Weight Loss: Size vs. Shape


Greetings from California! I’ve been quiet on twitter/facebook as I’ve been spending all my time with the fam. I fly back to NYC on Wednesday and I’ll have more updates for you then but a thought crossed my mind and I wanted to share it with you so here it is :-) Hope you’re all having a good week… xoxo

Yesterday afternoon my sisters and I got ready to go for a swim in the backyard. As I pulled on my bathing suit, I took a minute to take in my body right now. Of course, I’m on cloud nine about losing 30 pounds and I know I have a few more big goals to hit but I had a little epiphany about my own personal body image.

I’m starting to wonder if I should be focusing on my shape instead of my size.

For as long as I can remember I’ve hated being large/fat/big. Growing up, I was always taller and bigger than everyone in my classes so I was obsessed with the idea of shrinking down. I knew I couldn’t make myself shorter, so my goal was always to be thin/small/skinny. I used to look at girls that had bones you could see and space between their thighs and think I want THAT body.

Thanks to good genes and tap dancing, I have toned legs with no cellulite and I don’t mind having big boobs, but my trouble spots are my inner thighs, stomach and the backs of my arms. Somehow, I’ve gone from loathing those parts of my body looking at those chunky areas and accepting that my body is saying to me: CeCe, your inner thighs will always have chub rub instead of a space between them. The backs of your arms will always have extra movement when you wave them around and you will probably never see your ribcage poking out… end of story.

My ideal body type is changing and with that change, I think I might be able to set more realistic goals for myself. I’m starting to wonder if I should be focusing on the shape of my body instead of the size. In my observation, the shape of a Plus Size Princess can make all the difference.

Do you ever notice that if a PSP has no boobs or not butt, they’re more apt to feel disproportionate? (I know this from experience because I barely have any “junk in the trunk”). Its making me wonder if my body journey should be more about toning up and letting the fat stick around in the “right places” instead of getting smaller/shrinking down because if I get small and have the same shape… I have a feeling still I wont be pleased with my body.

Yesterday, when I was looking at myself in the mirror I found myself ignoring my thighs/arms and focusing on my midsection, thinking… if I can just tone and slim down here I’ll be good. I did some google searching and came across an image that I think represents the spirit of my size vs. shape epiphany.

This is an image from plus model, Fluvia (www.fluvialacerda.blog.com) she boasts being a size 18!!! (side note: I’ve met her in person and she’s amazing inside and out)

I never could have imagined that I’d covet a body like this, but I do! I look at her and I’m like YES YES YES! I want THAT body! and for the first time I feel like I’m coveting something that might actually be attainable. It will take lots of hard work, but its something I can work towards that without feeling like I’m delusional.

Do YOU ever focus on your shape instead of your size?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502308041 Danielle Bowling

    I’ve accepted the fact that my hips will always be wide and I kinda take pleasure in this by thinking “I’ve got a great baby carrier for when I get pregnant” And even though I’m a barely a C cup I still feel disproportionate in the chest/butt area. I often think that if I had bigger boobs I wouldn’t mind the size I am. But I am glad to say that since February I have lost 20lbs. Lost a little motivation along the way as well, lol, but I’m trying to get back on track. Oh and I come to the conclusion that I won’t look like I did in Highschool, even then being 150lbs 5′ 8″ I thought I was a whale. Damn the media and them making us feel like we have to look like everyone else. BTW if you know anything to make the girls a little more alive feel free to share, ha ha.

  • http://singlikesassy.blogspot.com SingLikeSassy

    You know check out Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss as she talks about some of this, too and how building muscles and working harder in certain areas helped make her curvy.

  • Cassie Pellerin

    Hello! I know where you’re coming from. I’m in the process of loosing weight but I keep telling myself that I’m never going to be as small as some of the girls I envy. And really I’m okay with that now. I like that I see that I’m not alone. I’m a DDD cup and have big hips, my shoulders are broad and I’m tall… plus I love heals so that makes me even taller XD. I love those parts of my body now. I hated having big boobs when I was smaller cause I couldn’t (and can’t) wear the cute bras. I was ALWAYS the tallest in my class and hated that… but now I’m proud of my size!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/audrey.ngounou.7 Audrey Ngounou

    hi CeCe!!
    happy to have some news from you;it’s been a long time^^
    to answer to your question, it is a big YES!!
    I’m not tall,and…i’ll say little overweight. i used to dream about being skinny with that lovely space between the thighs and that sweet flat tummy.
    but i’ve never reached that goal.
    Since a few time,and for sure after subscribing to different PSP blogs, i’m more focused on the shape…
    i really like that hourglass shape…good curves at the right place ^^
    My sister to whom i’ve been comparing myself all my life is still a good model but she is in between the 2 : small boobs; small waist,HIPSSSS!!!and “lovely thighs space.
    I’ll never be like her I KNOW!!
    I’m trying to accept me as i am (really not easy at all)
    and to change little things (tummy more flat,less fat on waist and arm,lil less fatty thighs to wear shorts^^are my new dreams)
    That girls is just perfect on my opinion,GORGEOUS!!^^

  • Jaded

    I’ve got a goal size, goal measurements and a goal shape. I keep hunting down fitspiration for people with body types more like me. I have big boobs, big thighs, big arms, and a tummy I want to be rid of. I also have a curvy hourglass like shape (I can’t figure out if I am a pear or hourglass. It is either busty pear or an hourglass.)

