Love Songs & Curvy Conversations… SOLD OUT!


I just got an alert that “Love Songs & Curvy Conversations” is completely sold out!

First of all, thanks to everyone who registered for this event. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you and I’ve been working hard to make sure we all have a fun evening on Saturday. For those of you who are registered, it will be a great chance for meeting other PSPs and Bloggers. So make sure you bring business cards! You can get some easily from sites like UPrinting business cards so that you can keep in touch via email/twitter with the NYC PSP’s that you meet.

If you weren’t able to register you can still be a part of it by following @thebiggirlblog and the #curvyconvoNYC hashtag from 6:30-8:30pm EST.

Lastly my amazing sponsors:, and The Foxcroft Collection are running giveaways with me at the event AND ONLINE. You can win via facebook and Twitter

To win a subscription, tweet:
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To win a $100 gift card to tweet:
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and for my facebook followers, to win a shirt from Foxcroft:
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Click here for more info and I’ll see you all tomorrow in- person or on twitter :-)

Thanks for supporting TBGB!



Can Big Girls Wear Bright Colors?


“If I wear purple, I’ll look like Barney, the dinosaur!”

“If I wear red, I’ll look like the Kool-aid man!”

How many times have you heard a Plus Size Princess say something like that? … how many times have you said it yourself?

I don’t think its possible to be a PSP and not think twice about bright colors. For the longest time, I’d get all of my nice clothes in dark colors. If I had an event or a party, I would look for blacks and/or navy blue dresses. If I was going out to the club, I was looking for dark wash denim and black sexy tops.

I’m not quite sure why I stopped avoiding bright colors, but I remember the first bright piece I bought. It was a yellow trench coat and I loved it! The first time I wore it, a girlfriend of mine (who was probably a 12/14 at the time) complimented my on the coat. Then she confessed that she had talked her plus size sorority sister out of buying a yellow top because of her size. “Maybe, I shouldn’t have talked her out of it after all…” she said, wistfully.

At the time she thought she was doing her soror a favor, based on the fashion rules that we all grow up with, but seeing a PSP in yellow made her think twice.

Did any of you watch the Jennifer Hudson interview with Oprah a few days ago? When she took the cameras into her closet, she said that color was the biggest addition to her wardrobe since she’s lost weight. I think a lot of us have the same mindset, that we have to slim down before we can rock the bright colors that turn heads and make women shine. All women are trained to believe that black is slimming, so of course anything else must be… fattening? As a big girl I was holding onto those rules twice as hard as the next girl.

As I’ve said before, “you can’t hide the fat“! I am a big girl and dark colors wont change that… If I took off my black dress and changed into a red one no one would be like “whoa! I thought you were a size 10!!! that black dress really fooled me!!”

Today I am wearing a bright orange dress from Rachel Pally. Even though I wholeheartedly believe that Plus Size Princesses can and should wear bright colors, I had a small moment of “wait–am I going to look like a pumpkin in this dress?” when I got dressed this morning. I put the dress on anyway and I’ve been getting compliments all day. (I even snuck a bathroom pic to show you!)

So… do you wear bright colors?

Tell me in the comments section of todays post or chime in during my #CurvyConvo twitter chat today (Wednesday) at 3pm…



Decorating ideas for New York homes with


Living in a small space can be tough on a person’s decorative dreams and storage solutions. Even more challenging are the individual rules and landlord laws applied to various properties throughout the city. So, how does one decorate a small New York home without violating any rules and breaking the bank? Believe it or not, it is possible! Here are some great tips to keep in mind.

Walls and Floors

Unfortunately, if someone doesn’t own their home, they might be stuck with the worn hardwood floors or plain white walls. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t make the space shine with their personality. If the walls can’t be painted, consider painting the furniture. A new coat of paint on a bedframe, dresser, or table can have a powerful impact on any room’s design. If the wood floor leaves a lot to be desired, consider carpet flooring, with some great examples at Just remember, light colors help small spaces look bigger.

