Weight Loss Check In!


Last week the women’s locker room at the gym was a circus. All the lockers were taken and the ones that were empty were broken. The place was a sea of bright colored thongs and heads wrapped in white towels. Standing in the middle of the chaos were three women in their coats waiting for a locker to open up.

“I can’t WAIT for January to be ovah,” one of them said while smacking her gum. Then she waved a finger around the locker room, “Alllll of ya’ll will be GONE by February!”

Everyone knows that January is resolution time. Gym memberships, salads and bottles of water are all the rage with everyone, myself included. But I really want to keep momentum, I don’t want to be “GONE by February!” like the girl in the locker room predicted.

Over the holidays I gained seven pounds. So, I’ve been working intensely to get that weight off. Robert says gaining seven pounds over Christmas is “not that bad” but I know that I had lofty goals to possibly lose a few pounds during that time.

So far I’m down 5.8 and I’m hoping that by months end I’ll be down the full seven pounds. Then February will be all about moving towards my long-term weight loss goals, the first of which is to lose 30 pounds by the summer (if you’re wondering why I want to lose, I discussed it here last week).

One of the things that has helped me is to schedule my workouts in my calendar. I got that tip from a friend who’s finishing an online education course in fitness training. Looking at my calendar reminds me that I have options to take vigorous classes 6 days a week and seeing those appointments really helps me to make that a priority.

Anyway, I just thought I’d check in with everyone since January is usually a time when we set goals. What are your health fitness goals? How has January been for you?

I’ll be responding to all comments, so chime in below!


Plus Size Prom Dresses: David’s Bridal


When I was a teenage Plus Size Princess, prom was always something to look forward to. I never stressed about having a date, but I did stress about finding a dress.

Finding a Plus Size formal gown that was youthful and not some “mother of the bride” looking outfit was almost impossible! I looked in three different cities for a prom dress one year, only to end up having my dress custom-made by a friends mom.

What a difference a few years makes! Plus Size Princess in high school have so many options and I’m kind of jealous… I’ve gotten a few emails asking where teen PSP’s can find their perfect prom dress and one place to start is the David’s Bridal Plus Size Prom Dress collection.

They’ve got a wide range of prom dresses that are on trend for younger PSP’s. While I prefer to shop online with David’s Bridal, their in-house tailoring should provide an easy process for the perfect fit.

Happy Shopping!


Plus Size Valentines Dress from Igigi (Giveaway!)


Valentines Day is just around the corner and I think I’ve found my dress! The Kaori Infinity Dress just arrived on my door step last week and this is a dress that I know will take me through the entire year… it’s a convertible dress with 10+ options, I’ve featured 3 of them below and IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel sends it with a belt to help make it even more versatile. The multiple options with this dress makes it a great investment and a worthwhile addition to my Little Black Dress Collection.

I would have loved to wear a red dress on Vday, but since it falls on a Tuesday and I have to work I’m keeping it simple with a LBD and red lipstick/accessories so that I can transition easily from day to evening.

Also, even though these pieces are worth every penny, I know Igigi’s items can be a little out of the price range for some PSP’s. So I’d like to give a $50 gift card to one reader… details below!

Plus Size Kaori Infinity Dress by IGIGI


Want to win a $50 gift card from Igigi? You can 1.) Leave a comment below 2.) Tweet @thebiggirlblog and @igigi telling us your favorite dress or 3.) Leave a comment AND tweet us to double your chances to win!


Also, check out Igigi’s Art of Fashion in Motion video… swoon!


Curvy Conversations: Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?


I’m crazy about you, CeCe but I don’t understand the reason for you wanting to lose weight? Your blog is called The Big Girl Blog, but maybe you should change the name? I’m not judging you, every one has to do what’s best for them, but I feel like you should be careful about falling into the trap of another plus-size princess who advertises her site as a place where readers can come to read about your adventures, but you also share weight-loss tips. My problem with dieting? Most people gain the weight back and then some within 5 years. Maybe you won’t . . . Anyway, good luck on your exercise journey, and if you are trying to lose weight, I hope you are doing it for the right reasons.

The note above came from a reader who comments on TBGB often named Piper. I love Piper, she’s supportive, opinionated and keeps in touch via the blog and facebook fan page. When I read her comment, it kind of caught me off guard. I feel like I’m pretty open about my health goals but if she’s feeling like this maybe other people are too. So I’ll address her note and hopefully clear things up for anyone who has questions/concerns about the weight loss aspect of this blog.

What is the reason for you wanting to lose weight?

I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and weight is directly connected with the side effects of that condition. When I keep my weight down my periods are regular, my face is clear and my testosterone levels come down. Many women with PCOS have to lose weight before they can get pregnant. If I can lose weight now, maybe when the time comes for me to have kids, it wont be so hard.

Your blog is called The Big Girl Blog, but maybe you should change the name?

My blog is called The Big Girl Blog, not The Curvy Girl Blog or The Thick Girl Blog or anything like that. I am not curvy or thick… I am a Big Girl. Seriously, I could lose a significant amount of weight and still be plus size… As I’ve said before, I’m 99% sure I will be plus size for the rest of my life. It seems like that’s what my body is designed to be, I just think it will be healthier if I’m on the smaller end of plus.

