A Calorie Saved is a Calorie Earned


When I was in high school I lost 50 pounds by just working out. I ate taco bell and drank cherry-lime-aide every day like all of my friends, but spending an hour in the gym each night was all it took for me to burn off the burritos and then some. Because of that, I base most of my weight loss plan on working out even though experts say I shouldn’t.

“80% of weight loss is your diet/what you eat”

“You get fit in the gym… you get thin in the kitchen”

There are so many quotes and adages that focus on eating as the main component to weight loss. But its a hard shift for me to make.

I’ve been working out 4-5 times per week lately and while I’m on a downward trend with my weight loss, I know that I will lose so much more as I adjust what I put into my mouth. Skipping the cupcakes at the office meeting is waaaay easier than spending 2 hours in the gym to work it off.

In the same way that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, a calorie not eaten is a calorie earned and hopefully a pound lost!

I know that right now I’m exercising in order to balance out the extra calories I consume. But exercising as damage control is not a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. Its time for me to (once again) start looking at what I’m eating… and how much. I’m making a commitment to increase my fruit/veggie intake and say “no” more to foods that I don’t need (i.e. red velvet cake, an office staple at my job).

Anyway, I lost 1 pound again this week… next week I’d really like to lose 2 pounds.


Have You Ever Been Set-up/Hooked-Up by a Friend?


Remember last week when I was eavesdropping on the girls at the gym? After listening to her plan to have each one of her friends hook her up with one person, I realized… I’ve never been hooked up by a friend.

I’ve seen it happen plenty of times to other people, “you should meet my friend____”, “are you dating anyone right now? I have someone I want you to meet…”, “I’ve got a great guy for you!” These phrases are always offered so casually to my friends and co-workers but never in my years of dating has anyone ever had someone they thought should meet me.

You already know where I’m going with this– I can only assume its my weight.

My friends are loving and supportive, but I’m wondering if somewhere subconsciously I’m not viewed as “eligible” in the ways that my (skinny)friends are.

I’m not upset, I’ve just been pondering this. I’m also wondering if I would even want my friends to attempt to set me up?

As a reader mentioned in a Curvy Conversation a while back, anyone who attempts to hook up a Plus Size Princess has a duty to “disclose the fat”. They’ve got to do more than say we’re a “great girl” and describe our winning personality. They’ve got to make sure the guy knows exactly who he’s being set up with. It takes sensitivity and work. I’m not sure I’d want anyone tip-toeing around my looks with a stranger, so maybe it’s for the best that my friends haven’t attempted anything.

Have any of YOU ever been hooked up/set up by a friend? How did it go?


I’ll Try Anything… Twice (Zumba!)


Whenever I get comments/tweets/facebook messages from you guys, I read them and take them into consideration. For the longest time a few of you have been telling me to try Zumba… so I did!

My gym has multiple locations around Manhattan and the gym near my apartment offers a Zumba class on Saturday mornings, so I took it a few months ago. The class was full and the teacher was cool. Based on what everyone had said to me about Zumba, I was prepared to leave the class panting, but that was not the case. 30 minutes into the class I hadn’t even broken a sweat.

“Maybe it’s because you’re a dancer,” one of my girlfriends suggested. “You trained in tap, jazz and hip hop for so long… maybe its just not challenging for you?”

I wrote Zumba off as overrated.

Then 2 weeks ago, I was working out at a different gym location and I caught a glimpse of another Zumba class with a completely different teacher. That class looked HARD! so I made a note to give Zumba a second chance. Last weekend, I took my second Zumba class and Oh. My. Gosh! I got the best workout ever! (aside from the pooting)

I loved that it was constant movement for the entire class. When I take traditional dance classes we spend 20-30 minutes learning the routine and that doesn’t elevate my heart rate as much as I’d like. Because of the way Zumba works, there’s no time to slow down… I love that!

I guess my first Zumba experience was with a low-level instructor or something… because my second Zumba class has me hooked! As a matter of fact, I’m going to take a class tonight!

P.S. I lost 1 pound this week…

P.P.S. Don’t forget to enter the facebook Maxi-Dress giveaway….


Somebody “Pooted” in Zumba Class


Somebody “pooted” in Zumba class on Saturday… and let me start by saying it was not me.

About halfway through the hour long class, we were doing choreography where we turned in a circle with one leg in the air. I made my turn and by the time I was facing the mirrors again, I wanted to gag.

Something you should know about me is that I’m a bit prissy when it comes to bodily functions. A lot of my friends have the “everybody does it” mentality when it comes to matters of the tummy, I do not. When Robert tries to talk about poop or farting, I just look at him with doe eyes and say “I don’t do that, sorry” he just laughs and rolls his eyes.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d have an easier time with “tummy talk” if I were skinny. I mean, when Cameron Diaz burps and farts, somehow its cute. On the other hand how many movies and TV shows have we seen where fat people fart… and fart… and fart? How many times is that the punchline for fat-suit humor? Its referenced so much that I think people assume its true.

When I was a chubby little PSP, I remember being in a group on the floor with my classmates. Out of nowhere someone cried out “ew, CeCe!” I had no idea what they were blaming me for– until a foul odor permeated our area. Someone had pooted and again, it was not me. But somehow when the smell hit the air, it was my name that the kids called.

