Can Big Girls Wear Bright Colors?


“If I wear purple, I’ll look like Barney, the dinosaur!”

“If I wear red, I’ll look like the Kool-aid man!”

How many times have you heard a Plus Size Princess say something like that? … how many times have you said it yourself?

I don’t think its possible to be a PSP and not think twice about bright colors. For the longest time, I’d get all of my nice clothes in dark colors. If I had an event or a party, I would look for blacks and/or navy blue dresses. If I was going out to the club, I was looking for dark wash denim and black sexy tops.

I’m not quite sure why I stopped avoiding bright colors, but I remember the first bright piece I bought. It was a yellow trench coat and I loved it! The first time I wore it, a girlfriend of mine (who was probably a 12/14 at the time) complimented my on the coat. Then she confessed that she had talked her plus size sorority sister out of buying a yellow top because of her size. “Maybe, I shouldn’t have talked her out of it after all…” she said, wistfully.

At the time she thought she was doing her soror a favor, based on the fashion rules that we all grow up with, but seeing a PSP in yellow made her think twice.

Did any of you watch the Jennifer Hudson interview with Oprah a few days ago? When she took the cameras into her closet, she said that color was the biggest addition to her wardrobe since she’s lost weight. I think a lot of us have the same mindset, that we have to slim down before we can rock the bright colors that turn heads and make women shine. All women are trained to believe that black is slimming, so of course anything else must be… fattening? As a big girl I was holding onto those rules twice as hard as the next girl.

As I’ve said before, “you can’t hide the fat“! I am a big girl and dark colors wont change that… If I took off my black dress and changed into a red one no one would be like “whoa! I thought you were a size 10!!! that black dress really fooled me!!”

Today I am wearing a bright orange dress from Rachel Pally. Even though I wholeheartedly believe that Plus Size Princesses can and should wear bright colors, I had a small moment of “wait–am I going to look like a pumpkin in this dress?” when I got dressed this morning. I put the dress on anyway and I’ve been getting compliments all day. (I even snuck a bathroom pic to show you!)

So… do you wear bright colors?

Tell me in the comments section of todays post or chime in during my #CurvyConvo twitter chat today (Wednesday) at 3pm…


  • Amanda

    I never ever second guess bright colors. They are my life! I barely own any black. I am sorry but I am a believer that just because you wear dark colors, it does not really hide that much. I rather be happy and colorful, then sad and drab. :)

    • thebiggirlblog

      AGREED!!! xoxo

  • Radha

    You look great in the orange dress, I don’t think it matters what size you are, anyone can wear bright colours. wearing black all the time can get a bit boring!

  • IndigoSoulShine

    I love bright colors! My favorite colors to wear are yellow and orange, I just think they look great on me, I could be draped in black from head to toe and I’m still going to be fat, so why not rock what I love. I love black but that’s just because it’s classic not because it’s “slimming”.

  • Rebecca

    Bright colors make me happy. I posted a great new bright outfit this week and ordered another bright, loud PRINT cardigan on monday – you can see the outfit at my blog:

  • Lily Fluffbottom

    I bought this fabulous bright orange coat from JC Penny’s of all places. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Its probably the best thing I’ve bought all year. A few years ago I realised everything I owned was black, brown, grey, or blue. So I decided pink would be the new thing. Now its lots of colors all over the place.

  • HP

    I was always a bright top, dark wash pants type of girl. Colors never scared me, though a bright red with my own naturally red hair and pink toned complexion does not look good whether I was big or small.

    I actually really took a plunge last week and bought some pop color jeans from Old Navy (the Sweetheart cut, the Rockstars are not at all flattering on me) I got a great teal/blue color and a royal purple. I wore them both to work and got compliments left and right about where I got them and how great they looked. It really made me feel good. As long as what you’re wearing fits you properly and you’re aware of skin tone (cause some colors will look odd) you can rock colors at ANY size!

  • shimmerysummersun

    I know its weird, but the only things I own that are black are bras, undies, and a shrug. All of my other clothes are colorful and/or patterned. I just can’t stand black clothes on me. :)

  • Olivia Kaylbrook Alexander

    Yes absolutely! I didn’t, for a very long time. But I found that the dark colors weren’t doing anything, especially if I wore big baggy clothes. If I wear fitting clothing that is bright, it enhances the positives! Turns out I have a lot more positives than I realized! Plus, my boyfriend loves it :)

    LOVE the dress by the way!

