Playtex Bra Giveaway!


I love my boobs!

For me one of the advantages of being a Plus Size Princess are “the twins”. Because I love them so so much, I’m very picky about the bras I wear. I have my go-to brands/styles and I stick with them. So when All You Magazine & Playtex offered to send me some of their 18-hour bras to test out, I was prepared to wear them once and then shove them in the back of my closet.

Surprisingly, I haven’t done that!

While I prefer a more sexy demi-cup bra most of the time, these Playtex bras have made their way into my weekly gym routine. The support they give without under-wire makes them perfect for my workouts! I think we’ve all done the bra + sports bra combination at the gym, and its annoying (not to mention it creates more laundry).

Not only did the Playtex bras provide ample support for my DDD’s, they have “moisture management cups” which helps with *ahem* Boob Sweat.

I’ve worn my Playtex bra to the gym on Saturday morning and then to run errands all day and the 18 hour promise is legit. I was completely comfortable, never adjusted the straps once all while feeling completely supported. It gives a nice silhouette under a t-shirt/tank top too.

To top it all off, Playtex has given me 15 bras to giveaway! Sizes vary per style but are approximately 36B to 46DDD

There are two ways to win:

1.) Leave a comment on this post

2.) Tweet the following phrase “Got Boobs? @thebiggirlblog is giving away 15 Playtex bras (36B to 46DDD)! Follow her & RT to enter! #plussize #fashion”

Good Luck!

**Update: This is only open to US Residents**

9/10/2011– This contest is now closed

  • Simmarah

    Wee!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Carlas

    I am so glad you put this post. It is so hard finding pretty bras that are comfortable when you have big boobs. Playtex just might be my new go to for my bras!!


  • DanielleB

    Unfortunately I’m not very blessed in the twins department. I’m on the small side of plus size but my twins don’t look very big even though they are 38 C ugh!!

  • Rebecca

    I was JUST having trouble the other day looking for a 46 DD bra — Playtex web site, here I come! (Of course, a free one would be awesome too ;)

  • M&Co.

    I haven’t tried a playtex bra in years!

  • Just Saying

    WOW! Awesome post!

    I just bitched yesterday that my bra is driving me nuts!
    Adn whilst it would be great to win a free bra, no need, I’m going to the department store afterwork and checking out the Playtex Bras!!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Oh, I’m a 40/42DD

  • Mel

    Oooh!! Pick me!!!! Good bras are soooo hard to find for this dddd lady.

  • RynaQUE

    I hope this giveaway is also open for internationally! I’m a plus size blogger from Singapore!! <3 i don't think we have Playtex bra here in Singapore. Lol

  • Mandi

    I still haven’t found a bra supportive enough to wear without a 2nd layer of sports bra when I work out. Would be very curious to try the Playtex bra.

  • Kay

    It is so hard for me to find good bras locally and I am not sure if I would feel much better about ordering them off the internet, but I think I will give Playtex a try.

  • Janna

    LOVE this giveaway…THANK YOU!

  • Janna

    I tweeted… @atxbikegirl

  • Adds

    Is this an international comp? I hope so,I’ve been looking for a multipurpose bra that works at the gym as well as when i’m running around.I’m in London and wear a 34DD.

    *finger crossed.*

  • Ashley

    I haven’t tried Playtex out in forever. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Glo

    I haven’t tried them either, but I’d love to win one and give it a shot!

  • Amelia

    That sounds awesome. As a big chested woman, its sooo hard to find bras to work out in! Thanks!

  • aimee

    playtex are the only bras I wear! I would love to win one :)

  • Erica

    I’m always looking for another bra to pledge my loyalty to!

  • Zara Willis

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog!

  • ArykaNotErika

    I need new bras in the worst way. DDD is NOT an easy size to shop for and the ones i have now are clearly too small ( I think i am going through second puberty ) and give me a bad case of 4 boob syndrome. Which is making me hunch over. Which is not pretty. DDD is also NOT a cheap size to shop for and funds are TIGHT!!

  • Jill

    Love these bras! Tweeted also @JANeuman. :)

  • V

    YES!!! :-) Someone who understands and wants to assist! RT also (@smilinsweetness)

  • Sue B

    I love my bazooms, too. I can never find a bra that fits and have resorted to the stretchy tube things. Would be SO nice to have a real bra!

  • Maire

    Maybe an end to the endless search for a decent bra…!

  • Molly

    Love Playtex! Reminds me of “Mad Men!” Classic.

  • Mari (@mari_whatever)

    oh great! I was looking for a more “normal” bra for the non-romantic occasions! Lol

  • Just Sayin

    Could imagine how happy women all over the world would be if some smart bra designer designed “made to fit” cotoure bras?

