Plus Size Bridal Boudoir Photos… Thoughts??


My best friend, Adam sent me an email yesterday, the subject was Let me know when you want to book one of these ;-) and inside was a link to Amy Haberland’s “Defense of The Bridal Boudoir“. I hadn’t heard of a Bridal Boudoir photo shoot before, but the premise is that women take bedroom photos right before they get married. They’re not necessarily raunchy, but the idea is doing a photo shoot in lingerie or your guys button down shirt and panties and giving the photos to him as a wedding gift… or something like that.

As I read the article and looked at the slide show, I was immediately intrigued. I’m not getting married any time soon, but I love the idea of a classy photo shoot to give my future husband a little glimpse of what he has to look forward to. I immediately started imagining what I would wear for something like that… a frilly babydoll nightgown? a corset and panties? boy shorts and a strategically placed neck tie?

Scrolling through the comments most of them were about the appropriateness of boudoir photos in general, but one comment stuck out to me These are lovely portraits of in-shape young women. What about those of us who have never had a flat tummy or perky boobs? I have a hard time picturing a boudoir for myself being appealing.

Reading that comment was the first time I considered that  size might be a deterrent to a Victoria’s Secret style photo shoot.

I have a collection of lingerie that I wear to bed regularly, whether someone’s there to see it or not. It’s just something that I do for me. Buying those things is fun for me and sleeping in them is glamorous like taking a bubble bath with candles. Maybe I’ve made myself comfortable in things like that. Taking time to know what is flirty/sexy/fun but still looks good on my body makes me think of lingerie as another genre of clothing.

Of course, I know that I would definitely wear a waist cincher and push-up bra, but it never crossed my mind that needing those things would be a reason not to pose. I guess I surprised myself with my confidence! (and as I think about it, I’m flattered that Adam would suggest a boudoir photo shoot to me to begin with).

Would YOU do a sexy photo shoot for your husband? Of for my married ladies… have you already done one? …Thoughts???

  • Tonia Davis Thompson

    I was planning to do one of these for my anniversary next year! I will have been married for 8 years, and I know that he still loves every curve (even 3 babies later) and would love to have a HOT pic of me. I love lingerie as well and can’t wait to get all dolled up “for his eyes only”. For those that are thinking that they don’t look good enough (whatever that means), remember that confidence is the sexiest little number in your whole closet! Start by sending “racy” pics to him via cell phone (only if you know that you can trust him with those). Just a pic of a your lips, a hip, some cleavage…
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, CeCe!

    • Anonymous

      Work diva… I want to be like you when I grow up :-) Merry Christmas to you too… xoxo

  • Sunshinestar110

    I have attended a boudior party and it was wonderful and I’m actually planning one for my birthday. At first i was really unsure about that kind of party because I had no one who would appreciate the photos but I loved seeing myself in a new light…a sexy light. The whole experience was the best it was bounding time with my girlfriends and a time for unleash are inner divas! I would recommend a attending and doing boudior party!!!

    • Tonia Davis Thompson

      I’ve never heard of a Boudior Party. That sounds like lots of fun! Did you just hire a photographer or was this through a specialty company?

    • Anonymous

      A party sounds like fun too… I think if it were for my husband I’d want to do it solo though. Create more intimate energy for the shoot :-)

  • HP

    I take sexy pictures of myself to send to my boyfriend all the time. I’ve actually gotten good at photographing myself well enough that even I think I look as good as I know he sees me. It’s amazing what some camera angles can do without really hiding yourself. Lighting is your best friend! But I’d love to get a professional photo shoot like that done. I mean this is (almost) 2012, I would think that your significant other already knows every inch of your body (flaws and all) before you walk down the aisle. So who cares what size you are? And in the case of these photographers, they’re professionals and will make you look fantastic and will make sure you’re satisfied and comfortable above all, no matter what your size!

  • Kris10birkenback

    Oh I would SO DO THIS. I’m not even thinking about getting married, but it still induces confidence seeing yourself all dolled up, even if you feel silly in sexy underthings. I have a friend who frequently reminds me that being bigger is a classic type of beauty, and being stick skinny has only become “normal” in the past 60 years or so.

  • JustJaVonna

    I did a Boudoir photo shoot a couple of years ago for our anniversary…they were a big hit. It was a lot of fun and I felt sexy and sassy.

  • Tera Leigh

    I’m a plus size woman, and a professional photographer. I have done boudoir sessions with women of all sizes. I personally think that there are two keys to doing this: 1) A photographer that understands your concerns about your body, and can help you feel comfortable, 2) appropriate poses. I concentrate on tasteful, pin-up style photos. I’ve learned in all my photography that the wrong pose can make a woman who is 98 lbs look like she has a double-chin, and the right pose can make make any woman look her best. Find a good photographer who is willing to work with you, and your body, just as it is!

