Plus Size Waist Cinchers from SQUEEM (Giveaway!)


Happy Friday!

Over the summer I wrote about Plus Size Waist Cinchers. I wore one for the first time when I was maid of honor in my BFF’s wedding and it changed my life! As I’ve told you guys before, I carry a lot of my weight in my tummy area, so it was awesome to have an hourglass shape instead of an oval shape when wearing a strapless dress.

Last year I attended an event with Kitty Bradshaw, a New York Blogger who, like myself, is originally from California. She’s a great resource for events, culture and new products and when I saw that her giftbag included Squeem products, I was stoked!

They had SQUEEM waist cinchers in all colors and sizes (including plus sizes, woot woot!) so I decided to try the Miracle Vest, which is similar to the Perfect Waist Cincher, but it has shoulder straps. I didn’t think adding straps to the cincher would make much difference, but I was mistaken!

The cincher with straps pulled my waist in and pushed my boobs up! Two things I was very happy about…

Each style of cincher will shape your midsection well, its just a matter of what type of outfit/dress you’re wearing.


Now for the fun part. I’m giving away two SQUEEM items. One “Perfect Waist” strapless cincher and one “Miracle Vest” cincher, with straps. Want to win? Just leave a comment below saying which one you want!

Good luck!

  • Andy

    Would Love one!!!!

  • Ajeknight520

    The Miracle Vest looks amazing!!!

  • Kelly

    The miracle vest! Love this!

  • Trezlen

    miracle vest, please.

  • Dana Wheeler

    The Perfect Waist Strapless!!!!

  • Goldiejones77

    Perfect waist!

  • Stargazyrr

    Miracle vest, definitely! Pushed up boobs is a bonus! Lol

  • Hilary1977

    I stumbled on to your blog a couple years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love it.
    I would love the miracle vest…maybe it’ll hide my belly that never regained shape after my c-section.
    Have a great weekend.

    • The Big Girl Blog

      You’re the Miracle Vest Winner! email me to claim (my email can be found on the top right of the site) xoxo

  • Sarah

    I’ve been dying to get a Miracle Vest for some time now. I’d love to win one!

    Thanks for the contest! :)

  • Margaret

    I’d love to win a Miracle Vest – it looks amazing.

  • Rebecca

    I’m getting married soon and NEED underthings. P.s. I work in a corset and love what it does for my shape, but the damn straps just won’t work with anything :) I would love a strapless cincher.

  • Olivia

    I would live the Miracle Vest! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Tonia

    Three babies later, my body NEEDS that Miracle Vest!

  • Jacquie

    I would love to Try the miracle vest. Pull in the stomach and lift up the girls? Oh yeah that sounds amazing!

  • Carlas Mack

    I would love to try the miracle vest!!!

  • Dena Upton

    I would love either, but I think the Miracle vest would do me better to flatten out my back boobs haha

  • Veltria Roman

    I have always wanted to try the Miracle Vest cincher. I hope I win!!

  • Tina Louise

    I’m yearning for that Perfect Waist Cincher. *fingers crossed*

  • Cami Finley

    Miracle vest please (:

  • Ginny Milling

    I would love love LOVE to try the Miracle Vest!!

  • Pepsiscrub

    I have a weddin that Im attending and I woul love the miracle vest since I’m too poor to afford one

  • M&Co.

    I’d want the one with straps because I always need something to pull in my waist and push up my boobs!

  • Kate Montgomery

    I would love to try the miracle vest.

  • Sherie

    I would *so* love the Miracle Vest cincher! I have a photographer, some truly luscious clothes, and the desire to make beautiful love to the camera… but keep feeling stalled out because of how the lines of the clothes fall over my belly. I’ve worn a corset a time or two and absolutely loved what it would do for my considerably awesome boobage. There’s something amazing about a 48I rack all pushed up and supported where it’s supposed to be, ya’know? Then if the rest of everything below is pulled in and supported too, wowza!

