Plus Size Fashion: What Should I Wear to Coachella?

Hi CeCe,
I need major fashion advice!
I’m 25 and size 16-18. I usually wear a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans anywhere I go. However, I’m heading to Coachella at the end of April and wanted to get cute and trendy music festival outfits to kind of fit in with the whole rock and roll vibe. I also need a great swimsuit since we are hitting the beach after Coachella for a few days.
Basically, I need your expertise in where to pick up a great swimsuit that is flattering, but also trendy as well as amazing festival outfits. I’m so out of my comfort zone its ridiculous! If you have any advice on where to shop, I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks so much for your time,
Hi Casey,
First of all, I’m giving away 2 dresses on twitter, check out the details here!
Second, I’m so jealous of your trip… Coachella is definitely on my list of things I’d love to do! Based on what you mentioned your style was, I thought I’d point you in the right direction with some of my most recent fashion finds that happen to be in my closet right now. If I had to pack for an outdoor music festival, here are the 6 brands I’d turn to right away!
Lysse Leggings: High waist leggings that act as a body shaper? Yes please! These leggings have changed my life… they’re so comfortable and they work for warm days when I don’t want to wear spanx AND pants because these leggings act as both!
Torrid: They have great swimwear for Plus Size Princesses. Flirty and fun with the shapes, cuts and colors to make a Plus Size Princess feel confident on the beach.
ApparelDynasty: I’m sure you’ll spend most of your days in converse sneakers and flip-flops but in the evenings its always nice to step it up. This brand offers funky shoes in extended sizes, check them out!
Fashion to Figure: I ordered my first pieces from FTF a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised! I have their blue floral dress (below) and will be rocking it through the spring and summer. Its light, airy and the fit is super flattering. If you don’t want to show your arms throw on a cardigan or denim jacket!
SimplyBe: They are becoming my new favorite place to shop. Somehow, the UK fashions always have an edge that I can’t find here in the states. Instead of T-shirts, switch things up with a white lace tunic like the one I chose below.
OneStopPlus/WomanWithin:  These skinny jeans are super flattering (the wide pockets make my bum look great!). Best of all these jeans come in LOTS of colors… if you love skinny jeans, start mixing up the colors you buy. Blues, greys, pinks… all of those colors will make your t-shirts pop and freshen up your “go-to look”.
Hope this helps… I made sure to choose pieces that are available now, so click the links if you’re interested!
Plus Size Coachella Fashion

Floral cotton dress
$30 -

Sheer top
$56 -

Woven top
$74 -

$30 -

One piece halter bathing suit
$40 -


  • Coshield

    Wow, Thanks so much! You’re a life-saver. Can’t wait to go shopping now for Coachella!

  • Oowatson

    You need to be a stylist…..totally excellent options!

  • Indiatours12

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  • Alison Leeds

    Tell me more about these leggings! My basic style consists of leggings (my favorite so far have been the H&M kind, but they recently changed them & they don’t look as comfy now…) a dress, a cardigan and high boots–but my chub rub is DEMOLISHING all my leggings! I’ve gone through so many pairs it’s just ridiculous–do these have reinforced thighs at all? Or maybe a seam on the outside of the leg rather than the inside? (Am I the first person to think of this idea? Should I market it?)

    • Anonymous

      OMG, running through leggings is the WORST! The inner thigh is pretty durable for me so far and YES if you market outer seam leggings I will be your first customer lol xoxo

  • Dena Upton

    I always appreciate website suggestions for shopping. I recently discovered and love it. We only have Lane Bryant and Catos here were I live, so not a lot of plus size options haha.

    • Anonymous

      What’s Catos? Never heard of that brand….

      • Dena Upton

        It is mostly geared toward older women. I think it actually may just be called Cato, but we have three stores here so I usually call it Catos haha. Sometimes I can find dresses there and they have nice purses and shoes. They have a website, but they don’t sell online I don’t think. It may be local or only in Texas. I’m not sure.

        • Aimee

          It’s here in Kentucky too.

  • Renee Harwood

    If your planning on wearing a new dress and you have a problem with your inner thighs chafing, you should invest in a new product I found called It’s like AmEx don’t leave home without them. And there adjustable so no buying multiple sizes and returning them. They are incredible.