Saving space

Just because there isn’t a lot of storage in an apartment doesn’t mean everything has to be cluttered. City dwellers should embrace open storage, especially in the kitchen. Industrial metal shelves offer a cool, professional kitchen look with lots of function. Baskets and bins can help corral kitchen tools and look good in the process. Another good idea is to get one large bookcase that can be the focal point of any room and use it for a variety of items. Use drawers and bins to store linens, open shelves for books and décor, and baskets on the upper shelves for anything that doesn’t already have a home.

Furniture placement

The placement of the furniture can pack a double punch in making the apartment look good and opening up secret areas for extra storage. Placing furniture in the corner of the room allows for the space behind it to be used as hidden storage. Or, that simple console table in the entry way can be skirted beautifully to hide a shelving unit or bins underneath. The secret is to have fun decorating the apartment while thinking of ways to disguise the clutter.


TBGB’s First Meet-Up (& Giveaways)!


TBGB’s first meet-up is this Saturday (9/29) at 6:30! “Love Songs & Curvy Conversations”, will be an evening of live music (provided by me) and an in-person chat on Dating, Fashion and Fitness. This free event is open to everyone (even if you’re not a Plus Size Princess), so be sure to register here as we’re almost at capacity!

Love Songs & Curvy Conversations is being sponsored by, , and the Foxcroft Collection.  Here’s what I’m giving away:

  • 2 subscriptions to, one of the most popular dating sites around
  • 2 $100 gift cards to, gorgeous plus size clothing (size 10-28)
  • 3 tailored shirts from the Foxcroft Collection, beautifully tailored shirts (size 4-24W)

All attendees will be entered to win each prize and for those of you who aren’t able to come, you can enter to win via twitter/facebook… rules to do that are below!


To win a subscription, tweet:
Want to win a Subscription? Follow @thebiggirlblog & @match then RT this message! #CurvyConvoNYC

To win a $100 gift card to tweet:
Giveaway Alert! Follow @thebiggirlblog & @SimplyBeUSA to win a $100 gift card (RT to enter) Details —> #CurvyConvoNYC

and for my facebook followers, to win a shirt from Foxcroft:
“Like” them here and leave a note on their wall saying “I read The Big Girl Blog & I’d love to win a shirt!”

I know not everyone lives in NYC, so “Love Songs & Curvy Conversations” will be live-tweeted, just follow @thebiggirlblog and the #CurvyConvoNYC hashtag beginning at 6:30 on Saturday.


We Just… Fizzled….


Last week, I was standing on the subway platform at 8:30 in the morning half asleep and in my own world. As the 3 train rolled into my station, I began to scan the cars to see if there would be any available seats. The train slowed to a crawl and when the doors opened my eyes fell onto a guy that was “my type”, very corporate in a suit with broad shoulders, facial hair and a soft leather messenger bag sitting on his lap.

I stepped into the train and realized that he was looking at me too. I glanced away and when I looked back, his eyes were still locked on mine, then he gave me a smile and a little wave. After a few seconds, I realized it was Owen… a guy I used to date.

“CeCe, good morning…”

“Hey Owen, how are you?”

“Good… good… you’re looking beautiful, as always”

I laughed, “thanks”

“Here, sit down,” he said, offering me his seat.

As I sat down, I felt really uncomfortable. Looking at Owen, I couldn’t figure out why we stopped dating. We never “broke up” we just kind of “broke off” from each other over time. As we began to catch up about work and how we’d spent our summers, it all came back to me slowly.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Owen. He is a well-traveled CPA who takes his little brother to Knicks games a few times a year. He’s funny and smart and would probably be considered a catch by most girls. I just don’t feel anything for him. I think we’re both confused by our lack of chemistry because we continued to date on and off for a year. Every few months, he would call and ask me out… I would go, but eventually things just kind of… fizzled.

We’ve all had guys who just vanished and didn’t call us back, and we cared because we were into them… but when two people just kind of stop calling eachother even though there’s nothing wrong, it can create a grey area that’s odd to navigate.

