Plus Size Swimwear 2012: HydroChic.Com


Someone left a comment on my thigh chaffing/chub rub post asking how to prevent chaffing while working out in the pool. As I continue to explore the best swim suit options for Plus Size Princesses, I’m happy to say that there is a brand for that active PSP who loves the water.

HydroChic is athletic wear for the water. Its lightweight and perfect for those of us who do more than lie on the beach. After trying on a set, I can say that its super light weight. HydroChics line is also designed to resist chlorine and dry quickly which means the HydroChic pieces will last longer and wont stay wet all night. This is a huge perk if you do water aerobics or laps on a daily basis, because your suits will be ready to toss into your gym bag even if you were swimming a few hours before.

I also consider HydroChic to be anti-chaffing swimwear because of the way their pieces are cut. The arm holes create a barrier so that your arms don’t rub too much, the skirts have invisible shorts underneath them that prevent your thighs from touching.


As you can see, they also have swimwear that’s almost designed like yoga pants which is cool for PSPs who don’t like to show a lot of skin or need more ant-chaffing coverage than the “skorts” provide.

Have any of you tried HydroChic before?

  • Jennifer

    Wow! those are nice swimsuits.

  • Annette Corie

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  • Leigh Griffin

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