My Latest Boob Mishap (and a Natori Bra Review)


As I got dressed for my kickboxing class, I realized that I hadn’t packed a bra! My everyday bras are usually demi-cut with a deep plunge. This makes “the twins” look great during the day, but it’s not ideal for a workout. I didn’t want to skip my class, so I just threw my workout top on over my sexy bra and hoped for the best.

We started the class with jumping jacks. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and OH EM GEE was I bouncing around! But there was nothing I could really do about it…. well I guess I could’ve held my boobs down with one arm and let the other arm do the jumping jacks, but that would just call more attention to everything.

My favorite part about this kickboxing class is that the instructor works with us one at a time and makes is kick and punch him while he holds up a body pad. He really pushes us to work hard and if he feels our punches and kicks getting weak, he makes us start over. Its difficult, but awesome!

It was my turn to go up and spar with the instructor. On this particular day, he was pushing everyone extra hard. “Here’s your combination,” he said as I tightened up the straps on my boxing gloves, “front-kick, side kick, then eight jabs.”

I don’t know if I was being overzealous or what, but somewhere in the middle of my combination I felt my right boob pop right out of my bra!

Of course, I wanted to just push my boob back into my bra really quick but 1.) I was in the middle of a fast sparring session with a “no excuses” instructor 2.) I had on boxing gloves which meant my hands were basically useless

I’m still not sure how I finished the session, I think I just held my arms close to my body or something. But I finished and immediately rushed into the corner to pull myself (and the twins) together. Awkwardly, this is not my only boob mishap… I swear, sometimes I think they have a mind of their own!

In other breast related news… there’s a new bra line out that goes up to a 40H! Its called Natori and I was able to try one on at their launch event. The bras are gorgeous and have gel in the straps to make them extra comfy without the grandma-padding. Check them out!

  • Jonesa2

    That is hilarious! Happy to know that I’m not the only person this happens to. :)

  • Mirabilisfashions

    This has been the best laugh of the day so far. I’ve had it happen to me from just bending down low to pick something up off of the floor and then somehow recover in the middle of a meeting.

  • Emily Sandford

    I won’t exercise without my ENELL sports bra – the girls do not move!

  • Allie

    This is the main reason I avoid public exercise, good laugh though

  • Niecyjenkins

    LOLOLOLOL! Poor Cece! {{{HUGS}}} Kudos to you for sticking it out! I think if that would’ve happened to me I would’ve put my eye out and the instructor’s eye out too! LOL. I like what I see of that Natori line. Awesome!

  • Niecyjenkins

    Oh and I have to wear 2 sports bras so count yourself lucky! I’ve had to do that since high school! BLECK!

  • lauren

    I just recently bought 2 Natori bras from Dillards- SO COMFORTABLE! And actually the nude bra in your image (far right) is one of the ones I bought! These bras are honestly so comfortable, just sexy enough for everyday wear and extremely comfortable for a full figured gal. I’ve been wearing mine about 4 weeks now and I’m a fan!

  • Susie McBeth

    This is really funny and has happened to me before, though not whilst kickboxing, but whilst horse riding, there was nothing I could do and I was just worried that I was going to knock myself out… I am going to def check out the Natori bras, as since having my twins my ‘girls’ are full on out of control. Love your blog by the way :)
    Susie (