Maybe We Should Shake Hands First?


When I got a message from Roland online (before I met Robert), I was stoked because he was a cutie! Roland was 6’4, 2 years out of the Navy super sweet and very complimentary of me. We’d spent an evening exchanging messages online and he made it very clear that he was looking for a relationship which made me warm up to him even more.

After messaging back and forth for about 2 hours, he asked for my phone number. We then began texting and the next evening he called for our first phone conversation. After speaking to him for a while, I decided that he seemed cool and I’d be down to meet him for a date if he asked.

Just as he began to ask what my plans were for the weekend, my Dad called me on the other line. No one comes before my family, so I quickly told Roland I’d call him back in a few minutes. 30 minutes later, I was done chatting with my Dad so I dialed Roland’s number to continue our chat.

“Hey, I was just about to text you,” he said when he answered the phone.

“Oh, what were you going to say?” I asked casually.

“I was just gonna say… ‘I wonder what your tongue tastes like’”

I paused, sure that I’d heard him wrong. “Wait– what were you going to say?” I asked again.

“I wonder what your tongue tastes like…”

Before I finish this story, what would YOU say to something like that? (select your answer below)

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I never understand why guys think that getting super sexual, super fast is a good move. I’m no idiot, I know that as a man you’re as interested in me physically as much as anything else. But throwing it in my face before we’ve even met is a total turn-off (for me at least). I don’t find overt sexual comments cute or funny, especially if you’re saying you want something long-term.

If we haven’t shaken hands yet, we should probably keep tongue tasting queries to ourselves… don’t you think?

Anyway, after I digested that he really had asked what my tongue tasted like, I took a deep breath and said “I really wish you hadn’t said that,”. I expected him to ask why, so I could explain. But instead he said “oh” and hung up on me.


He. Hung. Up. On. Me.


Do YOU like it when guys make sexual comments right away? Chime in below….


Plus Size Swimsuits 2012: Sorella Swim


Happy Memorial Day! My search for a swim suit is in high gear today, the weather is warm and my friends are already planning beach trips, so I need to get it together. Plus Size Princesses always complain about not having options when it comes to bathing suits. This year, I think we have more options than ever before!

The latest plus size swim line to embrace our curves is Sorella Swim, a luxury brand of swimwear for PSP’s of all shapes and sizes. The inspiration to create Sorella Swim came when designer, Jessica Petersen, watched her best friend struggle season after season to find a fashionable, quality swimsuit to flatter her curvy silhouette.

All of the bathing suits from Sorella Swim are designed with support in mind. Their pieces come in size 10-24 and range from the “fatkini” to traditional one-piece suits, so its easy to find something you love no matter what your comfort level is. Be sure to follow Sorella Swim on facebook and twitter (@SorellaSwim) for special discounts and deals

All of these amazing brands are making it hard to choose… which of the suits below do you like?

2012 Collection | Shop Sorella Swim

2012’s Top Summer Trends (A note from!)


When the sun comes out so do the fashionistas. OK that may not be strictly true as they’re always
doing their thing right through winter too, but there’s just something about summer fashion. All the
bright colours and dazzling new styles of ladies clothes.

So if you’re looking at your wardrobe in exasperation as it bursts at the seams with last years’ styles,
it might just be time for a little update. First things first, take a look at our guide to the top summer
trends for 2012 and you can start planning your perfect outfit.


Nautical styles are once again massive this summer. We’re talking blue and white or red and white
horizontal stripes on classic staples. It’s perfect if you’re lucky enough to be spending some time on
deck this summer, but even if you’re not you can still work this simple chic style to perfection. Match
with some white jeans or chinos, some nautical accessories and boat shoes for that little finishing

1920s retro

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen 50s inspired sharp dressing after the sleek, stylish series
Mad Men first hit our screens. This year those in the know are heading back a few decades to the
1920s, again inspired by what we’re seeing on our screens. The hotly anticipated remake of the
Great Gatsby has got the fashion world going crazy for 1920s style flapper dresses and peplums.
Remember to really hit the right style notes throw in some tassels, beading, feathers and any deco


It just wouldn’t be summer without the chance to say it loud and proud. Prints are literally
everywhere at the moment and show no sign of leaving us anytime soon. Each time you step out the
house, the most dazzling of designs are there to be seen. We’re thinking anything from ikat, tribal,
and tropical. Go for a bikini, tunic, dress, whatever. If it’s bright and loud it’s right on trend.


Florals are blooming all over the fashion world in summer 2012, but whilst prints may be perfect
for a casual look – perhaps on holiday – we think florals are the best option for something a little
smarter. If you’re heading to a summer wedding this year a floral dress with a structured cut could
spell show stopping style.

