Plus Size Maxi’s for Tall Girls (Featuring


A few weeks ago I got into a conversation with some Plus Size Princesses on Twitter. I mentioned that because I’m 5’10, its hard for me to find maxi dresses that are long enough. Of course there were shorter PSP’s who complained that most maxi’s are too long for them but hemming a dress is an option for them, Tall girls can’t add fabric.

So I thought I’d share some of my tall girl tricks for maxi dresses.

This summer I bought a few plain strapless maxi’s from Target. I’ve been sliding them down under my boobs to make maxi skirts. Sometimes I tuck a tank-top in that’s the exact same color as the skirt, add a belt and voila, it looks like a maxi dress. Other times I do color blocking. My favorite way to do this style is to use my halter swimsuit. This ensures that there will be no bunching under the skirt and its an easy beach look.



Maxi Skirt From a Maxi Dress



The other thing I do is look for maxi dresses with adjustable straps. YoursClothing has an amazing selection of plus size maxi dresses and a lot of them have adjustable straps that can give an extra inch when we need it. For “vertically challenged” PSP’s they also sell maxi’s that are 48″ for women under 5’5. I wore my YoursClothing maxi when Robert and I spent the day in Central Park last weekend. A few women stopped me to compliment me on the dress and ask where I got it, that’s always a good sign! I styled it like this:
YoursClothing Plus Size Maxi Dress



Hopefully this gives my tall Plus Size Princesses a little hope when it comes to wearing Maxi’s. Of course, if you come across any extra long Maxi dresses while you’re out shopping please let me know!
  • Rich Girl

    Thank you for sharing such good ideas. I am also tall and agree that it is hard to find proper maxi dress and in summer it is the perfect outfit. love your polyvore sets ;)

  • DanielleB

    I find it hard to find clothing in general. I’ve always been in between sizes. When all they have is evens, I need odds, and vice versa. I found that I have a little too big for and womens clothing, and slightly too small for the plus size. I have to find the biggest size in whatever section it even is and the smallest size in plus size clothing. UGH. This girl is hitting the gym so she can fit in somewhere :)

  • Rebekah Jo

    I wish I could wear maxi dresses. I just end up looking pregnant, and that is not flattering. I have seen some super cute ones at Old Navy, but I cannot bring myself to try one. Love the look though!!

  • gen321

    Great tips! I am a smidge over 5″9 and I hate that maxi dresses and skirts, for the most part, only skim the top of my ankle. I did, however, get a cute one from Old Navy from the Talls and it is almost too long. I love it, though!

  • Danielle

    The Seven7 Maxis at Lane Bryant are a pretty good length, I am 6’1 and they are perfect, they only have 2 colors though, a tye dye and a black, I have them both.

  • Adrienne

    Check out They’ll make everything according to to your height or you can pay a few extra bucks and get the item tailored to fit your body. They have all kinds of dresses including maxi. You can even change up the sleeve type or neckline of a dress if you prefer something else.

  • NYCGirl

    I hadn’t heard of Yours Clothing before… thanks!!! <3

  • Elle

    Wet seal’s maxis are long enough. (I’m 5’10 as well)

  • Spinsterlicious

    I love this idea of making a whole new outfit from a strapless dress + tank top. This is cool for any size. Thanks for the tip!

    eleanore – The Spinsterlicious Life

  • It Girl cheat -er

    That’s a very good tip, I’m a tall girl too, and you just gave me some good pointers.

  • CeCe

    I love this! I’m definitely going to check out some of these accessories. I’m trying to up my style quotient!

  • Likos

    I know that in the UK the only specialist (and one I adore & use always) for tall plus size is FatPhRocks.
    They only cater for the longer limbed fatties such as myself. And the Maxi dresses are at least 61″ from the shoulder to hem. The prints are stunning and I have yet to run into anyone else wearing anything similar..I hate it when that happens!

  • Likos

    Thought I should add the link as I hate it when others do not x and I think it’s also on the