Spanx & The Plus Size Princess


Spanx… Foundation Garments… Body Shapers… Girdles… whatever you want to call them every Plus Size Princess has at least one pair in her drawer.

So, lets talk about them! I’m going to share a few stories and tips regarding Spanx and when I’m done, hopefully some of you will do the same! Lets begin:

  1. The “Swoosh” Factor: Last year I bought a new body shaper (biking shorts that went from my mid thigh all the way under my breasts). I wore them under a knee length dress to prevent chub rub, but when I got into my quiet office I realized that the shiny/slinky fabric made a swoosh-swoosh noise every time I took a step! You could hear me coming a mile away and it was mortifying! When I went to use the bathroom I noticed that the inside fabric was soft and not shiny at all. I turned the body shaper inside out and voila! I was able to walk around the office without my inner thighs announcing me before I arrived. (Tip: Turn Spanx inside out if they’re making too much noise when you walk).
  2. Marilyn Moments: I recently discovered an anti-chaffing gel which means that I don’t always have to wear Spanx under my dresses. This makes me most excited when it comes to “Marilyn Moments” when the wind blows my skirt unexpectedly or when I sit down and my skirt rises to show the bottom of my Spanx. This is just NOT CUTE. (Tip: When I do decide to wear Spanx under a flowy dress, I always wear a slip over the spanx so that when the wind blows the slip is what shows, not my shorts.)
  3. Mob Wives Moments: When I saw this, I was pretty speechless, I think all of my Spanx mishaps pale in comparison. (Tip: If you’re planning to get into a fight on reality TV, Spanx may not be a good idea.) photo by TVGasm
  4. Spanx & Jeans: I was out with Robert and his brother last month and there was a plus size girl wearing jeans, spanx and a teeny-tiny t-shirt. As she was drinking and dancing, her shirt rode up in the back and soon enough 3 inches of white spanx were showing above her waistband. The slick fabric that most body shapers are made of can cause clothes to slip up and out of place without us knowing. (Tip: If you’re wearing Spanx under jeans, make sure your shirt is long enough and not super tight)
  5. $panx: Um… Spanx are expensive! While I understand the importance of a body shaper, I also understand the importance of paying my bills, so I’m constantly looking for cheaper alternatives. The Avenue used to have an amazing line of body shapers, but for some reason they’ve stopped carrying them. I would get Spanx replica’s for like $20 from them and they were perfect! Another place I purchase body shapers are the plus size catalogs (i.e. Roamans, Onestopplus, etc.) they usually have lycra girdles at great prices. (Tip: Don’t get chained to a brand name)
  6. Erin P. left this note on my facebook page: Thought of your blog last night. I was at a wedding and “caught” the bouquet, I didn’t catch it, my hands were glued to my sides, it smacked me in the face. And then, the poor guy that caught the garter of course had to put it on me, I had spanx on and wanted to die. He was super trim and I was possibly the biggest girl in the room and I was terrified he was gonna keep going and hit the spanx…lol…the perils of being a big girl! :)
    Thanks so much for the hilarious comment Erin, I think all Plus Size Princesses can relate to this, which leads me to…

  7. Chastity Belts: As I mentioned before, when I have on Spanx and a guy touches my leg, I completely freeze. Sometimes spanx can become a chastity belt, keeping us from getting close to guys physically (which isn’t always a bad thing). I can remember bringing a guy home for a make-out session and bee-lining it to the bathroom to take my spanx off and hide them under the sink. At the end of the day, Spanx aren’t the sexiest thing but they’re a necessary evil for some of us. I love that Erin can laugh about it, because honestly there are much more tragic things in the world than a guy seeing our Spanx and at this point most guys know what they are anyway. (Tip: Have a sense of humor)

  8. Spanx in the Summer: During this NYC heatwave, I think the most awful part of my day has been when I’m getting into my spanx in the morning and when I’m peeling them off at night. Its a workout! But it encourages me to get my crunches in so that one day I can be 100% Spanx-free. (Tip: Baby powder?)
  9. Spanx in the Bathroom: There is nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom and fighting to get out of Spanx. Actually there is something worse; pulling Spanx back on after using the bathroom when they’re rolling and you’re kinda sweaty. Yuck. (Tip: More baby powder?)
  10. Wear Spanx for the right reasons: When I mentioned Spanx on a post a few weeks ago, someone left a comment saying “Also, even in hot, humid, 100+ degree TX, I wear Assets (Spanx cheaper version) b/c I don’t want my butt jiggling when I walk” For what its worth, most of the guys I know would have NO PROBLEM seeing a little jiggle back there. So, if that’s what’s keeping you sweating it out in Spanx, I say ditch them and shake your tail feather!

As you can see, I can go on about Spanx for days, but I’ll stop and let you girls (and guys) chime in.

Do you have any stories or tips when it comes to Body Shapers?


  • SassyMarmalade

    DressBarn Woman (I know, worst name EVER for a store) sells their own line of shapers thatbare my absolute favorite. They are tight without being impossible to get into, and made of a more slinky-ish fabric, so no swoosh and no static cling.

  • juliette

    Good tips! I’ve never tried Spanx – too expensive! – and I only wear shapers on rare occasions with my clingiest clothes. My best one is fro Ross – it was $6.99 – and it does the job without making my stomach hurt! It’s by Delta Burke but when I went to get another one a month or so later, it was completely different and didn’t work as well. So I’m on the hunt for a new one – I’ll try DBW – and YEAH, that’s the WORST name ever for a store, LOL!

