The Fresh Diet


As many of you know, I’m on a mission to lose some weight. So far I’ve lost close to 30 pounds (woot! woot!) by eating well and spending lots of time in the gym. While I keep my workouts varied, when it comes to my eating I’m getting bored!

I’m a good cook, but right now its just me, I don’t have a husband/kids to cook for. Out of convenience, my life can sometimes become a merry-go-round of microwave meals at work and then easy cooking for dinner. I’ve been trying to shake things up with my eating by trying one new recipe a week and that’s been helpful and fun.

Last week, I was approached with a new opportunity when it came to my eating, the folks at The Fresh Diet have offered me a free trial of their food delivery program. The idea of having yummy food without having to cook it was appealing to me, so I decided to try them out. I went online and told them what I do and don’t eat and left the rest up to them! I’m curious to see how this works out, but from what I’ve heard its a pretty awesome program. Another blogger friend of mine is doing a free trial and she said, “Every morning I wake up to find a bag full of fresh healthy meals outside my door. Pretty much my dream come true.”

The lovely folks at Fresh Diet are offering a great deal for TBGB readers: Buy One Week, Get Your Next Week 50% off. Your daily meal plan will include 3 meals, 2 snacks and delivery. The promo code to redeem this offer is “single.”

Anyway, I’ll update you in a few days to let you know how things are going….

Have any of you ever done a meal delivery plan like this before?

  • B

    This sounds nice. Too bad that the cheapest this plan gets if you want it everyday is over $1000 a month. Another piece of evidence added to the pile of the theory that obesity is a poor person’s problem. If I could afford this, I’d also have a personal trainer, shop at Whole Foods exclusively, etc etc.

    Sorry to sound so bitter, but I don’t think you’re exactly reaching their target market. I just hope your other readers aren’t discouraged because they can’t take part in something like this. Healthy, simple and exciting eating are not limited to those who can have it delivered.

  • doll

    wow! 30 pounds is a lot. keep us posted on how the diet goes

  • HP

    I actually posted the following response on Simone’s same sponsored post a moment ago. And felt I should come over here and do the same. I am entirely in agreement with B.

    I’m not a fan of these MTO, deliver to your home meal plan things. Not because they don’t work, because I’m sure that they do, but because it’s not sustainably realistic for I would say the majority of people. Unless they are rich, no one can afford to pay $35 a day, everyday for food! And statistically the richer you are the healthier you are anyway because you can afford to buy good food, and pay a monthly gym membership. There’s a reason people in poorer and urban communities are in a weight epidemic, because they can’t afford much so they buy the cheap junk. Food Inc. shows a perfect example of just that.

    Not only price but the amount of waste in having everything prepackaged and then delivered everyday, the environment is already bad enough. I admit I buy my groceries from Fresh Direct and I do feel bad about it but I recycle everything I can and do my best to keep my waste as low as possible.

    Lastly it’s not sustainable as a life change, it’s a diet pure and simple, as it says. The minute you go off of it, you’ll gain back weight because you’re not being held accountable for what you’re putting into your body. Someone is doing everything for you. You’re not learning and though your body will become accustomed to smaller portions, you didn’t learn anything to fill those portions with what you need.

    I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but like all diet plans, this holds unrealistic expectations for people.

  • Sade

    I haven’t tried anything like this but I would LOVE to. Even though we have no husbands or kids to worry about, eating right when you have a busy lifestyle is a challenge and does require a lot of time, planning, and preparation. Half of my Sundays are spent pre-cooking, dicing, slicing, and preparing healthy things for the week but if I could afford something like this, heck, I don’t see why I wouldn’t try it out.

    Enjoy the opportunity girl! It’s one week you wont have to worry about food choices and every little bit helps.

  • 50 Plus Pound Loser

    Congrats on your weight loss! Over the past few years I managed to lose more than 50 pounds. I recently moved to NYC and am not accustomed to the lifestyle here which is making maintenance extremely difficult. I have been contemplating a program like The Fresh Diet because I am tired of ordering in, taking out and simply have no more time to cook for myself. While some of these meal plans look costly, cooking for one and/or dining out adds up. Personally, I think this program will save me money and the hassle of figuring out where my next meal will come from and if it will be a healthy one. All this to say, that I am looking forward to reading about your experience, hope it’s a good one!

  • Alison

    I was on Nutrisystem for a year or two, but stopped because it was too expensive. It did work–but, like the other posters have said–obesity is a poor persons epidemic. :(

  • Nicole

    I tried Jenny Craig a few years ago so I have to agree with HP. These diets are not sustainable unless you learn how to manage your portion control and caloric intake. If you’re just going to eat these pre-made meals and not pay closer attention to what you’re eating and how much, and not balance that with regular exercise then you’re going to gain the weight back and then some. These plans are devised to get you hooked so you have to order them for a long period of time. They’re like all those diet pills on the market. They boost your metabolism, but when you go off them your metabolism dips to even lower than it was before.

    I also question how healthy these meals are. Just to keep these foods fresh requires a large amount of preservatives. Then you’re putting them in the microwave, which zaps what little actual nutrients the food had. Simone’s 3 pound weight loss isn’t related to the food. When I first started JC I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks and then about a pound and a half each week after. That was including 3-4 workouts at a gym per week. My nutritionist told me that the sudden weight loss was a result of abruptly “starving” my body.

    If your concern is money and waste, take the time to learn how to cook for one, go to a good nutritionist to set up a healthy diet, read the labels, count your calories and start a regular exercise routine.

    Since this is a sponsored post, you were probably given a couple weeks worth of food free in exchange for advertising. I understand that you need to make income some how but I think doing it this way is disingenuous unless you and Simone are going to shell out the money required to keep up with such a plan.

  • LoveLiveNiecey

    I agree with the 1st comment made by B. If you are lucky enough to offered this go for it & i hope you all get the results you want. As for me I attend school (full time), work, & still try to have fun with friends. I can not afford this but I do so badly want to lose weight. I currently Live in nyc (part-time) and philly (part-time). I go away to school in philly & live in nyc on vacations. I was wondering from any of the other PSP’s what are some dieting options you all tried (& have worked) that any of you are willing to share. While at school I go to the gym non stop & idk at home I begin to slack with working & trying to help my family. I just would love some motivating cooking & exercising advice. Thanks.

  • NSAB

    Congrats on the weightloss! 50 lbs is really impressive. Fresh diet sounds awesome. I wish they had that where I live. I’m a teacher and packing lunches is seriously a nightmare. Dinners aren’t much easier. I have a husband but he works nights so I’m just cooking for one. But I had the thought. I wonder if i could make a bunch of meals on the weekend and then put them in tupperware to take to work and reheat for dinner. hmmm……

  • IntrigueMe

    …and the promo code is “single”…

    *stab* ‘Cos all fat girls are single.

  • Christine

    Hi everyone! I’m a former PSP, and since someone asked what works I’ll share my secret weapon. allows you to track calories eaten and burned, plus it has a great online community so you can talk to others like you based on allergies, location, race, age, size, etc. I lost 40 pounds on it, and it’s FREE! Plus you can set up your own blog to share with a positive community. I hope this helps anyone looking to lose weight!