Curvy Conversations: A Plus Size Princess in Love!


I’ve been having a rough couple of months.

As most of you know, I date a lot but I rarely date one person for an extended period of time like I’m doing with Robert. Things with Robert are a work in progress and while its not horrible, I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near my “happy ending”. I think what I’m feeling is pretty normal since you all let me know that dating/relationships are hard work, but these emotions are brand new for me.

Because of these new emotions, I’ve been doubting myself. I’m usually pretty solid on how I feel about dating and have no problem sharing my thoughts in the Curvy Conversations section of TBGB but right now I’m struggling to navigate through my own dating situation. Because of this, I’ve been wondering if maybe I should wait until I’ve figured things out with Robert before I share my thoughts with you guys.

During this low period, I’ve had a few emails come in from girls asking for dating advice. I love emailing with PSP’s but I just wasn’t in a good place to answer these emails. I felt awful about it, but every time I tried to reply to emails nothing came out right.

Last week I got an email from Diane, a PSP who had written to me before. Here is what she said:

Hey CeCe!

About a year ago I wrote in asking what you thought about friends with benefits situations. I ended up taking your advice and asking whether a friend wanted to date officially. As I wrote before, he said yes and we began a relationship!

I wanted to give you an update: Yesterday, we celebrated our one year anniversary and have been living together for about a month now. Our relationship has been comfortable and trusting from the start because we began as close friends. We are still very happy and both very glad that I took your advice and made the move on him. Thanks again for being available to all us plus size gals for wonderful insight!
With his permission, I am attaching a picture of us. Thanks again, CeCe. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing!
- Diane

Wow Diane,

Thank YOU for the update. First of all, you look so happy! Secondly, I’m a sucker for guys with glasses so hooray for you!!

Your letter gave me a bit of my confidence back and reminded me what Curvy Conversations on TBGB are all about. *sigh* None of us have all the answers, all the time. Sometimes TBGB readers reach out to me for advice and sometimes I reach out to you guys! Hopefully we can all continue to help each other and support each other as we work towards living life to the fullest as Plus Size Princesses.

A year ago I was able to help you and today you’ve returned the favor… your email couldn’t have come at a better time.

All the best to you and your boy, keep me updated! ;-)



P.S. I will be responding to all emails this week. Thanks for your patience!

  • Leslie@ The tale of going natural

    *hugs* to you CeCe!

  • Isa

    Dear Cece,

    I love how you are so honest and open about feelings. I can assure you that these doubts are totally normal because I have them too if something gets serious with a guy. It’s because I am a total stranger to the whole long-lasting relationship thing. I mean the thought to let someone into your life, which you have been handling fine on your own so far, is scaaary. Right? Is it only me? I think it is scary. Compromises, showing someone basically all of you – good and BAD etc. If you are not used to it, this is a challenge, of course. I am rooting for you and Robert (do you guys say that? I am an Austrian, you know). Just be as open to him as you are here, and if he respects you for it your Happy Ending might be just around the corner ;). Good Luck!!!

  • Chubby Chaser

    Good luck…and remember, some of us love big huge women…you go girl

  • Sabrina

    Diane and her man are adorable! I’m so happy for them.

    Hope things work out, CeCe. I personally tend to take it as a bad omen when a situation with a guy is described as “not terrible,” but you’re a fighter — no matter how it ends up, I’m sure you’ll come out stronger.