    Seriously, no more wrong size. No more adjusting. It would be fitted for YOU and only you. That would be bliss. I would be pay a little more for that kind of perfect fit.

  • Traci

    Looks like a nice comfortable bra…I am SO hard to fit, so many new bras are so padded at the top of the cup that I have nothing left to put in them! Then it just looks weird. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  • Desi

    I am always on the lookout for a good bra…I’d love to try one of these. :-)

  • karlita

    Ohhhhh “the girls” as i like to call them… i am definitely curious about this one because i am guilty of gymming and then running errands. and finding bras that dont dig-in is *super* difficult.

  • Tonia

    What a great giveaway!! Our “girls” thank you!

  • Jenna Z

    Do we….have to state our boob size? I’ll tell ya, what I really need is a couple of good sports bras!

  • Jenna Z
  • Jean

    I am in need of some new bras – glad to hear your positive review of Playtex. I’ve been reluctant to go bra shopping b/c they are always so expensive; I’m guessing that Playtex might be a little more reasonably priced than some dept or specialty store brands. I’ll definitely check them out!

  • IntrigueMe

    Whoop whoop, pick me! pick me!

  • LW

    Exciting! I don’t have many Playtex bras, so they would interesting to try out.

  • Leslie@ The tale of going natural


  • ohcntrygirl

    Woohoo bra give away!

  • sherrie

    OOOOoooooo pick me pick me

  • sherrie

    I tweeted @victorie82

  • Brittany

    Since I was 10 years old I have had to wear a bra and I have had every type of bra in the book. But for a bra to help prevent boobie sweat, I’m all for it and maybe I won’t have to keep worrying about my boobs being uncomfortable anymore!

  • Amy

    This is such an awesome idea! I really hope I win! :]

  • Elle

    I don’t have twitter, but I want a bra! I’ve always seen the comercials but never tried the 18hr bras before. They look like a winner to me!

  • Elle

    @Brittany. I feel your pain. I started developing at 6, and had full blown boobs at 8 yrs old. It was tough.

  • CeCe

    i hope i win so i can try out a new bra while i try out my new gym membership!

  • Vikki

    Great giveaway! Always need a new bra.

  • Miss Melisa Mae

    Best opening line EVER!

  • Dona

    These 40ddds could use convincing that no underwire really works! Thanks for the great blog,

  • Kimmy K

    I am blessed in that department, and down here in Hell ahemm I mean Texas the sweat management cups would be WONDERFUL!!!! I dont tweet but Ill repost on facebook for you!

  • MelodyJ

    I could use one of these.


  • debbie

    I have been exercising a lot lately and definitely need a new sports bra.

  • LJ Maggie

    I am a DD girl myself and have a hard time finding good bras for both everyday wear and the gym. I really want a new bra.

  • Vicky

    OMG, I need a new bra badly. Perhaps it will help me not feel so top heavy!!!!

  • Polly

    I dont know if this is an international comp or not, but you have at very least motivated me to go looking at bras during this weekends shopping trip.

  • Bridget

    Love Playtex bras and you blog and would love to win :)

  • Morgan

    I don’t think I’ve worn a non-underwire bra in like 15 years! I’m skeptical!

  • Nadia

    Sounds awesome sign me up!! I’m in need of a new bra! ESP a wireless one

  • Vlada

    Can’t beat a comfortable bra for sure!

  • Chelle

    I’m always looking for a new bra to workout in. Regular sports bras just don’t fit!

  • Cathy Benavides

    Squee!! I love a good bra for everyday and/or gym wear. Having been blessed with an abundance of boobs, finding a good one is not always easy. Crossing my fingers!!

  • TheBigGirlBlog

    The first three blog winners are:

    “CeCe” – Good luck with your new gym membership!

    “Just Sayin’” – Love your idea about couture bras!


    “Simmarah” – You were the first to comment, weee!

    Email me your Contact info to claim your bra! My email addy can be found in the contact links on the top right of the site.

    More winners to come!


  • Sydney Michaels

    This is a great giveaway! I’m so excited! I haven’t had a chance to try playtex so I hope I win!
    i retweeted, my twitter is: bigISbeautiful

  • Olivia Manger

    I haven’t tried playtex bras before so I’m a little skeptical, but you can’t beat a free bra if you’re gonna try it for the first time! I hope they are good for workouts because I’ve just started actively trying to lose some college pounds!
    i retweeted using @mangeroj

  • Cheri

    I’m definitely a fan of Playtex bras.. There are very comfortable and affordable.. But Lane Bryant Cacique lingerie and undergarments have that sexy flare

  • Ntaasha

    Hi CeCe,
    I was on the exercise bike last night looking at the girls bouncing around and thinking to myself “this sports bra is just not cutting it”!
    Then i read this and thought ooooo, Playtex would be heaven for my DDD boobies!!! LOVING

  • Natasha

    oops, thats meant to be Natasha!