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway, even if I don’t get to be one of the lucky winners! How awesome!

  • Hanna

    Either one would be lovely, but Miracle Vest would be my first choice!

  • Dona

    They both sound interesting but strapless sounds even better. Just the last two weeks or so I’ve been meaning to investigate a waist cincher as I too hold most of my waist there (and I’m a native Californian but I still live here.) not that I am trying to butter you up :)

  • David White

    I would go with the Miracle Vest. Are they comfortable?

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    Please ignore the previous comment by David White. I accidentally logged in as my husband. I would go with the Miracle Vest. Are they comfortable?

  • Marielen Mincu

    my prom is coming up, and I had to make my own dress, and I think it would look a lot better with any sqeem under it, but the one with straps would be amazing :)

  • Robyn Charlery

    I’d love the Miracle Vest!

  • mary lynne

    The Miracle Vest would work miracles on me!

  • Angelica

    I’d love to try the Miracle Vest :)

  • Deemsterhood

    I’d love to try it!

  • T.Diva ♥

    I would love to try the Miracle Vest. I hate having an oval shape when I’m wearing a dress, too.

  • Emma

    The miracle vest seems like a godsend for back rolls! I would love to wear the miracle vest!

  • Jjnzdr

    I would love the miracle vest. I’m so tired of my tire.

  • Kim

    I would love to try either product!! I too am going to be in my BFF’s wedding this summer and need all the help I can get! Thanks CeCe!!

  • Lbarker91

    I would love either one!

  • gabi

    i would love the miracle vest~~ bot much up too to work with so it might help!! lol!!

    • Gabi

      bot= not

  • Beth

    I would love to try the Miracle Vest. Thanks!

  • Alison

    omg i neeed the miracle vest! i’ve stopped wearing pants because that pouf is so unslightly, not to mention I have AWFUL posture! I bet the vest would help!

  • Annie Downs

    I would LOVE to try to miracle vest! :)

  • !seanie!

    Mirrrrracle Vest, miracle vest, MIRACLE VEST!!!

  • Aisha Walker

    I would love the Miracle Vest. Thank you :)

  • Tweekalina2

    I would love to prop up my girls even more with the miracle vest, va va voom!

    • Tweekalina2

      Oh and side note slightly off topic, I’m going to buy my first Spanx product…cannot wait!

  • Kayla

    I would LOVE the Miracle Vest, but both of them seem fantastic!

  • qua

    I would love the miracle vest!

  • Big Ting/Small Ting

    Miracle Vest YEE-HA!!!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Wow, would love the miracle vest!

  • Bella

    I would love the Miracle Vest! :)

  • Kemba5573

    Hi I would like to try the Miracle Vest because my stomach is huge and I want to see if it would give me that hour glass figure.

  • Your little fan from Singapore

    CECE! Can your little fan from Singapore comment on this? I would love love love to have the Miracle Vest!

  • Dana Brown

    Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I would like a Squeem!

  • maya

    I would looooove to win the one without straps! However, if you happen to pull my name out of the hat for one with straps, no worries, I’ll take it!!

  • Lucyvaj20

    Which ever one. Thanks for the give away.

  • Amy

    I have wanted a Miracle Vest from Squeem forever!

  • Deb

    I want a chance to womb the Miracle Vest.

  • Cali_nic_chik

    The miracle vest looks amazing I would love to win it :)

  • Maria

    Wow, that’s a giveaway! I’d love to have the Miracle Vest cincher with straps. Amazing!

  • Seph

    Oh what a genius give-away! I would love to win the strapless “perfect waist” SQUEEM.

  • Tera Leigh

    I really want a Miracle Vest cincher with straps. It’s on my wishlist, in fact!

  • Bee Weiner

    Some girls are spanx girls, I’m a rago girl so waist cinchers are not new to me. I wear a rago foundation piece every day for the control. I find them very comfortable even for all day. I’m surprized that most curvy girls aren’t fans.

