Fashions Night Out with Avenue Plus Sizes (coupon code included!)


Last week I attended Fashion’s Night Out at the Avenue’s NYC location on 3rd avenue. I think a lot of plus size girls dismiss the avenue because it often appears to cater to an older demographic. I used to do the same thing, but over the years I’ve fallen in love with the Avenue for a few very specific reasons.

1.) Avenue sells Cloudwalkers, the most comfortable line of shoes for large/wide sizes.

2.) Avenue has  well made tights that go up to a size “EE”

3.) Avenue always has a reasonably priced line of shape wear. (I just bought high waist, spanx-like shapers for under $25)

4.) Avenue has fresh, fun accessories. I met their accessories manager, Kristina and she’s adorable which explains why the accessories at Avenue are always on trend.

5.) Every season they have at least one stand out piece. Two years ago it was genuine leather bomber jackets, last year it was the sequined skirt, this year its a fabulous animal print dress!

These are some of the items that I picked up while shopping there last weekend. They have a huge discount sale going on in stores and online. I got $150 worth of merchandise for $100. You can also save $20 on purchases over $75 and $30 on purchases over $100. Use code “AV111244″ online at checkout.

Avenue Fashions Night Out



Do you shop at Avenue?
  • aCaramelQT

    I also thought this way about Avenue’s (as well as Lane Bryant) line. Thanks for the insight. I will definitely stop by. A girl could always use a new pair of spanx and an accessory or 2. ;)

  • Sade

    I don’t have any pants, shirts, or dresses from Avenue but I did stop in last winter randomly and found a few pair of patterned tights/leggings.I still think a lot of their things are more suitable for older women, but as a plus sized shopper I tend to check out any womens clothing store- I feel like it cant’t hurt and you never know what you will find. I try not to limit myself or exclude any store from a quick peek inside just to see..

  • Rebekah Jo

    I love the Avenue. I just picked up one of their new cowl neck sweaters and also a couple poncho sweaters. They look really good paired with leggings and riding boots.

    I do admit that I don’t like their jeans. They don’t tend to fit me very well, but they are always my go to come fall and sweater season.

  • Ophelie

    Am I being weird or do the women modeling for Avenue not really look plus-size? Thoughts? I also want to add (off-topic) that your blog has a very engaging writing style.

  • seanie

    girl! i just ordered the same dress! and i was looking at those same boots online! now i have to ask you… how do the boots fit? i was a little apprehensive about the online purchase because i read that it’s only a partial zipper… are they still stretchy and comfy in the calf??? (totally random comment, i know… love your blog tho!)

  • Prettygirl

    Avenue does not know how to make well cut clothes. For instance, I just went to their store and tried on some of their summer pants. The side slit pocket on all of their pants is cut terribly. I saw the design on several women in the store and all of the pockets were sticking out and bunching in the wrong places. You’d think they’d have already learned that side slit pockets are some of the hardest things to sew properly and some one of the hardest shapes to make women of all sizes fit. The fit on their bottoms is always off and lane bryant/ ashley stewart do a much better job. My mom buys avenue only for her “around the house pants” meaning bottoms not fit to wear in public.

    Their pants are terrible, but the other stuff is ok.

  • CurvyCEO

    I *heart* Avenue . . . although I typically order online since there aren’t any stores closeby where I live. Glad to know they had a good FNO event . . . we had the first FNO Plus event here in the DC area and it was a huge hit!

  • Kapunkt

    i’d be so honored if you’d like my blog – as you inspired me to open it :)

  • Jess

    You bought the same boots I did! Mine just came today, I LOVE THEM! Now if I could just find an outfit to wear with them

  • juliette

    I love Avenue’s tights too! I have way too many right now but always end up getting more each winter. I guess I’m the only one who dislikes their clothing – I find them to be ill fitting and very expensive for the quality. I’m going to check out the shapewear though – I’ve never ventured into that section before….