Weight Loss & Aunt Flow


Last month, I was tweeting about how my period always catches me by surprise. I’ll find myself on the verge of tears for no reason or super frustrated with a friend and then in a moment of clarity, I’ll check my period tracker on my iPhone and see that Aunt Flow is due t arrive any moment… then my craziness all makes sense!

Unfortunately, my emotions aren’t the only thing that shifts drastically once a month…

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and BOOM I had gained three pounds… literally over night! I racked my brain for any hidden calories in my meals over the past few days and I had been pretty good in my eating. I had been working out too, so there was no reason for me to be up three pounds.

A few hours later while I was at work, “Aunt Flow” arrived with my monthly gift.

Of course!!!

Every month along with emotional instability, my menstrual cycle brings weight gain… and lots of it. Sometimes its two pounds, sometimes as much as nine! But for someone who is watching her weight like a hawk, seeing those numbers and feeling bloated can be really upsetting.

The first few times time it happened, I let it get me down. I didn’t work out as often and I indulged in everything that I had a craving for. It took two weeks for my weight to come back down even though my cycle only lasts for one.

After that, I started to changed my game plan when Aunt Flow was in town. Now on the first day of my period, I pop some asprin for cramps and I allow myself to eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon (don’t judge me!). Then after that, I rock my “Period Plan” to make sure that I’m doing the right thing for my weight loss every day even though I know the scale wont move.

I work out, I eat right and I drink lots and lots of water. Usually when I do this, by the time my cycles over I’ve lost the menstrual weigh and a little more.

I know everyone’s cycle is different and some girls don’t have the energy to carry on a normal work-out routine, I feel like I don’t have a choice. With my PCOS, I’m lucky that I’m even having monthly periods so I do my best to keep my weight down. Plus, I always feel much better when I’m active instead of sitting around in sweats and a tank top!

Does anyone else have a  “Period Plan”?

  • Knight

    I always gain 5 to 7 and it freaks me out every damn time. A big thing I finally figured out in order to keep my momentum is to make sure I get enough iron. I’m borderline anemic anyway and until the dr. pointed it out I didn’t realize how much I was losing during my cycle. It was a big reason for fatigue and headaches.

  • Elle

    Sad to say that my plan consists of yoga pants, ice cream and heating pads. Im one of those girls that can’t bear to do much physical activity. I have an incredibly hard time with my cycles, so all I can do pretty much, is lay somewhere, or curl up in a ball.

  • http://Cubicalmouse.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Nope!! Thanks to Mirena no more pesky periods!

  • http://fatfatalefashion.blogspot.com Ariana

    Ugh, same here! Last period I gained 6 lbs!! I usually just try to stay on track with my eating and work out when I have the energy and hope for the best!

  • http://www.mypurplebutterfly.net ChptsOfMyLife

    i loved this! thank you so much for sharing as my flow in on the loose this week and i had just started a new eating plan,,,,no carbs just fruits and veggies and on the 2nd day i felt like an elephant with nothing but the fruits and veggies in my stomach. i totally understand now. as we are thursday i have noticed just this morning, my new plan must be working as i seen i had a nice shape again…looking in the mirror didn’t feel bad at all. i guess i should have waited until next week to start this diet but it was worth the look. why do women have to suffer so much? when a man gets a belly it’s cute. a woman….she’s fat and unattractive…no fair.

  • http://www.big-girls-bigger-dreams.com Adrienne

    My doctor put me on a modified version of the GI diet about 3 or 4 months ago. I’ve lost around 11LBS but my periods are worse than ever! Like you, I guess I’m lucky to have them but they’ve gotten heavier and more painful than ever AND they’re all over the place. I’m contstantly surprised by my period! The only thing that gives me a hint that it may be coming is that I get miserable and anxious for no apparant reason for a few days. Not cool!

  • SL

    Wowza. Me too, exactly–from the crying at stoplights and wondering “WTF?” until I check my period tracker, to the 2 lbs weight gain. This is inspiring to face it head on, instead of eating extra chocolate, taking pain pills, and crying! I’ve oft suspected PCOS, too…

    • Sylvia

      My best gal pal has PCOS and if you think you have it, or want to find out if you have it, please definitely see someone that you’ve researched a bit because even when she talked to her OBGYN (she has major period issues and needs to see one because of PCOS) they hardly knew anything about it! you would think they would since even though I -think- it’s slightly rare it’s still a women’s health issue.

  • http://www.unscriptedmusings.com Monique

    I absolutely have a period plan (great name for it by the way). I end up gaining about 5 pounds during my period and have discovered that if I workout everyday (at minimum, 30 minutes of walking), get enough rest and eat fairly healthy meals, I’m ok. I even lose a little weight.

    Whenever I see the scale jump up 5 numbers during that time, I try not to fret. It only lasts 3 days anyway.

  • Sherry

    When it comes I am always having cramps but then I ride my bike or walk my dog they go away. I gain about 3 pounds every time it comes. I have a little purse that I also carry in my bag that has a new pair of underwear, 2 pads and a Plastic bag In case I need to change my underwear.

  • Delia

    Sitting on the couch in my undies is my plan.lol