Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge?


I have been feeling pretty gross lately. Thankfully, I’ve maintained the 30 pounds I lost, but I haven’t lost any more than that. I’m still working out every week, but my eating (which is always my main struggle) is teetering back and forth between healthy and… not so healthy.

In addition to feeling yucky, I just looked at my calendar and realized that Thanksgiving is about six weeks away *faints* I don’t know about you guys, but I really need to get a jumpstart on my weight before the holidays. If I don’t, there’s a chance that I will be in a bad place come New Years and I’ve worked too hard to let that happen. Soooo, I have a proposal:

I’ve been seeing lots of fitness challenges on twitter and instagram, where people log their workouts and meals with each other via tweets, photos and check-ins. Maybe we could do a 30 day “Plus Size Princess Fitness” challenge of our own?

We could commit to:

  • Working out 4 times per week (Yes, FOUR)
  • Following our favorite healthy eating plan (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Clean Eating, Eat Right for your Type, anything goes!)
  • Taking Photos of our meals and posting them on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter with the #PSPfit hashtag
  • Tweeting our workouts (what we did and for how long) using the #PSPfit hashtag

A Bonus for anyone who lives in/near NYC is that “Cardio & Curvy Conversations” is on 10/27 (register here, it’s free!) so you can come work out with me during the first week AND since New York Sports Club is giving all attendees a 1 week pass, we could potentially keep the work out groove going all the way into November!

I’ll also go back to my Weight loss Wednesday posts and we can talk about how we’re doing each week in the comments section of those posts. I’ll probably start doing my #PSPfit tracking tomorrow, to get into the groove of things (I really need to pull myself together, augh), but the official start date would be October 21.

Anyone want to do a #PSPfit challenge with me, pretty please?