Sweat Between Your Breasts (aka Boob Sweat!)


*looks around nervously*

Okay sooo… this post is for ladies only. Men.. click away!

Remember last year when I spoke about sweat between your breasts? I know, I know… it wasn’t the most sexy or demure post, but sometimes I have to keep it real with my Plus Size Princesses.

I think one of the trickiest things about being a PSP is hygiene. Big girls have rolls and folds (or  “nooks and crannies” as I like to call them) and those nooks and crannies make our bodies a breeding ground for friction, perspiration and bacteria. All of this can make it hard for us to stay… fresh.

(*ahem* Men, if you’re still reading… click away!)

One of the hottest things is when a guy takes a deep breath and says  “you smell good”. As a girl, its nice to hear, but as a Plus Size Princess its almost a badge of honor for me.

My remedy for boob sweat and any odor that came along with it had been deodorant. Not only did I use deodorant in between my boobs, but I do a swipe in any of the folds that give me perspiration trouble in the summer.

After my original “boob sweat” post, a few of you warned me about putting deodorant near “the twins” because deodorant may cause breast cancer. I had never even thought of that (thank you!), so I wanted to find something else to use. As a seasoned PSP, I will try anything to make sure I’m on top of my hygiene including new products.

You all suggested crystal deodorants, so I went and bought some and I LOVE it! I bought the
Crystal – Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Pomegranate, 2.25 fl oz roll-on and have been using it in all my “nooks and crannies” and even after the gym I’m fresh as a daisy!

So now I have a new remedy for boob sweat that doesn’t put me at risk for breast cancer… WINNING!

I’m always up for trying a new product, so let me know: How do YOU combat boob sweat?

  • Girleaseproducts

    Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner stops the ‘touchage’ and lemon juice stops the odor. I use lemon juice for under-arm deodorant

  • JaVonna Thomas

    I discovered a great solution for this issue!! Always makes these new SUPER thin (seriously) panty liners; paper thin. I actually got the idea off the box. You buy the scented ones and line the base of your bra ( I call it the underboob) of each cup. It absorbs sweat, keeps you fresh and works beautifully!

    • HP

      Wow! That’s a genius idea! I haven’t worn panty liners in years, may have to pick up a few!

    • http://kiki072895.tripod.com/blog BrooklynShoeBabe

      WOW! I didn’t think of that either. Thank you.

  • Vanessa

    Corn starch! Also works for chub rub!

  • Curvy, Cute and Christian

    Powder and natural deodorants are my solutions!

  • http://tipsonlifeandlove.com/ Emily Lloyd

    Ha, thanks for addressing such a personal yet, very common issue. I learned some great tips here!

  • http://kiki072895.tripod.com/blog BrooklynShoeBabe

    I also use anti-sweat deodorant. I might have gotten the idea from your blog last year. I do get under boob sweat. I use unscented Arm & Hammer deodorant.

  • Krista

    Two words: talcum powder! That’s how I managed to succesfully wear my school uniform in Thailand (hot!) without painful rubbing etc. Talc pretty much works with every sweaty parts that people have and some people use it instead of deodorant. It also makes your skin smooth!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vrwhitney Virginia Whitney

    Hi. =) There actually is deodorant you can use that works fine, without the risk. You have to look for non-anti-perspirent deoderant, aluminum free.


    I get mine from Trader Joe’s. I have seen the brand “Tom’s of Maine” at CVS pharmacy. “Burt’s Bees” also might have something, and you may be able to find it in a drug store.

  • PSP TR

    Summer’s Eve femine spray is my go to for everything! Light sent, slight powdery feel once it dries and does wonders for not only personal places but the hide away areas too.

  • Jaxphotogirl

    There’s a line of powders (Anti Monkey Butt, Lady Monkey Butt, and Baby Monkey Butt) designed just for this purpose. They combine calamine with talc and work really well in hot humid climates. FWIW, cornstarch in body powders can lead to yeast infections in skin folds, so it’s best to avoid it.

    • LadyLuckIreland

      I hate to point out that the “monkey butt” line of products ARE cornstarch based, not talc.

  • Goldsexxy

    I absolutely love you for this PSP! I have suffered with this issue for years but since I read this a few weeks ago it hasn’t bothered me since! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!

  • zavey

    100% natural shea butter works. Its also full of vitamin E

  • April

    Sorry I’m a little late to the discussion, but I do have something to add that might help someone. I have fairly large breasts and stinky under-boobage has been a problem for me. In the past few years, I’ve stopped using commercial anti-perspirant/deodorant because of the potential for health issues (some of the common ingredients can mess with your endocrine system which controls your hormones: not good). Without using the regular run of the mill deodorant, my boob sweat/odor issue returned full force. One day, on a whim, I rubbed some of my favorite essential oil, lavender, under each breast. Voile! Although my body sweated as necessary, there was NO ODOR. Essential oils are all anti-bacterial and amazing. Some of them aren’t good on skin without first being blended with a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc because they can provoke an allergic response. I am not allergic to lavender so I can apply it “neat” which basically just means I can apply it straight on the skin without blending it with something else first. On days I don’t shower, I do find I need to reapply, most likely because I’m sweating it off, but I never have any issue with odor if it’s been applied the day of use. The wonderful thing about essential oils is that they have added health benefits. Lavender is a miracle worker for soothing my frazzled nerves, plus, it works to boost my immune system.

  • Ariel Martin

    My doctor told me to use cotton strips to keep dry and keep yeast at bay. Totally works :) oh and after I shower, I air dry because when I use a towel, by the time I get to my legs, everything else is wet again. Also take cool showers!!! Not hot! Yeast likes heat! And if u use a towel, PAT!!! Never rub! It creates skin tearing and thinning under your breasts. Very irretating. I know this is late but I didn’t hear anyone mention this. I’m a new commer to this blog and all I have to say is THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!!
    Love n Light ❤

  • Mely

    Have any of you heard of Fresh Breasts? It’s a lotion that dries like a silky cooling powder! It’s also perfect to prevent chafing, so you can use it on your thighs when wearing skirts if this is a problem area for you. DEFINITELY check it out!


  • Diane

    Do you suffer from embarrassing boob sweat? I used to! Have you tried creams, powder, paste and towels to stop the sweat and clear up the rash? I have! Do your under wire bras dig into your rib cage? Mine did! There is a solution…BOOB KOOSIE!
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    BEST BOOB LINER out there because it is your boobs that sweat not, your bra. If you wear an underwire bra the padding makes it so comfortable. My sister said the first time she put it on “it’s like a GREAT BIG HUG”. http://www.boobkoosie.com

  • jenny

    Haven’t actually tried this yet, but it would make sense that dry shampoo might work as well (suave smells amazing and dries to a long lasting powdery finish).

  • Diane

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  • bigmama

    Ok, I know this is silly, but I put a set of folded baby socks between my boobs. No one can see them, and they keep the girls dry.

  • Diane

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