Plus Size Lingerie: Lane Bryant Valentines Collection


Hey CeCe,

I saw your Plus Size Boudoir blog post… where in the world to you find cute lingerie for “PSPs” that are OUR age?! I’m always looking for stuff, and I have the HARDEST time!



Hey S.B.,

Finding Lingerie for young PSP’s can be a little tricky, but since you asked nicely I’ll let you in on how I build my Plus Size Lingerie collection: Valentines season at Lane Bryant!

Every year, Lane Bryant comes out with an awesome collection of cute babydolls, corsets, panties and bras that are fun, flirty and youthful (check out their full collection here). I’ve put together a great stash of adorable night wear by stalking their stores/website during the Valentines season. I go back to them every year because they make great lingerie with underwire! (let’s face it, with my DDD’s I’m always happy to have a little extra help/lift).

Sometimes I risk it, and wait for the post-valentines day sales but if you’re looking for something to wear this Valentines Day, I’d recommend checking them out now. I just scored the Pointe d’esprit babydoll and I really love it. My other top picks from Lane Bryant’s Valentines Day collection are below… hope this helps!



One last tip: The babydolls are sized like dresses and because I’m bustier, I tend to go a size up.

Valentine's Day | Lane Bryant


  • Danielle Bowling

    I love those but my problem when it comes to lingerie…I’ve got a wide frame and no boobs :( I’m a 38 C but when I’m not wearing a bra I don’t fill out the tops, curses! I’ve got the hips but not the girls. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      I think these would be a good idea for you to try… because they’re based on dress size AND have a bit of padding, they might work. The other option is to do something like a corset paired with your favorite bra/panties! xoxo

  • Stephanie

    Hips and curves also has good choices! I love their corsets!

    • Anonymous

      Yes… I love them too! xoxo

  • Raju Kumar Sinha

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