  • Sara

    I do wear bright colors and prints occasionally, but I don’t go too crazy with it because I’ve noticed that older PSP’s (ages 40+) tend to go the route of colors and prints and I don’t want to be mistaken for older than my age (late 20s).. is that weird? Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Dena

    My size has never deterred me from wearing bright colors. I have been in love with color since I was little. I am the girl who will where a bright pink dress, a yellow jacket, and blue shoes. I also never cared much if I was matching or not lol. I’ll even go as far as to buy something that isn’t necessarily quite as flattering on me as it could be because it is a beautiful color haha. I always felt like bright colors made me more confident, but I guess this is not necessarily the norm for other plus sized princesses haha.

  • Shay

    I love bright bold colors! Your body size doesn’t dictate what colors you should wear. Even designers see that…look at Monif C. She always uses bold colors in her designs.

  • kurvygirlz

    I try things on first to see how it looks on me first. However there are times I’m hesitant on certain colors.I have a orange dress i haven’t woren yet because I’m afraid of being called a pumkin. Now on the flip side. i have lost thirty pounds. with that lost i have noticed my wardrobe is becoming a little more sexier and i have pattern.

  • slavetofashion

    First of all, that dress is stunning!! I love the orange :) I actually wrote a blog post recently about some dresses I purchased from Old Navy. Here in Texas, we have a pretty mild fall/winter, so I wear lots of tights and sweaters and dresses and flats. I always find myself going for darker colors with accents (bright sweater or scarf or shoes) and the three dresses I bought are all bright colors. I always gravitate towards wearing darker neutrals even though I love color. So I am making an effort – more color and more patterns! I’m even looking into some purple jeans……

  • Diane

    That dress is a stone cold KILLER. I’ve always loved colour regardless of my size. Its VERY rare that I wear head to toe black and if I do I’m either going to a funeral or having a VERY bad day so stay outta my way!

  • Sara

    I find it rather hard to find clothes that are bright and palatable. Recently I was out shopping for a flowy top to go with leggins and I could find NOTHING. I’m not sure if I’m shopping out of season or what, but I could not find what I wanted. What I did find in the plus size section of stores was a lot of ugly print. I just kept thinking, “I’m FAT not BLIND for crying out loud.” I probably should do more online shopping but I find that even “plus size” in most fashion is 10-18. Well I’m a 20-22 and can’t find much! I think I would wear bright if it were more available to me. Even Avenue, Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug had n.o.t.h.i.n.g. I tried Forever 21 + and found some okay stuff, but still mostly too small and it was such a mess in there with everything jammed together I gave up! Shopping in general is just so frustrating.

  • Jennifer

    I love color. I’ve had jeans in teal, red, purple, and yellow. I have a shocking pink coat, neon yellow skirt, royal blue dress, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s all really a matter of how you see yourself and if it makes you happy to wear it. The colorful items are out there ladies. I’m a size 24-26 and I’ve been able to find awesome pieces.

  • Meek

    I love that dress! I don’t see it on her site though. I want it!!!!

  • Chrissy Tan

    Yes I do wear bright colors but not bight color outfits for office wear. I personally find skin tone matching with clothes more obvious to people’s eyes than body size.

  • TeeTee

    Hello! Love the dress on you boo! SO this week was my 1st time buying ALL colored clothes. I am turning 30 this year, and spring is sneaking in on us NorthEasterns – so I purposly went to the store and shopped keeping in mind not to buy any black or dark colored clothes. My closet is so BLAH with the dark purple and greys and black!!! When I actually looked (and I went to Wally’s World ok AKA WalMart), I only found 5 items that I really liked (and fit my budget!) but I was shocked and happy :) I bought a mint, peplum top, a lavendar strapless top and 2 pairs of leggings, one teal and the other royal blue. My kids were thrilled too. This blog is just more inspiration for me to continue on the quest to broad my wardrobe horizon. Rock out PSP’s and Queens! Be Blessed! TeeTee

    P.S. On someone else’s blog, I forget who at the moment, but dont be afraid to try junior plus clothes which can offer a variety of colors and styles as well. You never know unless you try it on. If you like it eff the HATERS!

  • moppetage

    I’m so glad you wear colour. I’m also glad someone else realises that your fat bits don’t suddenly disappear when you put on something dark – it’s the same, just darker! Unless the fabric is pale (or thin) enough to show shadows you really don’t looks any fatter wearing brights – but you do look a whole lot more chic and trendy and sexy, and if you look great you’ll feel good and no one cares about your size as much anyway.