Last year, I was a counselor for a church youth trip. On the charter bus as the kids were drifting off to sleep, I went to adjust my seat but the latch was broken. It sent the back of my seat flying into the lap of one of the girls and I said “oh excuse me!”, what I didn’t realize is that in the silence of the drowsy bus the seat also made a “farting noise”. So me saying “oh excuse me!” sent the teens into a fit of laughter. I, of course, was mortified.

As a Plus Size Princess, when someone farts anonymously, I get anxious that everyone assumes it was me. (Does anyone else feel this way? or am I just too prissy for my own sanity?)

Anyway, back to the “Zumba Poot”. Long after the smell was gone, I found that my annoyance was still hanging in the air. The class was packed and I was towards the back, so it could have been anyone but as I continued dancing, my annoyance just didn’t go away. Maybe it was the blood flowing to my brain from Zumba that made me so clear headed about the whole thing… I knew I didn’t poot and that’s all that mattered.

Living in NYC, I’m learning that people love to fart in a crowd. Zumba class… a crowded subway train… in line at the grocery store. Even though I feel like everyone looks at me, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I guess I could yell out “IT WASN’T ME!”, but that would just be weird.


Plus Size Maxi’s for Tall Girls: www.fatphrocks.com (Giveaway!)


Happy Sunday!

A couple of you have mentioned that I do most of my giveaways on twitter and ignore TBGB’s facebook fans, well that’s changing today!

Today I’m happy to introduce an awesome dress designer from the UK, www.fatphrocks.com. Every spring I begin my search for maxi dresses that are long enough for me (I’m 5’10). This year I got a head start on that search and ended up with a stunning maxi from FatPhrocks.

My FatPhrocks maxi is beautiful, quality fabric, rich colors and best of all the dress is actually long on me, which is a big accomplishment and it has adjustable straps so I can get it to perfectly flatter the twins while maintaining the length that makes me feel super chic!

Best of all, these dresses are affordable! Sometimes I feel like being a tall plus size princess mean spending more money on clothes than the average PSP, but this brand is right in line with some of the everyday brands that I shop. Also, even though they’re in the UK I spoke with the owner this weekend and she said shipping these days is only a few dollars… hooray!

Details on the giveaway below…

I’ll be posting the photo above on the TBGB fan page, if you want to win the maxi dress of your choice from FatPhrocks, tag yourself in the photo. If you want bonus entries, “like” TheBigGirlBlog and FatPhrocks on facebook.

3 entries in 3 steps:

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The winner will be chosen from the names tagged in the photo!


Plus Size Fashion: What Should I Wear to Coachella?

Hi CeCe,
I need major fashion advice!
I’m 25 and size 16-18. I usually wear a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans anywhere I go. However, I’m heading to Coachella at the end of April and wanted to get cute and trendy music festival outfits to kind of fit in with the whole rock and roll vibe. I also need a great swimsuit since we are hitting the beach after Coachella for a few days.
Basically, I need your expertise in where to pick up a great swimsuit that is flattering, but also trendy as well as amazing festival outfits. I’m so out of my comfort zone its ridiculous! If you have any advice on where to shop, I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks so much for your time,
Hi Casey,
First of all, I’m giving away 2 dresses on twitter, check out the details here!
Second, I’m so jealous of your trip… Coachella is definitely on my list of things I’d love to do! Based on what you mentioned your style was, I thought I’d point you in the right direction with some of my most recent fashion finds that happen to be in my closet right now. If I had to pack for an outdoor music festival, here are the 6 brands I’d turn to right away!
Lysse Leggings: High waist leggings that act as a body shaper? Yes please! These leggings have changed my life… they’re so comfortable and they work for warm days when I don’t want to wear spanx AND pants because these leggings act as both!
Torrid: They have great swimwear for Plus Size Princesses. Flirty and fun with the shapes, cuts and colors to make a Plus Size Princess feel confident on the beach.
ApparelDynasty: I’m sure you’ll spend most of your days in converse sneakers and flip-flops but in the evenings its always nice to step it up. This brand offers funky shoes in extended sizes, check them out!
Fashion to Figure: I ordered my first pieces from FTF a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised! I have their blue floral dress (below) and will be rocking it through the spring and summer. Its light, airy and the fit is super flattering. If you don’t want to show your arms throw on a cardigan or denim jacket!
SimplyBe: They are becoming my new favorite place to shop. Somehow, the UK fashions always have an edge that I can’t find here in the states. Instead of T-shirts, switch things up with a white lace tunic like the one I chose below.
OneStopPlus/WomanWithin:  These skinny jeans are super flattering (the wide pockets make my bum look great!). Best of all these jeans come in LOTS of colors… if you love skinny jeans, start mixing up the colors you buy. Blues, greys, pinks… all of those colors will make your t-shirts pop and freshen up your “go-to look”.
Hope this helps… I made sure to choose pieces that are available now, so click the links if you’re interested!
Plus Size Coachella Fashion

Floral cotton dress
$30 - fashiontofigure.com

Sheer top
$56 - simplybe.com

Woven top
$74 - simplybe.com

$30 - womanwithin.com

One piece halter bathing suit
$40 - torrid.com