    My goal: to be a better version of myself. And I will keep hitting the weights to see if I can do something about my inner thighs, upper arms and lower tummy. :)

  • http://austinstf.tumblr.com slavetofashion

    I totally agree!! I love Fluvia – her figure is most definitely enviable. I think it’s a problem for all women (not just PSPs) today – we see so many images of that “perfect” figure that we forget that a lot of it is genetics and body makeup. Not everyone is meant to be shaped that way and we all retain fat in different places. I personally love Amber Riley’s figure on Glee. She is curvy and gorgeous and is an awesome dancer! Thanks for sharing this epiphany – it’s a great one!

  • Ashanti Boo

    Do you have pcos???

    • Anonymous

      Yup. I’ve posted about it on the blog before… You can do a search if you’d like to read more :-D

  • Mari

    Oh, when I first saw this photo of Fluvia I almost printed it to put on my fridge, as goal body! I think she has the perfect body!! Her hips are so round, mine are a bit squared, and it pisses me off! Lol
    On another note, I get so curious about how you look like! It’s so difficult to hear you talking about yourself without actually knowing how you look. It’s not a critic, just plain old curiosity! Lol
    Have fun there! :)

  • Vanessa

    I loooove my body shape :) I’m a well proportionate 18 size, and I’m big but my hips are wide, my breasts are big, and I have a small waist :) So I kind of look like that model, probably with bigger arms ! A bit like you, I ended up focusing a lot more on my body shape. I’ve wanted to be thin, to be shorter (the mix of big and tall was just killing me), and focused a lot on that, and I can’t have that. Since years, I’ve seen plus size models who had bodies who looked a lot more like mine, and I know I think they’re beautiful. So I love my body shape, which is also why I don’t focus too much on losing weight (or not fast). I focus a lot more on dressing my body shape, and it’s good for my self-esteem as well.
    It’s funny how we only categorize things as ‘fat’ or ‘thin’ instead of focusing on the variations of body shape. Being fat does not mean you don’t have a body shape anymore!

  • Anonymous

    I know what you mean about shape! Although I must say we women do suffer from ‘the grass is greener’ complex- we always want what we don’t have! This model does indeed have a beautiful figure – a lovely womanly hour glass shape, I think she’s gorgeous! But try sitting down and making a list of all the things you love about your body- even the littlest things like your nails or your cheekbones. You may be surprised at how good that makes you feel :) xx

  • Anonymous

    Size in relationship to weight is a funny thing. So many differnet factors determine the outcome.

  • Yoles

    Hi CeCe!!
    i have always focused more on my shape than my size… i want to be sexy and what i think is sexy is feminine proportion… and like you i have lost 30lbs this year!! 2012 has started with a BANG :D i have a hourglass shape and everyday i look at myself and say yoles girl you will be soooooo hot once you get this midsection in check… me with a semi flat stomach?!?! watch out world!! i even dvr an episode of dr oz in which he said that YES it is possible to spot loose weight and tone i recommend everyone look that episode up.. Fluvia looks great, i’m sure you are getting better each day just as i am.. best of luck with the shape thing…


  • http://atummytuckcost.com/ Sarah Dimitiri

    You have lost 30 pounds! well done! I also had mixed feelings about my bodyshape when i was younger and as a result had a tummy tuck. I now really regret it as i have matured, i should have just been happy with how i was.

  • http://atummytuckcost.com/ Sarah Dimitiri

    Also that model from fluvia is absolutely stunning – thats real beauty, not these size 0 stick figures we are shown all day in the media.

  • guest

    yes! absolutely focus on your shape I am 5’6 I weigh 155 but I am a size 16 in jeans due to the shape of my body I am a pear I eat well and exercise regularly, but I will always have a large backside, I’ve accepted it and finally feel good in my skin

  • http://greatcelebrityfashion.blogspot.com/ Celebrities

    i love plus size

  • JustME

    Shape definitely makes a difference. Part of my struggle isn’t just the idea of working on certain areas, it’s that everyone’s body comes in a different shape to start out with. Society has deified pear shaped figures. If you look at most women that are considered beautiful, the majority are pear shaped. I unfortunately am not. I definitely struggle with the concept of being happy with my own shape regardless. While I know ‘the grass is always greener’, I can’t help but wish I could change fruits!!

  • Sonia

    I’m just confused on how I can tone my tummy area. I’m happy being plus size, finally!! But I just want to tone things up a bit, but I don’t know how to target certain areas :/