I’m not judging you, every one has to do what’s best for them, but I feel like you should be careful about falling into the trap of another plus-size princess who advertises her site as a place where readers can come to read about your adventures, but you also share weight-loss tips.

You are judging me… and I’m okay with that haha! By sharing the intimate details of my life here I have to be prepared for judgement. This is a place where readers can come to read my adventures and part of that is weight loss. If something works for me, I’m going to share it just like I share the clothing brands I like. TBGB is my story, and weight loss attempts are a part of that– I’m honest with you guys about everything and I’m not going to start censoring myself.

My problem with dieting? Most people gain the weight back and then some within 5 years. Maybe you won’t…

I don’t think you ever hear me use the word “diet” because that’s not what I’m doing… I’m on a journey to be as healthy as I can. Weight loss comes with that. I’ve lost 60+ pounds on diets before and you’re right… I did gain it back. But again, I never ever said I was dieting. I talk about fitness goals and health goals but not dieting. I hope you’re not projecting what you read on other blogs onto mine, be sure to read what you see, not what you think I’m saying.

Anyway, good luck on your exercise journey, and if you are trying to lose weight, I hope you are doing it for the right reasons.

Thanks Piper! Thanks for your concern and voicing your opinion. You’re a long time reader and supporter of TBGB. I appreciate you and I love that you feel comfortable enough to tell me what you’re thinking… hopefully I’ve answered your questions and put you at ease that I’m being true to myself.




Plus Size Lingerie: Lane Bryant Valentines Collection


Hey CeCe,

I saw your Plus Size Boudoir blog post… where in the world to you find cute lingerie for “PSPs” that are OUR age?! I’m always looking for stuff, and I have the HARDEST time!



Hey S.B.,

Finding Lingerie for young PSP’s can be a little tricky, but since you asked nicely I’ll let you in on how I build my Plus Size Lingerie collection: Valentines season at Lane Bryant!

Every year, Lane Bryant comes out with an awesome collection of cute babydolls, corsets, panties and bras that are fun, flirty and youthful (check out their full collection here). I’ve put together a great stash of adorable night wear by stalking their stores/website during the Valentines season. I go back to them every year because they make great lingerie with underwire! (let’s face it, with my DDD’s I’m always happy to have a little extra help/lift).

Sometimes I risk it, and wait for the post-valentines day sales but if you’re looking for something to wear this Valentines Day, I’d recommend checking them out now. I just scored the Pointe d’esprit babydoll and I really love it. My other top picks from Lane Bryant’s Valentines Day collection are below… hope this helps!



One last tip: The babydolls are sized like dresses and because I’m bustier, I tend to go a size up.

Valentine's Day | Lane Bryant



I Love My Boyfriend…Thoughts???


“Do you say you love each other?” Dean asked, while taking a long sip of his Tequilla Sunrise.

“Um… we’ve kind of said it. I dunno…” Jay seemed a little uncomfortable with the question as he looked to his friend Omar for a rescue. Omar quickly chimed in, “well, they haven’t been boyfriends for very long… only a few months, right?”

It was Sunday Brunch at Papasito, a restaurant I discovered on the Upper West Side. Papasito does an all you can eat/drink brunch buffet featuring unlimited mimosa, Bellini, tequilla sunrise etc. and an endless supply of traditional Spanish food, an omlette station and the best french toast I’ve ever had… not weight loss friendly, but DELISH! Oh, and its only $20!

5 Gay men + 1 Plus Size Princess + Unlimited cocktails = lots of girl talk… or as we like to call it “gurl talk”.

Dean motioned for another round of drinks for the table, “but if they’re boyfriends, doesnt that mean they love each other?”

“Not necessarily,” Adam chimed in.

“I don’t make someone my boyfriend unless I love them,” Dean said. “I date them and once I know that I love them, we make it official… exclusive… or whatever.”

The table was quiet for a moment while everyone pondered that statement.

“I feel like, having a boyfriend means exclusivity more than anything else,” I said through bites of my juevos rancheros. “If I decide to date someone exclusively it’s because I like them the best out of everyone I’m seeing, so I want to devote 100% of my dating energy to figuring out if I could love them and see a future with them.”

“Right,” Adam continued, “you make someone your boyfriend and then hopefully you grow to love each other.”

“Interesting,” Dean said. “I didn’t know people did that.”

Once I got home and the alcohol wore off, Dean’s theory was still in the forefront of my mind. I’ve had girl friends who felt that after ___ months it was time to say “I love you”. I’ve always felt that love was something that grew with time, but based on what Dean was saying, every boyfriend he’s ever had has been a time he was in love.

Robert and I were such close friends when we started dating, that I already loved him. With Robert its been more about watching that love change/grow/evolve. But in general, I’m guarded and very slow to say “I love you” so the idea of having a boyfriend that I don’t love is fine with me.

I’m wondering if that’s not normal, though… do most girls automatically love their boyfriends?