Plus Size Travel: Flying in Rachel Pally


I swear, traveling as a Plus Size Princess is an art.

There are so many opportunities for things to go awry; seatbelts not fitting… the person in front of you insisting on leaning back into your lap… and of course, the battle for the arm rest. Something that I’ve noticed is that what I wear can drastically improve the quality of my trip. Of course, when I fly home I try to wear things that will transition easily from frosty NYC weather to Sunny California temps, but there’s another reason I’m particular about what I wear when I fly.

It may sound random, but soft flowing fabrics make fitting into tight spaces sooo much easier in comparison to denim and/or bulky sweaters. For this trip, my “flying outfit” came from Rachel Pally’s Plus Size White Label. Rachel Pally is known for making beautiful flowing pieces in soft cottons. This skirt of hers (below) fit all my criteria… it would work with leggings while I was on the east coast, but would be fine with bare legs once I got home. It wasn’t bulky either, so in a plane seat where every inch counts… I felt like I had the wiggle room I needed.

I tucked a long sleeved top into the skirt, let the skirt sit high on my waist, wrapped a chunky belt around it and topped it off with a few (plastic/metal-detector safe) accessories.

What do YOU wear when you travel?

Side Note: I refuse to check luggage now that they charge a fee, I’ve been using this luggage by DVF and it fits all of my clothing even though its dimensions classify it as a carry-on. Love!

Plus Size Travel: What to Wear?


Old Navy fitted tee
$15 -

Rachel Pally mid length skirt
$169 -

Steve madden handbag
$69 -

$22 -

  • Nefertiti

    fan du sac noir ;o)

  • Dena

    I completely agree with you. I prefer soft and stretchy items myself haha. I went to Europe last May, and I was lucky enough to be with a group. Sitting by people you know definitely helps, but it was still a tight fit. I think the stretchy soft clothes make me feel less like I am stuck in my seat haha.

    • Anonymous

      Flying with friends is so much better haha!

  • Piper Maria Davenport

    I’ve never heard of Rachel. I will have to check her out. I usually wear comfortable clothes. I hadn’t thought of jeans being bulky but now that you mention it, I weigh 5 pounds more when I have jeans on, and I usually wear them everyday. Thanks for the tips!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, It’s weird how jeans are considered comfy but in certain situations I’m way better off in a dress. Happy New Year! xoxo

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  • Yuko Jasmine Marie

    Wow, this is a very fashionable ensemble! As for me, I typically go for black, usually, fitted pants, butterfly-sleeved top, and Chinese jackets. I don’t know why I love anything with embroidery and I find these pieces both elegant and versatile.