Plus Size Spa Day at La Vie Zen NYC


As a Plus Size Princess, I feel like I always have to think ahead when it comes to trying new things.

For example, Robert and his brother invited me to go skydiving next summer and while I said yes, I made a mental note to google “sky diving weight” and see if there would be any issues for me. In order to minimize any embarrassment, I feel like I have to get all the details on things that most people take for granted.

When I booked my first ever Spa Day at La Vie Zen Spa, my mind was working through any potential issues my weight might cause. I booked a Brazilian wax, Massage and Facial. I felt comfortable getting all of those treatments, but I was a bit nervous about spending the day in a bathrobe. Every time I’d seen girls doing a Spa Day on TV or in magazines, they lounged around in luxurious white bathrobes laughing and sipping champagne in between treatments.

What if the robes didn’t fit me?

I had awkward visions of me tiptoeing from room to room half naked, trying hopelessly to pull a robe around me (kind of like the towels at the gym). That image just wasn’t cute or relaxing. Staying two steps ahead, I decided to bring my white cover-up so that I’d have something in my size.

The idea of bringing my own cover-up put me completely at ease, so you can imagine my panic when I realized I’d forgotten my cover-up at my apartment!

When I walked into the Madison Avenue spa, I couldn’t help but calm down. The quiet ambiance, soothing music and the gentle sound of water trickling from their waterfall made me relax a bit. After a few short minutes in the waiting area, I was escorted into a changing room where I was to trade my street clothes for comfy slippers and… a bathrobe *gulp*.

I slipped my arms in and it didn’t feel tight, and as a prepared to pull/stretch the rob around me I realized that it fit very comfortably! It was actually roomy! At that moment I relaxed completely.

My Brazilian Wax went off without a hitch. Irina, my aesthetician was very friendly, funny and made me feel super comfortable which for a big girl is very important. A lot of the waxing spas use the new self hardening wax, but Irina uses hot wax and strips which I’m starting to think is a better technique for my sensitive skin. She asked me questions like we were old girl friends which made the process fly by. (comparing this wax to Completely Bare, I’d rate it a 9/10).

When I came out from getting my wax, there was a personalized tray waiting for me, which was such a lovely touch.

After munching on light snacks and tea, I was taken in for my facial with Zanna. I’d never had a facial before, so I was interested to see what she would do. Her treatment focused on my face and decolletage and she explained everything she was doing and why. She gave me a few tips on what to do at home (exfoliate! exfoliate! exfoliate!) and her sweet and soothing personality made me even more pleased with my choice.

Lastly I had a 60 minute massage with Michelle. She gave me the La Vie Zen signature massage, a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu techniques which she tailored to my bodies needs after I told her what I was looking for. I had a lot of tension from stress and working out and she was able to find my stress points and work on them beautifully.

After my massage, I sat in a tranquil room in my comfy bathrobe sipping tea and I did not want to leave. This spa would be perfect for a group of girlfriends or even a bridal shower and I will definitely be back. They have a 9 head Vichy shower that I’m dying to try. When I reluctantly made my way back to the changing room, I got curious about my bathrobe. I checked the tag and the size was a 4X, no wonder it was so awesomely roomy!

On my way out I asked one of the managers if they keep an array of robes on hand for different clients. She informed me that they want all of their clients to feel comfortable so they keep lots of robe sizes on hand so that no one is embarrassed.

I couldn’t help but smile… I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking two steps ahead! A spa that keeps Plus Size Princesses in mind will definitely be my spa of choice moving forward.

Side Note: I was able to do this spa day because of a Groupon (groupon’s are saving me so much money! Join here if you’re not already a member). Also, La Vie Zen does managers specials often (Currently they have a great deal on the massage/facial that I did) so follow them on facebook to stay in the loop

  • Leslie@ The tale of going natural

    I love a business that is thoughtful and catering to everyone. Not just size 2 barbies.

  • Jami

    My husband and I recently attended a wedding at a local resort and spa. Thanks to Groupon we were able to book a two night stay which included brunch on Sunday as well as two massages. I was a little worried about the robes but had planned my ensemble accordingly just incase. lol My robe was also quite roomy and for that I was stoked and my massage was heavenly :)

  • Ariana

    Sound wonderful! I’ll definitely keep this place in mind when I need spa services :)

  • Elle

    Im hopefully gonna be relocating to Manhattan next year. (That’s how I found your blog. Ha!) I love a good spa. Ill definitely note this place in the blackberry.

  • Fida

    I still don’t have the balls to go for brazilian. Hats off to you!

  • Lisa


    I am so glad that you talked about this, you don’t know how many times I feel the same way that you do. It is good to know that this spa caters to all “body types.” I will keep this in mind the next time I am in New York, and I am looking for a spa.

  • Shana

    That’s amazing! I’m so glad you wrote about this. I will definitely be giving them my business.

  • GiGi La-Belle

    I really like your blog. I gave you an award on my blog! check it out :-)

  • Joyce

    cool. btw I’m a chubby girl. now I got some great tip fro this blog.. thank you.

  • NYCGirl

    I’ve been looking for a place where I’d feel comfortable… thanks! This spa is on the top of my list!!!!