Plus Size Fall Fashion Preview with


Yesterday I attended a lunch with some of my blogger pals, to take a peek at what has in store for the fall.

For those of you who don’t know, SimplyBe is a European brand that is branching into the US market (they’re also available in Germany). Their clothes range from sizes 10-28 which I love, because Plus Size Princesses on both ends of the spectrum can find things that fit.

Here are a few of the things I really liked from the preview. I’ll be placing orders soon so I can tell you how everything fits!

P.S. that little heart detail is the elbow patch on the gray sweater… so cute, right?

  • Jessi Love

    YAY! I love looking at plus sized fashion, but I have such a weird body shape that I would never look good in anything that I find really…

    Maybe one day :)

    • Shamona

      don’t worry abt ur shape. we all have things that we arent that hyped abt. wear what u want and rock it. no one knows ur insecurity unless u show it.

      Stay beautiful!

    • Sarah

      You must not have discovered Monif C. yet then!!! Google them, you’ll love it!

  • plussizesuperstore

    Its really cute and you are plus size princes