  • Rachel B.

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance!
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  • Rachel B.
  • Brittany

    I would love one!! :)
    And I have a pretty hard time finding good bras as is =/

  • Erica

    Great Giveaway! I just tweeted the contest as well!

  • heather d.

    I’d really like a chance to win; all of my bras have insanely embarrassing gross sweat stains (I can’t believe I just admitted that!!)

  • Calista

    I have large breasts and it’s so hard to find
    an affordable bra that will give me the support I desperately need!
    I think the Playtex 18 hour would be a blessing!
    myerscalista at gmail dot com

  • Calista

    I tweeted! Thanks!!/califragilistic/status/107570454524469248
    myerscalista at gmail dot com

  • heather
  • Alison

    Hmm. I too usually prefer a sexier bra…but, I am really disgustingly broke right now and my bras are looking a bit threadbare. I’d love to win one :)

  • D’Rae

    I’ve always wanted to try a playtex bra. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Kayla

    Man, I would love to try one of those! The breathability sounds downright amazing, and I like how basic the styles are.

  • Joy

    Would love to have one of those great bras. thx

  • Cameron

    I’ve never tried one of these bra’s before but, I would like to.

  • Rita

    These sound great, hope I win!! ;)

  • Rita
  • Becca

    My 34DDD’s would love some comfort!

  • Diane

    I’ve been rocking lane bryant bras most of my adult life…The wires ALWAYS snap after only a few months of wear. I’d love to give another type a try!

  • HoneyOleku

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Sent tweeted! I have never tried playtex before!

  • Tequila

    I love this giveaway, really need a supportive bra!

  • Tequila

    tweeted the giveaway

  • Juanita Michele

    I would love to win one. I am always looking a good bra. Are they pretty and full coverage? Well, I don’t win things, but I will give this giveaway a try. Toodles

  • Robert

    Great giveaway! Although,i have many other styles! Playtex has been been my go to bra for many years..Playtex has many comfortable styles,especially the 18 hour bra… Hope i win…Thanks!!

  • Amy

    I would love to try these!

  • amy v

    I love how supportive these bras are! I’d love to win since I haven’t gotten a new bra for a loooong time.


    Just browsing and found your blog and I am hooked! Would luuuvvv to try one of the the BRAS!!! My ‘girls’ are always bothering one way or another but I wouldn’t change them for anything. There mine and I luv them + the GUYS do too!

  • becky

    I’m not so hugely blessed (38C) but I wear a corset for work every day and hate putting on an underwire on my days off…always thought of playtex as my mom’s bra. Might have to check this out :) p.s. love love your blog.

  • Kim Smart

    I need a new bra, just can’t seem to find the right one.

  • Barb

    I have trouble finding bras that I fit well AND look good. I’d love to win a free one!

  • Amy @ Bras on TV

    I haven’t tried the playtex bra, but i have some good things about it from a girlfriend of mine and i heard it offers great support. I just recently tried the genie bra which is a popular as seen on tv bra that offers pretty good support and can be worn as a top or sports bra too.

  • Michelle

    Just found your blog and I LOVE it!! I really do!! :)

  • Paula

    I would love to try a new bra. I am DD and have a terrible time with the straps staying up. How did they do while working out?

  • Verna

    Always looking for a good bra to keep the girls where they belong!

  • Lurrian

    HI Ms CeCe :) Just wondering when you are going to select the next batch of winners for bra giveaway…luv your blog by the way!

  • Shannon

    Good bra makes an outfit.

  • TheBigGirlBlog

    Thanks to everyone who entered… this contest is now closed and the final few winners are being contacted via email (if you left a comment) or twitter (if you tweeted).


  • Alex

    Hello, I do need a good bra, but this one is not what I would call pretty. I like lacy bras and bras with skinnier straps but that still give good support. Does anybody else have any suggestions for pretty bras that are at least a 38D?

  • Amy @ Flex Belt

    I’m a 34C and I find the Playtex sports bra gives me great support while i’m working out. My breasts are kept in place while i’m doing intense cardio or aerobics.

  • Rita

    Sounds like a great giveway! It so hard to find a bra that is both comfortable and supportive to wear and I find the playtex bra’s do both.

  • Call Your Escort

    Good luck with your next bra :)