Plus Size Waist Cinchers from SQUEEM


I hear so many Plus Size Princesses describing themselves as “curvy”. I would love to be curvy, but I consider myself more… lumpy.

I have breasts and hips, but because I carry most of my weight in my stomach, sometimes I feel like my “assets” are taken over by my tummy.

The form-fitting strapless cocktail dress that I’m wearing for the wedding looked good when I tried it on, but I couldn’t stop focusing on my trouble spots. I had on high-waist spanx, which gave me more of an hour glass shape, but I wanted more.

Luckily, I was introduced to Squeem just in time. Squeem is a line of waist cinchers that are a step above and beyond spanx. They’re breathable, comfortable corsets that don’t make you feel like you’re in the Victorian age. I was able to hook my Squeem cincher around my waist with no problem and… it didn’t roll when I moved around!

I’ll give you more details on the wedding later, but Robert had his hands around my waist the whole time and because of the way Squeem products are designed, I wasn’t afraid of him feeling lots of boning (its mostly of strong stretchy material).

Usually when I see before and after photos on products, I don’t believe them. But my experience with Squeem was spot on with what the product photos promised.

There are a few different cuts and styles of Squeem that you can check out on their website, but I was very happy with my strapless version. I’m curious to see how the one with straps and a cut out for your boobs fits, so when I try that one I’ll let you know.

You can order Squeem online but if you want to try it on, they’re sold at Ashley Stewart and Fashion to Figure stores.

Have any of you tried waist cinchers?

  • Kristina

    TOTALLY NEED CINCHERS!! I am an apple shape and these things really help with creating a waist

  • JaVonna

    I am usually not able to wear these products as they don’t usually come in my size. I am very curvy but I’m all about ‘control’. This sounds like a product I should try.

  • Jess

    I have one I love from believe it or not…. WALMART. It’s exactly like the one pictured above with the boob cut out (since the ones with built in bras never fit!). I’ve worn a lot of shape wear, including modeling Dr. Rey’s line on tv but my favorite is still my Walmart one, I only wth it had a low cut back =( I find most spanx roll up or down on me if I do so much as sit and this one stays put!

  • Jessica

    Dr Rey’s shapewear from Sear’s is AMAZING!!

    The only thing is that I wish the shorts were shorter because with skirts/dresses, you’ll see it unless your skirt/dress is knee length or longer. I seriously swear by this thing! I went from wearing it maybe once a month because I was just wearing jeans to class but I interned all summer and am interning again and I wear it every single day with business casual clothes!! This is way better than any Spanx product I’ve ever tried!! I am finding that its beginning to slide down in the back… hope that’s just because its getting worn (I literally wore this everyday, June 15 – August 19 at my summer internship!)

  • April

    I ordered the strapless Squeem and wore it for the first time this weekend. It did a great job of flattening my stomach and lifting my breasts (yay!). It was comfortable; I wore it for about 5 hours with no shifting or discomfort. By the way, I ordered mine from for significantly less than I’ve seen it elsewhere. I followed the size chart and got a perfect fit.

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  • laura

    i have the squeem panty girdle which i ordered on, it worked as seen on the sites i googled, makes my body look great and my tummy really flat.

  • Bee Weiner

    Some girls are spanx girls, I’m a rago girl, so waist cinchers are nothing new to me. I guess I should have been born in the 1950s since I wear a rago foundation piece every day. It gives me real control.

  • Renee Harwood

    Also try a new product I just ran across called I don’t know about everyone else but Spanx are not an option for me. Once you leave the house, heaven forbid you need to use the restroom (getting them back on is a chore). I recently moved to hot AZ and needed a solution for my inner thighs rubbing. I think I have finally found it. and they feel great on and it’s easy peasy to go potty with them on. Check them out I think you all will agree they are incredible.

  • Samantha

    Yes I’m more lumpy than curvy as well. There are soooo many outfits that I want to try but my lower abdomen is pure evil. Great product and great post.