  • Rebecca Hill

    I would love the Perfect Waist strapless cincher, please!

  • Anna Stamat

    I bet that would be good for my back too! I looks so comfy!!! I would love to have one!

  • Keisha

    Ooooh, what fun! I would like one! Shukran! :)

  • Lynnwhite1974

    I would LOVE the one with straps! I’ve been stalking it at Ashley Stewart, but when they finally went on sale my size was sold out :(

  • StayDreaming

    I would love the one with straps pretty please :-)

  • slavetofashion

    I really like the one with straps – such a cool product!

  • marija

    I would love miracle vest (if you ship worldwide off course)

  • Jocelyn

    I’d want the “perfect waist”!

  • Sarah

    The strapless one :-) So cool!

  • Mariacraw

    The vest cincher for me please :)

  • Anonymous

    OMG CeCe I have wanted one FOREVER!!!! I just never had the money at the time to buy one. I really appreciate it if I won either one (I am not picky) I will be honored to win. But If I do not Good Luck to the lucky two winners. I Really Hope I get one by the summer though.

    Thanks for being an inspiration CeCe!

  • Susan Pellot


  • Sarahashley21

    I would love that Miracle vest!!!!

  • Hooctonfonics

    I want the miracle vest!

  • woodard1212

    Just found your blog today and am enjoying your adventures! It would be great to win a Squeem (first time I have heard of them). Either sounds great, but I think the miracle vest might work better for me if I am chosen. Thanks!

  • Ajanka1

    I would love to win the miracle vest! Aimee

  • Natalie

    I’m dying to try this!! I too carry my weight around my mid-section.

  • Candice Jarrett

    I want the miracle vest

  • Beahunter

    I would love to try the vest, most of the (as I call them) gut squishers are horrible but man when you find that one perfect fit that doesn’t try to do you bodily harm! Priceless!

  • jjrox

    Miracle Vest please!

  • Erin

    I love your blog and look forward to reading it. I find you very funny and inspiring. Keep up the great work! I would be happy with either, but the vest would be my first choice.

  • krista boardman

    I think the vest would be perfect! I ride horses and I think the vest would be excellent for under show clothes to provide a nice lumpless look as well as support!

  • Jess

    I swear by Miracle Vests! I don’t own one by Squeem tho so that’d be nice ;)

  • Layle D.

    I’m probably going to be wearing a strapless dress in a wedding at the end of this summer, and I’m dreading finding a strapless cincher that will hold up to my tummy’s needs. It’s where I carry all of my weight! :( I’d love the opportunity to win the Perfect Waist. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work with your journey to a healthier body.

    • The Big Girl Blog

      Congrats… you’ve won the “Perfect Waist” Squeem :-) email me for details (my email can be found on the top right of the site) xoxo

  • Emily

    I would love one of these…I have smaller boobs for a plus size girl, and i look kind of disporportioned….anywho, with this I could wear so many tops I have been waiting to wear without having a muffin top!

  • Gabrielle Rojas

    i would love either one! I’m getting married this year and trying hard to lose weight but this would help snug in all that extra fat. >.< it's almost impossible to find one of those where i'm at in korea.

  • Joyce Stevens

    I would love to have the Miracle Vest. I have tried a vest from another company.

  • Male Escort

    Is this thing really works as it is shown of TV shows I should gift this to my mother

  • Rainstorm9

    YES!!! Miracle Vest!!! Please please please!

  • SRC

    Any idea when the winner will be announced??

  • MD

    I’ll be starting a new job in a new city soon – I need this!

  • Amanda Berrios

    Already subscribed to the email.

    I would love to win this! I have never worn one but I think this one would be the perfect one to start with.

  • Marsapp2000

    I would love to have the ultimate SQUEEM perfect waist strapless cincher!
    I really need this to be in shape again after birth.
    Thank you dear.

  • Taisha williams

    I would like to have the miracle vest I have a bad back and this would help. thank you for this contest