Plus Size Active Wear from Just My Size


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but this is not a holiday where I dress up, its a holiday that requires comfy clothes (maybe with a stretchy waist band!).

When it comes to active wear, my go-to brand is Just My Size. Their items are perfectly priced and awesome for when I want to “bum around”, but still look cute… I like to be a cute bum.

There aren’t any WalMart stores in NYC, but whenever I can get to one, I always stock up on leggings from Just My Size. I find that their leggings are great for working out. Luckily Rite-Aid carried Just My Size hosiery, so I stock up on tights there. The Just My Size tights are made long so I can pull them up until the waist band is underneath my boobs– this helps smooth my tummy and insures that the tights don’t roll down which is the worst feeling!

For Thanksgiving I will probably bum around in my sparkly velour set from JMS while I cook (I’m hosting this year!) and then when company comes over, I’ll probably rock a JMS cozy sweater and leggings. I always do a Thanksgiving workout either at the gym or in my neighborhood park, so either outfit will be good for that once I throw on a pair of sneakers.

JMS makes bumming around feel and look good, I love them for that!

Do you dress up for Thanksgiving?

Plus Size Lounge Wear from Just My Size


  • Dena

    Oh I definitely bum around for Thanksgiving. Cooking, eating, and family do not require thar I look fancy haha.

  • Knight

    Sparkles. Of course.

  • LisaLisa

    I need to try their tights!!! $6? I’m in! haha Thanks for the tip :-)

  • Vivi

    I do dress up for Thanksgiving but only if I’m throwing a dinner or get invited to dinner. If not, bum central.

  • Kitty Bradshaw

    I am going to check out their site… I never even heard of it until reading your post. Good Job!

  • Sarah

    for thanksgiving, i wear what i lovingly refer to as my “eatin’ pants”…in other words, leggings and a long sweater or cardigan. then, after dinner, they morph into my “nappin’ pants”. ;O) my whole thanksgiving is really casual – i don’t know what i’d do if i had to dress up!

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  • nick

    has there ever been a just my size hot air balloon for advertising before?/ could there be one in 2012?

  • Yoliebee

    Their tights are the best!!! I get them at Walgreens for $6!!! They are long, hold their shape, are nice and opaque and fit really well. I’ve tried even $30 Spanx tights and nothing compares. If I shopped at Wal-Mart, I might try their other stuff, but Wal-Mart is evil and I refuse.

  • Liz

    Hi Cece, I’ve been trying to read all your posts since day one to catch up and this one struck my interest due to the leggings from just my size, only cause i’m a psp also but bottom heavy meaning i got booty for days and my thighs are pretty thick. I think i’ve seen those but i’m never sure how they’d fit my shape. I’m about 5’8, about size 16 and i weigh 270 now, i’m not shy about stating my weight either cause i’ve actually lost about 90lbs before getting here. If you could give me a lil insight on if you think i should be good on trying those, i’d appreciate it! Thanks :)