I think that’s why I was so uncomfortable running into him, I think it would have been easier if Owen and I had a bad break-up because then I’d know how to treat him! As most of you know, I have some pretty crazy dating stories (remember the guy with no teeth? or the dude who lived in a shelter? *shakes head*) when I’ve run into those guys or guys that I’ve officially broken up with, I’ve known what to do, I’ve been able to dodge them or give a curt hello and keep it moving and that made sense to me.

But because Owen and I stopped dating for no particular reason, I found myself feeling unresolved. Also, because he would still reach out from time to time I never felt that we were ever completely “over”. Apparently, he felt the same way because I got a text message from him a few days later asking if I wanted to have dinner. I explained that I was seeing someone and we left it at that.

When it comes to dating, I feel like I hear people (myself included) classify their dating history as a series of  awful endings. But sometimes there are people who we just date… and then we stop for whatever reason.  Owen isn’t “the one that got away”, “my crazy ex”, “that jerk I dated” or anything. He’s just a guy I used to date but didn’t have chemistry with, so we just let things fizzle. Oddly enough that was very hard for me to wrap my head around.

Have any of you had a dating situation just fizzle out?

P.S. The Big Girl Blog’s first fan meet up is this Saturday! Register by clicking the button below:
Eventbrite - Love Songs, Coffee & Curvy Conversations


Pampering Beauty with Tria Laser Treatment


Need a pick me up confidence booster? Indulge in these full-proof beauty treatments for a feeling of instant glam. From a pedicure or new hair style to laser treatment or a massage, a little pampering goes a long way.

Manicure and pedicure
We can all attest to the logic behind Elle Woods in Legally Blond banging a quick U-turn for an emergency nail appointment after having a really awful day. What is it about a trip to the nail salon that is so relaxing? Is it the friendly gossip exchanged with the nail technician? The pleasure in seeing the fresh coat applied? Whatever the reason, a manicure and pedicure are an easy way to perk up your day (or week) and will leave you feeling confident as you showcase your perfectly sculpted fingernails and lacquered toes. You won’t be able to resist clicking your fingernails on the table or strutting around in open-toed shoes.

New haircut, color and/or style
Add a little bounce to your step with a new do. Even a small difference, such as straightening your hair for a change or using curling gel for the first time, will make you feel bolder. Heck, even a new hair accessory can make you feel like a vixen. Want something with a little more pizazz than just a new style? Try something really drastic for a head turning effect. If you’ve been rocking shoulder-length hair, go for a sleek bob. Or have your stylist add in highlights or do an all-over color if you’re really feeling brave. Just be sure to always match your new look with a confident smile!

Laser treatment
Smooth skin is sexy skin. Stubble can kill confidence. There is nothing worse than realizing you’ve experienced a body hair removal failure with a 5 o’clock shadow spurting from your underarms when you are wearing a sleeveless top. That’s why laser hair removal is such a nice option. How does laser hair removal work to make you feel sexier? By getting rid of that unwanted hair once and for all. Think about it – an entire summer in shorts, swim suits and sundresses and never thinking once about body hair removal . It’s possible with laser treatment.

Soft music, low lighting, aromatic scents and a warm comfortable bed? Sold. Oh wait, there’s a massage included too? What a nice bonus! If you’ve never had a massage before you are missing out. With a variety of techniques – hot stone, full-body, deep tissue and more – you can find the perfect balance between pressure and relaxation. We guarantee you’ll walk out of the massage parlor with less tension than when you entered. Shedding the stress will help you gain a better outlook and radiate confidence.

Bring on the pampering
Next time you feel your confidence start to lag it’s time to shake things up with one of these special treatments that are sure to put you in a better mood. Whether you are escaping to the salon for a facial massage or ordering a laser treatment system to use a home, take the time to reward yourself with a little “me time” every once and a while. You deserve it.

Sponsored content was created and provided by Tria Beauty.