Candy pastels

Pastels are just so fabulously feminine and girly. We love them. Opt for a pair of skinny jeans in
pastel pink or green, or even go all out with a summer dress in a soft sweet shade. Candy from head

to toe can be a little much, so try and balance out your outfit with some neutral accessories.

Whichever style sounds perfect for you, it could be a sizzling summer in the fashion stakes.


Donna Summer on Family Matters… as a “BBW”!


We lost Donna Summer yesterday and while I love her music. I have an extra special place in my heart for her in the role of “Aunt Oona, from Altoona” on Family Matters. As a baby Plus Size Princess, a machine that made you instantly thin looked like a dream. Around that time one of my Moms friends had liposuction to lose excess weight, so I was curious about instant weight loss. But the moral of this episode was that a quick fix often comes with its own set of isues.

Of course the best part of this episode is seeing a man prefer Aunt Oona when she was larger! Also… this was probably the first time I heard the expression “BBW”!

As a kid I would have loved a world where, instead of a or a tummy tucks to show those abs I could just call Steve Urkel for an instant body make over. Now my perspective has changed, but the message of this episode is still really great. There are no quick body fixes and you don’t always have to lose a whole bunch of weight to get a man!


Confession: I Don’t Like Heels.


I’m 5’10, I have wide feet and my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot. For me, this combination has caused an extreme aversion to high-heeled shoes. It seems like most of the Plus Size Princesses I see have amazing shoe collections, but I just can’t do it. Fashionable heels are a part of mainstream fashion that PSP’s can still be a part of but with my crazy feet, I’m still left out in the cold.

When I was younger, it was because heels made me too tall. Once I got older (and the boys grew taller) I was open to wearing heels, but I could never find any that fit me properly. While other girls were learning to trot around in stilettos, I was constantly scouring the stores for cute flats, mary janes with a slight platform or converse sneakers.

I didn’t even buy shoes for my senior prom. Instead I wore my ballet slippers and kept them artfully hidden underneath my floor length ball gown.

But as I grow up, I’m noticing that high heels are a MAJOR part of an outfit. So… I’ve been trying to find ways to step my shoe game up. Some of the tricks I’ve been using lately are beautiful riding boots especially in the winter. Pairing gorgeous tall boots with mini dresses or jeans still give me a great look, even if the heel is low.

I’m also obsessed with the heels sold at plus size stores like Avenue and Lane Bryant. Heels made specifically for a plus size foot seem to work for me. I’ve been rocking 3″ heels in the office and my feet aren’t screaming for relief with every step.

I also like wedges and the age-old trick of wearing ballet flats or flip-flops and then changing into heels at the last possible minute.

Even as I write this, my heels are kicked to the side and I’m barefoot. Don’t get me wrong, I wear heels all the time, but I’d rather be barefoot or in a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Anyway, I’m trying to get better….

Do you love heels? How do you make them more comfortable?


A Jar of Red Velvet Cake


I came home yesterday to find this waiting for me outside my door…

Yes, that is a jar of cake. My next door neighbor had one waiting for her too. Both had little notes on them from the guy who lives upstairs. “Leftover Birthday Cake… Enjoy!”

I sighed and took the jar of cake inside with me (it was red velvet, my fave!) I had just come in from a cardio fusion class and was planning to make fajitas packed with veggies and grilled chicken and maybe have a Skinny Cow for dessert. I was frustrated because I had been very particular about what I brought into my house this week. It seems like no matter how I try, temptation lands on my doorstep… literally.

As I made the fajitas (which were amazing, I might add) I was very careful not to open the jar and snack on the cake. When I finished dinner I took a shower and then before I brushed my teeth, I took a spoon full of cake from the jar. It was delicious. I took another spoonful, then another. I cursed temptation with each bite for ruining my good eating plan. Then I stopped, set the spoon in the sink, walked over to my garbage can and dumped all of the cake pieces into the trash. I would have set the jar in the trash, but that left the option of taking it out in a moment of weakness and eating more cake. Let’s be honest, I’d totally do that.

I feel like its easy to eat well when I have a house full of fruits and veggies. But the real eating choices are made when I have bad options at my fingertips. A friendly neighbor bringing cake to my doorstep is a part of life. Life wont stop so that I can lose weight. I have to learn to eat well while life is happening! I made the right choice this time… hopefully I can do it again.

Last time I weighed I’d lost another 2.6 pounds… “aunt flow” is in town right now though, so I’m not sure where I am. I’ll give you a true number next week.

How’s everyone else doing?