Giveaway: Plus Size Pajamas from Giant Pants!


I really need to write about the experience of modeling in the BlogHer fashion show, but I’m not quite ready. I think I’m in shock. I do have a few highlights though: Follow my new Plus Size Princess tumblr to see what I wore. Follow “PlusSizePrincess” on Instagram to see my amazing makeup, backstage scenes and… check out my feature on the ELLE magazine website to hear more details on how my look came together.

Okay now, lets do a giveaway!

I’m often so focused on getting cute dresses that I forget to invest in clothes I can just “veg” in. Giant Pants is a new brand of pajamas that are designed to give women of all sizes comfy PJs!

Giant Pants was a life saver to me during BlogHer. After running around all day, meeting people, taking classes and dragging my stuff around. I would come home, light candles, take a long shower and then slip into my comfy cozy pants. The fabric is light enough that I wasn’t too hot and soft enough that I fell right asleep.

Back in the day, I can remember buying the biggest size flannel pants I could find, but they were never baggy like I wanted them to be. Tight pajama pants are just silly, but when you’re already plus size, finding a loose fit is hard too. Giant Pants are cut so that they fit perfectly in the waist and crotch, while being perfectly loose in the leg.

I’ve got five pair of Giant Pants to give away, the rules to enter are below:

1.) Follow @thebiggirlblog on twitter
2.) follow @GiantPants on twitter
3.) tweet: @thebiggirlblog & @giantpants are giving away 5 sets of LUXE Pajamas! (Follow them & RT to win!) all sizes can enter

  • Vicki

    I entered the giveaway and tweeted

  • Dana Brown

    I’m sorry, but those are hideous :/

  • Michelle H.
  • Ms. Elizabeth
  • Rachael Peck

    I followed and tweeted, twitter name @insincere

    Thanks! Love this blog, I have exactly the same problem with pjs , I walk round with them falling down or safety pinned up as I get the biggest possible size so it’s not tight on my legs! These sound great!


  • Dena

    Boo lol I don’t do twitter, but that’s for the suggestion anyway. I’ll definitely check these pants out!

  • Janet Paz

    great giveaway! followed and tweeted as instructed! @pazitivity

  • erica best

    im following @purplelover04 and i tweeted

  • Jeanne Thompson

    Wow, that looks comfortable to wear. It looks like an oversized pajamas for women.

  • Meghan Clark

    Followed and tweeted! :)


    i entered *crosses fingers*

  • Blondie

    Those pants look SUPER comfy. I’m in!

  • Rachael

    When are the winners announced?