe Holida Party!

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Lose Weight?


I’ve been meeting more and more people who have undergone weight loss surgery and there’s something I’ve noticed. When we’re in mixed company and their weight loss comes up, it’s never a simple “I’ve lost ___ pounds”. Instead there is an explanation of the surgery they had, how it differs from other weight loss procedures and how/why they made the decision. I always wondered why they felt the need to go into such detail and now I think I’m starting to understand… they’re trying to fight the stigma attached to weight loss surgery because some people say weight loss surgery is cheating.

Weight loss surgery is a serious decision. I’ve seen people who’ve had surgery, gotten super skinny and then gained their weight right back because they used their new stomach as a crutch and not a tool. This lets us all know that it’s not a magical solution.

While I don’t think surgery is the best path for me I respect the work that is necessary to make weight loss surgery a success… not to mention the financial commitment of the surgery and the often needed body lift and tummy tuck… it’s not a cheap or easy process.

The Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge is based on working out and eating well because those are the basics to slimming down as far as I’m concerned. Some of the #PSPfit girls are doing programs like weight watchers and jenny craig because that’s what works for them. Look up #PSPfit on twitter or Instagram and you will find a supportive group that’s growing every day… I just want to state for the record that weight loss surgery patients are welcomed to join us. We’d be happy to have you!

p.s. My weight stayed the same post thanksgiving, hooray!


Silly Things I Do in Front of Boys


I came across an old picture this weekend. The photo was taken when Robert and I were just starting to talk at work events (for those of you are new to TBGB, Robert and I met at work and had a slow progression from coworkers, to friends, to dating which you can scroll through here). Anyway, looking at the photo I’m sitting on a barstool and holding my purse in my lap.

If anyone had seen me in the bar that night, they would have assumed that I was just making sure my purse wasn’t stolen, but I know the truth. I was using one of my Plus Size Princess diversion techniques… holding my purse in my lap, to hide my stomach. Thinking back, if I’m feeling self conscious about my body especially around a guy I will grab something and hold it in front of me… a purse, a pillow, a coat… I’ll even sit side-saddle on a bar stool, putting the back of the bar stool between me and the rest of the bar because it makes me feel more comfortable.

Even though in the moment, I feel like these body covering moves help… they really don’t. A pillow in front of my stomach makes me feel better but it doesn’t make me any smaller and if you saw the photo of me clutching my purse for dear life, you’d see how little it was really covering my trouble spots.

I have to remind myself that when I do crazy things to “cover” myself, I often end up calling more attention to myself. If I wear a big t-shirt in the pool, its way more obvious than if I just wear a bathing suit and keep it moving. If I wear a shrug to cover my arms, it takes away from my sleeveless dresses and tells the world, “I hate my arms! See! I’m covering them up!!”. Like the time I decided to just get naked at the gym, when I remember that its impossible to hide my fat… life becomes more simple.

Thankfully, I’ve become more comfortable with Robert and I can sit around him with nothing in my lap to cover me, but I wonder if those habits would come back if I were to start dating someone new. Hopefully not!

Do you do weird things to cover/hide your body in different situations?


+Sizes from Australian Brand


Australian retailer Crossroads is putting their spin on plus size dresses. Offering trendy styles in bright colors, they’ve got some cute pieces that would work for a night on the town, a daytime date or a special occasion. Crossroads offers plus size dresses in the same styles that they make for their smaller/straight sizes.

The range goes up to an XXL or dress size 22, so I’d recommend taking a look at their size chart and the cut of the dresses you like before purchasing, but once again its nice to know we’ve got more options. Below are some of the stand out dresses from their site… check them out at


The Thanksgiving I *almost* Pooped My Pants


I hate talking about bodily functions, but I can’t tell this story without it. *hides face*

A few Novembers back, I was in a “woe is me” weight loss mood and in my desperation, I scooped up a starter pack of Alli, the first FDA approved over the counter weight loss pill. I skimmed over the directions (take with food… low-fat diet… blah blah blah) and jumped right into the bottle with hopes of ending the year a few pounds lighter than I was.

I was doing fine, taking the pills with each meal and working out. Then I went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving…

In the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, we were starving so we drove through taco bell for a quick bite while we finished the meal. Normally, I would order a burrito and a mexican pizza but I was on Alli and eating better so I just ordered a bean burrito and took my Alli pill with it. That’s when it all went terribly wrong.

I ate the burrito in the car and 20 minutes later started to feel kind of… gasy *blush*. I thought nothing of it until I went to use the bathroom. For a second I thought I had started my period and stained my underwear, but… it was orange… and greasy. Then I looked in the toilet and oh… em… gee… You know when you’re cooking and you put oil in water and it the oil puddles just float in the water? Well, it looked just like that.!

Although I was with family, there was no way I was going to burst into the kitchen and ask “why am I leaking orange grease?!” so I ducked into my room, changed clothes and I quickly googled stuff on my phone. That’s when realized that I must have had too much fat in my body and the Alli pill was like Um, no girl… it doesn’t work like this and forced the fat out of my body without my permission in the form of icky greasy puddles.

From my google research, I learned that I had gotten off easy… some people had actually pooped their pants after taking Alli and eating too much fat. Interestingly a lot of the women who had pooped their pants taking Alli, were sharing tips like “wear a pad or diapers!” or “wear dark pants!” my solution to greasy gas and the possibility of pants pooping was more simple… stop taking Alli!

I’ve learned more about my body and PCOS, so I know that carbs and sugar are my weight gain triggers, not fat. I also don’t eat a high fat diet, so Alli really isn’t for me. As I continue with the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge, I keep reminding myself that there are no quick fixes to weight loss and even if you do find one it might turn out to be pretty, um… crappy!




Finding a Bra That Fits


Did you know that’s it’s estimated that around 80% of women are wearing a bra that’s the wrong size for them? No matter if you’re a size 14 or 24, an 8 or a 10, finding a bra that fits you properly is crucial not only for comfort but for the well-being of your boobs!

This is true if you’re wearing a bra that’s too tight – this is no time to try and squeeze yourself into a smaller size; it’s all about finding the size that fits. The same can be said if you’re wearing a bra that’s too big – it will feel plain uncomfortable and can dramatically impact the way you stand and look in your clothes.

Here are some top tips to bear in mind when finding your perfect bra match:

Don’t pad when going for a fitting.

When you’re going for a bra fitting, don’t wear a bra with padding or gel pads. This won’t result in a true measurement of your boobs and you’ll end up with a bra that’s not the right fit. Cue discomfort from the wire digging in at your sides or lose cups that won’t support your chest.

A fit is not definitive

As a general rule, not all bra fittings will give you your definitive bra size. After all, if you know you’ve recently lost weight, or had a baby, your bra size is likely to change. Most of the time though, they’ll act as a great guidance tool to finding your perfect fit.

Shake it up

Don’t stick to one shape of bra; there are all sorts of different styles that will shape your boobs differently, some much better than others. Try a balconette bra to enhance your shape and cleavage, or a demicup, which is similar to the balconette but offers more support and covers up more boob. Perhaps you’d prefer a sheer style bra? This style, made of translucent material, might not be the most appropriate for the office (try a T-shirt bra for that!), but would make a gorgeous bra for a special evening in.

The importance of finding a bra that fits you properly shouldn’t be overlooked, so even if you think you’re wearing the right size bra, it’s definitely worth checking – you might be surprised.