  • Cathy Benavides

    Oh the trials and tribulations of me and my Spanx! I love the shaping, I hate everything else. I try to be super choosy about what I wear them with. For the most part, I try to stick with dresses that don’t require them for everyday wear (I’m lucky to work in a super casual environment). But I too wear them inside out for less swishy and I only wear them when I’ll be super air-conditioned. Sweating in Spanx is the worst! Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in the shapewear struggles :)

  • Piper

    I wear Spanx to cover the rolls in dresses. I’m a size 22/24 trying to get down to a size 18/20. I’ve never had the situation where a guy might be seeing my Spanx but that’s probably because I haven’t dated in awhile. Thanks for posting this. I feel better that I’m not the only big girl who wears Spanx.

  • Bri

    I have a very recent Spanx story! This past Friday I was a bridesmaid in a very good friend’s wedding where our dresses were knee length. I wore the Spanx that went from my bra to the top of my knees. In one of the pictures, the photographer had us all jump up and the bridesmaids hold up their bouquets. The pictures were posted on facebook last night and in hat picture my dress flew up high enough during the jump that the Spanx on my thighs can clearly be seen. That’s life, I guess!!

  • LoveLiveNiecey

    I am also a size 22/24 who wants to be down to a size 18/20. I wear spanx’s DAILY. I have become so comfortable in them. I feel weird not wearing them & naked. I do not like my stomach jiggling all around its not attractive. But I do agree spanx’s in the summer weather can be a little horrible but like I said I’m comfortable. Also I had alot of experience with spanx’s I tell the person I am dating that I wear girdles LOL. Most of the guys knows why & what they are for. LOL. I also tell friends & my shirt has come up a few times with my girl friends & expose my spanx’s I just laugh & keep it moving. No need to hide something that I am comfortable with. LOL

  • Elle

    I gave up on my spanx, I live in a tropical climate, and it’s too hot and they make me too self conscious.

  • Annie

    I live in New Orleans and it’s WAAAAAAY too hot to wear Spanx down here!

    I do have a great tip about chub rub though! If you ever don’t have your super gel you can just use deodorant. A friend told me that some runners use it and it really works! It even works if you’re already a bit raw to help ‘soften the blow’ of walking. Hope this helps if you’re ever in a bind!

  • Tani

    Wow, turning them inside out…genius! I never thought of that before but have definitely been embarrassed by the swooshing sound support garments make lol. I will be doing that next time!
    I’ve never bought the actual Spanx but the ones from the Avenue have become my favorite…when you can find them in stock. I used to love the Lane Bryant ones but I saw they were $50+ so I had to pass and that’s when I found the ones from the Avenue. I really hope they don’t stop selling them.
    As for dealing with dates, I’ve also done the dash to the bathroom and hide them under the sink…thought it was only me. I love that this is a blog where you and others can relate! :)

  • V

    That was me, CeCe that made the comment about TX heat. I just can’t NOT wear them – not sure if I’m too old now or what but like LoveLiveNiecey above, I wear them so often that if I don’t I’m too nervous. I don’t wear them under pants but def under a dress. I think of them like bike shorts and when we were in junior high we would have to wear bike shorts underneath our dresses and skirts. I just think the silouhette is way more flattering and like I mentioned before, I have too much junk back there for it to be appropriate at work to be jiggling around. :) I love your curvy conversations!

    Every guy I’ve dated knows about my Spanx/Assets and has never had a problem, now I’m married and the husband knows if he wants me to wear a dress (which is the ususal) I’m going to have some Assets on, makes me feel confident!

  • Chubby Chaser

    you be crazy girl…dont hide those rolls…be big and proud woman, we love your hugeness

  • Ingrid

    I don’t like the tightness of Spanx, body wear, etc. But because I like to look smooth in my clothes (fighting the cellulite battle) daily! I wear control top pantyhose. And when they run, don’t throw them out, cut off the feet and save them for the summer months. They work wonders under slacks!

  • Ades

    Love this! I too have recently discovered anti-chafing gel and am so thankful for it in the summer heat wave!

  • Jean

    I am one of those girls who feels naked w/o her spanx. Target carries a less expensive brand of shapers made by the creators of spanx. Always good when you can get more for your money!

  • JayJona

    i hate wearing them even if i do need it…..i just keep thinking what if i get “lucky” tonight… he gonna see them.

  • Robert

    I buy most of my shapers from Lady Grace or Lane Bryant and only wear them with certain outfits!Most of the time i prefer wearing control top pantyhose….

  • Cricket

    I found this thing called a tousette at walmart… it comes just over the tops of my hips and up to the bottom of my bra with shoulder straps to hold it up. it took some getting used to and i could never wear anything really tight with it because it closes in front with eye hooks from top to bottom. but it is easy to get in and out of if you don’t mind adding a couple extra minutes to snap it closed. and you can wear any bra and panties with it. i just happen to be a bit waist-less with big boobs and a big rear end so it helps me get a more hourglass shape. plus my husband thinks it’s sexy because it’s kind of like a bustier and he gets to undo the hooks pretty frequently. tres hot!

  • Katie

    Hallelujah! Your first tip is a lifesaver! I have been at work not even an hour and already had this mortifying problem! Taking a bathroom break ASAP to see if your tip works!

  • enas aboelghar

    life is too short to confine yourself in body shapers!

  • Andrea Amador

    Hey there CeCe, I’m lovin’ this post. I’ll share it with my Juicy Woman peeps. As the author of the book, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In” and “Bust Out of Body Shame” I take a different approach in terms of body acceptance. I teach women how to deal with their stress so that they can rock their thighs at any size. As a curvy gal, myself, I’ve spent too many years and too many tears wasted hating my body. Now I’m teaching other women how to rock theirs. Would love to connect with you to support one another. Here’s my blog post last year on how to handle the frustration of shaper shopping. More Than a Body: A New Mindset for Shaper Shopping