    I do most of my boudoir sessions in January for Valentine’s day gifts from married women to their husbands . . . but I have done one pre-wedding boudoir session. She used her lingerie that she was taking on her honeymoon. She told me that she knew that after kids her body may not look as good as it did right then, and she always wanted her husband to have something to remember her that way. It was a fun session – her mom was there, as well, and we laughed and had a great time.

  • Leah Aubrey

    I found your blog on twitter and thought, “I wonder if she has done a boudoir session!!” Then again, i wonder if everyone has done one!

    You should really do one though and especially if you have a great collection to begin with! Also the articles is aimed at bridal boudoir but it’s for ANYONE. I have clients who are brides, married women who want to add a little spice, a gift for their boyfriend and even for themselves. One of my NYC clients in January booked this session for her. She wanted to get her groove back after a divorce and do something fun for herself. So, anyone can do it! :) I say go for it girl!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ohhhh! I have to keep you in mind ;-)

  • yummy.P

    sure i’ve heard about it…and also see some samples on tv..
    pretty nice idea BUT!!!
    little afraid of the result, coz of my shape and all…so i don’t even think about doing it myself
    i just give the idea to friends and relative that for sure are thinner and will look better…

  • Tanparo

    I feel the need to comment here. I’m an extremely overweight woman, and I have one 2 boudoir shoots and have my third one booked. Never have pictures made me feel so good about myself. I did them as much fir myself as I dud my husband. It was exciting, erotic….and the end result was beautiful!

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  • Jennifers

    some of the sexiest boudoir photo’s i’ve seen were with plus sized ladies!!!

  • Kgryman

    I am a size 18 and my fiance loves all of me! I am also a wedding photographer with my sister…I am gettinh married soon and when I decided I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my hunny I got several sideways glances from friends and family…I had a few second thoughts, but then realized their comments or concerns of whether or not my hubby would find them sexy were just a reflection of their own insecurities…I am a mother so my body isn’t what it was 2 years ago but that hasn’t stopped my man from buying me lingere so I will radiate that confidence in my shoot…I think it is something every woman large or small shuld do!! I can’t wait!!

  • Mell

    I am a plus size women and I am actually going to my photo shoot on Monday! This is something I never thought I could do! I finally said Hell With what every one else think! I went through 6 surgeries not be choice over the last year and a half. So I am doing this for me!!

  • Mels

    Go for it!! I’m a plus size woman myself and I’m getting mine done! I’ve been doing some research and looking at plus size pictures. I’m looking forward to a day of fun and knowing that big girls are just as beautiful as the next. Good luck if you decide to!

  • Mallorytiffany

    It is something I have thought about doing but really just for myself. I might celebrate my weight loss with a set in June.

    • Anonymous

      I love that idea…

  • Payton_vege

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  • Tapestri

    I am planning a saucy vid of myself for a guy who is currently very far away… I sent him photos awhile ago when I was styling a boudoir shoot and the makeup artist, photographer and myself got all goofy after drinking too much wine and decided to do small shoots for each other. It was a couple days before Vday and we kind of just thought, we do this all the time for other people, why not ourselves? I LOVED how each of the sets turned out, the trick is to take TONS of photos so you can choose the five you like best. Also, I have to say, as the stylist, I wish that somebody had made sure my hair was falling correctly and details like that… but it WAS super fun, and gave me really good pointers for next time.

    Anyhow, these photos I sent started this back and forth, and when he has been here they were brought up repeatedly, so now I am upping the bar a bit. Sort of like the way those short wedding videos are just a moving wedding photo album, I am going to take short vids and edit them together. Classy white dress shirt style. SO this is how I found this blog, doing research to see if anyone has done something like this. I just found a great article over on Wedding Bee that shows some great images as examples, and of course I promptly used them to explain what NOT to do in a shoot… but the third photo is just stunning and the PERFECT example of a plus sized shoot. IMO. I also commented over there with the longest most detailed comment possible, so I won’t reiterate here… but I TOTALLY love the positivity here from people who have done their own session. There are tricks to bring out your best (it IS all in the fake eyelashes) but also, the important part is that it is meant to be FUN and can give you a super brilliant experience FOR YOURSELF! Remember how amazing you looked when you were seventeen? Twenty three? Well at thirty, forty and fifty you will look back at your photos and remember how amazing you look now. Doing it for him is great… but for yourself is even better IMO. I don’t even know what size I am, probably a 14? 16? I’ve had two kids and it’s taken me awhile to figure out that I’m gorgeous the way I am now… things I’d like to change obviously… but that’s what life is about… always changing and so it should be! It’s all in how your photographer SEES you, so make sure you pick one who has not only worked with bigger girls, but also you can see examples of a style you really love. Not all of them know what to do with somebody that didn’t just walk out of a gym. Professional, years of experience, even female… these don’t NECESSARILY mean they know what they are doing in this case. But it’s worth finding the one who does :)